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Osmi Basein (530335), formerly (117221)
Official logo of Osmi Basein
Region Varna
Country  Bulgaria
Geographic Area Eastern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation January 31, 2003
Stadium Baseina (80 000 seats)

(English: The Swimming Pool)

Fan club Плувците

(English: The Swimmers)

Club Anthem We Swim, We Float, We Rock the Boat!
League II.3
President Coach
Bulgaria chukcha Bosnia & Herzegovina Sejfo Tešović
Chukcha.png x100px
Trophy Room

Series Champions III.16(Bulgaria) Season 42 Series Champions III.9(Bulgaria) Season 40 Series Champions III.4(Bulgaria) Season 37 Series Champions III.11(Bulgaria) Season 34 Series Champions IV.54(Bulgaria) Season 33 Series Champions IV.54(Bulgaria) Season 29 Series Champions IV.54(Bulgaria) Season 28 Series Champions V.173(Bulgaria) Season 25 Series Champions VI.35(Bulgaria) Season 19

Champions Vissha Liga(Bulgaria) Season 10 Winner Bulgarian Cup (Bulgaria) Season 9 Series Champions II.2(Bulgaria) Season 8 Series Champions II.2(Bulgaria) Season 7 Series Champions II.2(Bulgaria) Season 4 Series Champions III.15(Bulgaria) Season 3

Top Scorer II.3 (Bulgaria) Season 43 Top Scorer III.16 (Bulgaria) Season 42 Top Scorer III.9 (Bulgaria) Season 40 Top Scorer II.1 (Bulgaria) Season 38 Top Scorer II.1 (Bulgaria) Season 35 Top Scorer IV.54 (Bulgaria) Season 33 Top Scorer IV.54 (Bulgaria) Season 29 Top Scorer IV.54 (Bulgaria) Season 26 Top Scorer V.173 (Bulgaria) Season 23 Top Scorer V.173 (Bulgaria) Season 21 Top Scorer V.173 (Bulgaria) Season 20 Top Scorer II.2 (Bulgaria) Season 8 Top Scorer II.2 (Bulgaria) Season 6

Team Kits
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Osmi Basein is a Bulgarian football club from Varna.


Foundation History

Osmi Basein (Bulgarian: Осми басейн, English: Eight Swimming Pool) was founded January 31, 2003. After filing for bankruptcy in November 2006, the team was reestablished as 3e/\eHu DoMaTu (English: Green Tomatoes) on November 5, 2006. The team reclaimed its original name on March 18, 2007.

Additional History


Osmi Basein is a former champion and cup winner in Bulgaria. It was only the second team to achieve capturing the national championship and cup after AC Slavi de Furore completed the same feat early in the Bulgarian league's history. To this day six other teams have managed to accomplish the same feat: FC BARCELONA, Dragon Team, Sven Zwo, Big Battle Axe, sektor, and accident. Osmi Basein is one of five teams (accident, sektor, Big Battle Axe, Sven Zwo, and Osmi Basein) to have collected trophies from the cup and all division levels in Bulgaria.

First Spell at the U-20 Bulgaria Helm

The manager of Osmi Basein has also been at the helm of U-20 Bulgaria for two consecutive terms between seasons 25 and 28 without being able to record significant achievements. The one noteworthy fact about his terms is that after a meeting of the Varna Hattrick community, he called 26 players from teams belonging to managers who were present at the gathering. As Bulgaria was already knocked out of the World Cup and the original national team players were called back before the next game this had no impact on the team. Nonetheless, this prank caused a major outrage and passionate discussions in the game forums.

Second Spell at the U-20 Bulgaria Helm

In season 47, chukcha finished second behind cup holder zina88 in the elections for the U-20 managerial position but the winner declined the job and the world saw the veteran in charge of the team once again. Bulgaria was drawn in the group of death with Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Pakistan, and Barbados. The team started off the campaign strongly with five wins in their first five games including victories against direct competitors Ukraine and Turkey. In the remaining games the momentum was lost but Bulgaria managed to hold off the opponents and finish second behind Turkey. In the second phase Bulgaria was once again placed into one of the two toughest groups together with Turkey, Croatia and powerhouse Poland. Under chukcha's management, the Lions played brave, attacking football but lost closely to Turkey (1:0) and Poland (3:2). In their last game against Croatia the two teams put up a great show for the fans which offered a total of 8 goals. Bulgaria came on top 5:3 and guaranteed itself a spot in pot number two for the next World Cup's qualification draw. Chukcha appeared satisfied and proud of what he had accomplished.

