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A chances is a possibility for a goal to occur, but not all the chances are necessarily regular chances which are 15 chances primarily distributed by comparing ball possession (determined by the midfield rating)[1].

Apart of these 15 ordinary chances, in a match there are other extraordinary chances to score, called special events.

These are the only chances type that sometimes are not mentioned in a match report.This happens when the opportunity is badly wasted

Chances distribution

Before 2010, the regular chances to score distributed among the two teams during a game were 10, but the new match engine generates up to 15 ordinary chances in a match.

  • 10 exclusive chances that are allocate or lost:
  • 5 for team A, the one with higher midfield rating. The probability of team A to be allocated such a chance increases. If such a chance won’t be allocated, the chance will be lost.
  • 5 exclusive chances are also for team B. If team B’s midfield rating is lower than the opponent’s one, the probability of team B to lose that chance increases. However, team A won’t get that chance instead.
  • 5 open chances always allocated in a match:
The team with a higher midfield rating has a bigger probability to be allocated such a chance. If one team is not allocated one of these chances, the opponent will get it instead.


All regular chances are of the following types:

  • field chances (85%):
  • 35% field chances in the middle,
  • 25%/25% field chances on each side (Right/Left),
  • 15% set piece chances
  • 10% direct free kicks and penalties,
  • 5% indirect free kicks.

Note that all free kicks and penalties are counted as ordinary chances, bit corner kicks are counted as special events.

Field chances
   Magnifier.png   Further information: scoring opportunities

Field chances may either be on the right, the middle or on the left. The possibility for a goal depends on the attack ratings on that part of the field, compared to the opponent's defense ratings.

Set piece chances
   Find similar.png   Main article: Set Pieces

Set piece chances are either penalties or free kicks. The home team has a greater chance of getting these. They will be taken by the person you have named under Set pieces in your line-up. The chance for a goal depends on the set piece taker's set pieces skill and the goalkeeping skill of the opposing keeper.


  1. ^  Team spirit and possession have a great effect on chances. Having a high TS it’s helpful to your midfield rating. The most possession you have, the most chances to score you’ll get. A coach with a high leadership will help you to avoid losing too quick the TS.