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Continent: Europe
Zone: Northern Europe
Country:  Norge
Latitude: 60°11' N
Longitude: 11°55' E
Number of teams: 2
Time zone: 0

Nyhøyden is a fictional area outside the city of Kongsvinger, in the Hedmark region in Norway. It was created by ht-user Maggsy as home for his two rival teams, Torden FK and Nyhøyden Atletiske Sportsklubb who plays the Nyhøyden Derby.

Hattrick-teams in Nyhøyden

Rank Team Series R-Rank N-Rank
1 Torden FK (163489) IV.6 19 914
2 Nyhøyden Atletiske Sportsklubb (1070688) VI.4 58 2056


The two football clubs from Nyhøyden; Torden FK and Nyhøyden Atletiske Sportsklubb contests in the so called Nyhøyden Derby.