A Go with the Bulgarian National Team

After three terms with the U-20 national team, chukcha focused his attention on the country's regular national team. He lost his first elections for the position to anarch closely, but it proved for the better as anarch led the team to the world cup title. In the next election, however, chukcha registered a landslide victory and led the team in seasons 52 and 53. Bulgaria qualified for Round II where it faced three large Hattrick nations: Finland, Denmark, and France. An early red card led to a devastating 4:1 loss in the first game against France. In an even game 2 against Denmark, Bulgaria was once again overpowered. This time with 3:1. After losing all chances for advancing, Bulgaria played its match of the season against Finland and defeated them 4:2, thus securing a place in pot 2 for the next World Cup draw.

Simba and Kimba

Upon Hattrick's release of second teams, chukcha founded Simba and Kimba in the Coast region of Kenya. The team started off slow due to low interest level of its manager but gained momentum over time. chukcha managed to secure a cup title in Kenya's season 39 which made him the only Bulgarian in HT's history with cup trophies in two different countries.

Interesting Facts

  • BIBERG, the manager who took over team ID 117221, Osmi Basein's original team ID, also succeeded in promoting the team to the highest echelon in Bulgaria and taking it to the top spot in the country.
  • Upon his return to the game, todbul, the second manager to register in the Bulgarian league, chose the team name Sedmi Basein (Seventh Swimming Pool) (663699) in recognition of chukcha's then-famous team. Chukcha has stated that he considers this a great honor due to todbul's major impact on the Bulgarian Hattrick community in the early history of the Bulgarian league.


Arena History

Baseina is the arena of Osmi Basein. It has a total capacity of 80 000. The stadium has been expanded numerous times in the history of the franchise. During the time of the original Osmi Basein, the arena reached maximum capacity of 100 500 and was shortly the largest stadium in all of Bulgaria. The arena was sold out on a number of occasions. Most notably, on August 20, 2005, when 100 500 fans came to see the last home game of season 10. In a very close match Osmi Basein defeated Ulux 1:0 and clinched the title in the Vissha Liga thus securing the team's place in history (40883346).
Total capacity: 80 000 seats
  • Terraces: 44 480
  • Basic seating: 18 080
  • Seats under roof: 15 360
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 2 080

 last improvement: 23.05.2013

National Team Matches at Baseina

Date Opponent Final Result Attendance Match
17.09.2004 Scotland 2 - 0 15 563 24055489
24.09.2004 U-20 Hrvatska 0 - 0 15 876 24175138
05.11.2004 U-20 Slovensko 5 - 0 16 202 29905516
11.02.2005 U-20 Ísland 0 - 5 16 951 37383355
29.07.2005 U-20 Nigeria 3 - 1 19 945 47880259
10.03.2006 U-20 Pakistan 1 - 2 20 193 68972346
14.04.2006 U-20 Chinese Taipei 6 - 0 18 320 70134558
05.05.2006 U-20 India 0 - 0 14 331 80488379
24.02.2012 U-20 Bosna i Hercegovina 2 - 1 29 966 364960307
23.03.2012 U-20 Polska 1 - 0 24 598 377619326
30.03.2012 U-20 România 3 - 0 23 240 377878985
06.04.2012 U-20 Israel 2 - 1 22 459 378027854
27.04.2012 U-20 Tounes 2 - 2 25 647 378634738
04.05.2012 U-20 Pilipinas 0 - 4 24 615 378882983
11.05.2012 U-20 Kyrgyzstan 3 - 1 22 647 379134121
18.05.2012 U-20 Mongol Uls 1 - 1 23 406 379233029
25.05.2012 U-20 Belarus 1 - 1 22 719 379431923
01.06.2012 U-20 Colombia 3 - 0 23 941 379753408
08.06.2012 U-20 Ukraina 1 - 0 23 230 379924997


Notable Players

Notable Players
  • Mats Åkesson

Mats was an integral part of Osmi Basein's early seasons. He was trained from a very young age at the team's facilities and became one of the strongest forwards in Bulgaria at the time. He was transferred to Cryout, the team managed by chukcha's brother, for an amount that attracted a lot of scrutiny. The managers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

  • Thao Rama

The first legendary goalkeeper of Osmi Basein. The manager relied heavily on his cat-like reflexes during the team's stay in II.2.

