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Norwegian Superstars (1072593)
Official logo for Norwegian Superstars
Region Buskerud
Country  Norge
Geografic area Northern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 15.06.2008
Stadium Marienlyst (47 467 seats)
Fan club The Norwegian Hooligans (2051 members)
League VI.118
President Norway Sir-Henrik


Coach Norway Glenn Bjorøy


Prize shelf
Series Champions VI.118(Norge) Season 34Series Champions VII.226(Norge) Season 27

Top Scorer VI.118(Norge) Season 33Top Scorer VII.226(Norge) Season 27

Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Team Talentless
Youth arena: Kjellerstua

Norwegian Superstars is Norwegian football club from Buskerud.

The Team

Foundation History

Norwegian Superstars was founded June 15th, 2008.
Earlier the club was called:

  • Tronstad (15.06.2008-06.03.2011)
  • Tronstad TMNT (06.03.2011-08.07.2011)

Current squad

NO. NAT NAME PREVIOUS CLUB Position at the club Specialty
1 Norway Anders Svarva SpainTORRE DE JUAN ABAD Brickwall
3 Latvia Nauris Bižāns ItalyMUTINA MCMXII Future Coach Head
4 Norway Tore Spørck PeruArles Sport FC Future Coach Powerful
5 Liechtenstein Stephan Batliner SwitzerlandBlocks Trainee Unpredictable
6 Norway Rolf-Erik Bøen NorwayHomegrown Trainee Powerful
7 Norway Rune Lundh NorwayTraktor Pojkarna Trainee Head
8 Norway Tore Eriksen ItalyThe Kooks 91 Trainee Powerful
12 Belgium Krist Martens PortugalGolfinhos do Sado Trainee Quick
9 Kyrgyzstan İzzet Tiryaki ItalyDinamo Scrocco Trainee Quick
10 Bolivia Augusto Medina SwitzerlandDark Stratege Trainee Unpredictable
11 USA Barney Means USAKentucky Juggernaut Trainee Powerful
18 Norway Kjell Myhrvold NorwayBullshit Trainee Powerful
14 Norway Glenn Bjorøy ChinaInterAtlantis Coach - U-20 Norway Powerful
37 Portugal Mário Abrantes PortugalTangas Future Coach
96 Norway Georg Moe ItalyA.C.M Future Coach Quick
97 Serbia Branislav Novaković GermanyLila-Orange Velbert Ex Coach Unpredictable
98 Norway Kristian Pedersen SwitzerlandILRRE BIANCONERO Future Coach
99 Norway Henrik Førde LatviaUptown Crashers Legend
XX Norway Ronnie Arntzen NetherlandsMaastricht Criterias Out on loan Unpredictable


Norwegian Superstars

Marienlyst is the arena of Norwegian Superstars. It has a total capacity of 47 467.

  • Total capacity: 47 467
  • Terraces: 26 447
  • Basic seating: 10 405
  • Seats under roof: 9 427
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 158

Club History

Player Records

  • Most Appearances - 149 : Børre Østby Norway
  • Most Competitive Matches - 122 : Børre Østby Norway
  • Highest Rating - 9 stars : Johnny Søvik Norway
  • Most Goals in a Game - 5 : Kjell Myhrvold Norway (vs Lyngvegen FC 23/03/2011)
  • Most League Goals in a Season - 20 : Manuel Arnaldi Uruguay (Season 34)
  • Most Clean Sheets - 19 : Dario Lauri(retired) Italy
  • Captain Most Often - 60 : Børre Østby Norway
  • Record Transfer Fee Paid - €3,650,000 : Alexander Karl Switzerland (04/04/2011 from FC OETZI)
  • Record Transfer Fee Received - €4,794,000: Alexander Karl Switzerland (21/04/2011 from Atletico Katana)

Club Legends

Alberto Chainho Portugal

  • Former coach, five seasons in the club - stayed in the club his whole career is now unemployed and living on previous accomplishments.

Lars Borger Sweden

  • A player phenomenon whom played in eleven clubs including ours, was the coach for two seasons and now the club secretary.

Thijs Pottiau Belgium

  • A stone cold defender, that never had the talent - but the coach saw his spirit and held him in the club for four seasons with a total of thirty nine games and scored goal one goal. Best player in one friendly game as his biggest achievement, now works as a referee for Belgium first division.

Paul Germán Pereyra Argentina

  • A former top striker who had four seasons in our club, with big injury problems and personal problems he only managed to get twenty two games in four seasons only scoring nine goals. Now he is now trying to make a career within acting, so far not taken off.

Teemu Niuta Finland

  • A former key player for the club, with five seasons, sixty two games, two hattricks - topscorer in season twentyseven with fifteen goals a bargain of a player has been mentioned as one of the most important players in the promotion season twentyseven. Is now a hated sports journalist that used to work for The News Of the World and involved in the scandal that recently was known for the common person.

Marko Nuutinen Finland

  • A sad story about Marko, he was a homeless person who joined on a free trial for the club. He showed talent and was signed by Sir-Henrik, but in his first season for the club he got a nasty-injury and was never the same player again and retired in the age of twenty. We're glad to that he is now a Agent for club and still involved within the club.


Season League Norgesmesterskapet Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
25(36) 7th in VI.40 1st round none Bruno Graziosi 4
26(37) 3rd in VII.226 1st round none Julius Kindstrand 9
27(38) 1st in VII.226 2nd round Division VII.PNGGoldenboot VII.gif Teemu Niuta 15
28(39) 4th in VI.118 2nd round none Gotthold Ephraim Kornberger 12
29(40) 6th in VI.118 3rd round none Daniele Torchia 4
30(41) 4th in VI.118 2nd round none Tomisław Liński 7
31(42) 3rd in VI.118 3rd round none Tomisław Liński 12
32(43) 4th in VI.118 3rd round none Gaudenz Plattner 13
33(44) 2nd in VI.118 1st round Goldenboot VI.gif Manuel Arnaldi 20
34(45) 1st in VI.118 2nd round Division VI.PNG Glenn Bjorøy 15

Youth Team

Youth League

Team Talentless is currently played in Elmhurst XXXI.


  • Youth team scout: Jarl Olavesen, 57 years, Looking for player in Troms Norway
  • Youth team scout: Tore Søndrål, 48 years, Looking for player in Svalbard Norway
  • Youth team scout: Vemund Tverå, 55 years, Looking for player in Buskerud Norway


Kjellerstua is the arena of Team Talentless. It has a total capacity of 300.

Players raised in youth team

1 Kristian Barka Hungary DIO FC
2 Eskild Ek Guatemala DRAGON S
3 Harald Høyland Spain Atletico de vejer
4 Ronny Isaksen France FC Funky Familly
5 Ronny Ulriksen Norway DIED

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