  • Paco Arellano

Paco arrived at Osmi Basein to replace Thao Rama on goal. His impressive skills between the posts were crucial in promoting to the Vissha Liga, capturing the Bulgarian National Cup, and, finally, winning the top division in Bulgaria.

  • Zlatan Avramovic

Arguably one of the worst defenders to field as a regular starter in the Vissha Liga ever. His experience, however, helped the cohesion of the team and he was the face of the team for years. Zlatan's solid skills were enough to make him a regular in the starting eleven from the time when the team was in III.15 to the time when they claimed the Vissha Liga. He recorded 167 appearances for the original Osmi Basein, the second-most in the franchise history.

  • Jedrzej Nejmanowski and Francisco Martinez Navarro

The other two players who completed the defensive line in Osmi Basein's championship 3-5-2. Their outstanding defending led to six clean sheets that season.

  • Enmanuel "Pony" Ambrona

The Pony's speed on the wing brought the team numerous successes in the 181 games he played. He became the all-time leader in appearances for the original Osmi Basein franchise. Although, he had to give up his spot on the team to Albert Rieper, he remained faithful to the club and took on a coaching role. It was under his leadership that Osmi Basein reached its zenith.

  • Alexei Ignatieva and Francisco Martinez Navarro

Ignatieva's entertaining feminine name was among the reasons why the manager decided to attract him to the team in the first place. He quickly became the butt of jokes in the Osmi Basein locker room and throughout Bulgaria. There was nothing funny, however, about his magical skills on the ball as his opponents had a chance to experience for themselves when playing against him. Apart from winning the two major trophies in Bulgaria, Alexei recorded 46 appearances for the Estonian national team.

  • Traian Ruicu

The team's management jokes to this day that Traian's seven-week injury was what propelled Osmi Basein to the top. Purchased before the start of the team's first season in the Vissha Liga, he was regarded as the key to survival in Bulgaria's top league. Unfortunately, in the opening leg of the championship he received a heavy injury and the doctors forbid him to play for half of the season. This forced chukcha to scrap his hopes for the Vissha Liga and focus on the cup. The team successfully eliminated its opponents in the early rounds without the help of the Romanian. Traian's return came just in time for the important games against some of the strongest teams in Bulgaria, including Northampton Ludite (under the management of Shipkov, aka Vipshok and B-u-l-G-a-R, whose current team, PFC Angry, is in second division), pennnn (now known as Phædrus, national champion in season 28 and current member of Vissha Liga), Ohliuv Pancharevo (a team that spent six seasons in the Vissha Liga), Favorit (two-time cup champion and member of the Vissha Liga for eight seasons), and Dounav (a team that despite never making it to the top division packed one of the strongest midfield lines in the country at the time.) After capturing the cup, Traian stayed with the team and was part of the starting eleven in season 10, winning the national championship with Osmi Basein.

  • Fredrik Gyllenbratt and Mariano Cardell

Fredrik and Mariano's talents were the key to defeating the strongest of midfield lines in the whole country during the golden era of Osmi Basein. Their relentless energy supplemented Ignatieva and Ruicu's flawless playmaking and together they comprised the most dangerous midfield in Bulgaria.

  • Albert Rieper

Famous for his hit single "Don't Fear the Rieper" which he recorded after becoming the leading goal scorer for Osmi Basein in season 10 when the team won the national title. His magical set piece taking and extra-terrestrial skills on the wing were just what the team was missing in previous seasons.

  • Tudor Chitu and Benoit Martineau

The attack duo which dismantled any defense that came its way in seasons 9 and 10. When not being able to score themselves they were more than happy to take on the role of sidekicks and assist for goals. Training relentlessly during their spell at the club led to them becoming titanic scorers by the time they left.

  • Radi Daskalov

  • Yulian Valchev

  • Miroslav Velikov

  • Hristo Slavov

  • Zlatko Georgiev

  • Iivo Vanhanen

  • Dobrin Tzvetkov

  • Richard Krčmársky

Rumor has it that Richie, as he was most commonly known, did not start off his life under this last name. However, at some point along the way he became such a frequent visitor of bars, pubs, taverns and all other sorts of drinking establishments that he decided to change his name to Krčmársky (krčmá in Czech means tavern.) The first time Richie met Osmi Basein's manager, the two of them hit it right off over one too many beers. A lot could be written about Richie's contribution to the Bulgarian team and the numerous landmarks he accomplished. He became the first purchase of the reestablished Osmi Basein on the very first day of the club and to date is the player with the most matches, seasons and clean sheets for the Swimmers. At the end of his career he deservedly became the coach of the team, a position he occupied for more than one calendar year. Nowadays, Richie could often be seen drunk on the telly hosting his late night talk show "Truly, Madly, Deeply" exploring the lives and trepidations of adult film stars.

  • Valeri Todorov

  • Vladimir Moshev

  • Kostadin Malkovski

  • Dragomir Popov

  • Simeon Yakimov

  • Orlin Rachev

  • Carter Coker

The longstanding captain of Osmi Basein. The American wore the armband in 87 games for the club, a record unlikely to be surpassed any time soon. Even more impressive is the fact that 81 of these were competitive matches. He was also one of the most prolific goalscorers to play for the Swimmers. He led the team in goals in four different seasons. Carter is the only Osmi Basein player to score more than 10 goals per season for five seasons in a row.

  • Matt Hebelich

The legendary Romanian striker was part of an atomic attacking duo together with Carter Coker. After 14 seasons and 188 games for the club, he became the seventh inductee into Osmi Basein's Hall of Fame. Just like Carter Coker, he led the team in goals on four different occasions.

  • Georgi Cholakov

Serving as General Manager since the club's foundation. He is also known as El Presidente, The Founder, The Puppeteer, and, among certain tribes in the deep jungles of the Amazon as, Gosho the Almighty.

  • Giulio Gulino

Hall of Fame

Name Nationality Photo First Day with Club Retirement Date Category Current job Seasons Matches Goals Hattricks Best match Last match
Ognyan Vasilev Bulgaria Player139395117.png 05.11.2006 05.08.2010 Faithful to Club Sports Journalist 13 107 7 0 130685322 220456166
Dobrin Tzvetkov Bulgaria Player139395122.png 05.11.2006 07.08.2010 Faithful to Club Public Relations Manager 13 123 40 2 161559012 269292850
Valeri Malinov Bulgaria Player139395129.png 05.11.2006 11.08.2010 Faithful to Club Player Union Representative 13 101 6 0 145958210 283077089
Slavcho Hadzhidimitrov Bulgaria Player139395124.png 05.11.2006 10.12.2010 Faithful to Club Secretary 14 171 13 0 158535190 301700897
Jens Ole Thiem Denmark Player149691364.png 26.01.2007 25.06.2011 Faithful to Club Sales Director 15 106 9 0 173528673 332192393
Richard Krčmársky Austria Player122505675.png 05.11.2006 27.11.2011 Total Matches Hero / Great Keeper / Faithful to Club / Great Coach Television Show Host 17 240 0 0 177269519 348549580
Matt Hebbelich Romania Player117346312.png 08.03.2008 22.03.2012 Great Scorer / Total Matches Hero / Faithful to Club Marketing Director 14 188 130 8 270466220 364323700
Honorio Valera Peru Player57235678.png 31.07.2010 30.07.2012 Member of Honour Referee 7 80 29 0 289109411 363826776
Jafeth Corbeij Netherlands Player77570848.png 02.12.2010 02.12.2012 Member of Honour Agent 7 85 55 2 330086631 409086441
Hristo Bonchev Bulgaria Player216229918.png 06.09.2008 01.12.2013 Faithful to Club Entrepreneur 18 93 1 0 362458263 453824155
Franck Bickenbach Germany Player194921161.png 10.10.2011 14.12.2013 Member of Honour Actor 8 59 15 0 392353753 454209582
Mihael Zaninović Croatia Player172270305.png 09.01.2013 02.07.2014 Member of Honour Referee 5 57 52 1 428178036 482146270
Rafael Inguanzo Spain Player196352172.png 13.01.2013 27.08.2014 Great Coach Sports Journalist 6 58 28 0 422734554 483670456
Roderick Tenhagen Germany Player60786882.png 07.08.2010 04.04.2013 Great Coach Hotdog vendor 9 16 51 3 316269080 410191631
Bánk Pintácsi Austria Player145551589.png 25.10.2011 08.07.2013 Great Coach Head Equipment Manager 6 36 35 1 363826776 410191631
Charlie Rouille France Player185044666.png 09.01.2013 10.11.2014 Member of Honour Referee 6 62 87 2 412961813 483892036
Zdzisław Czerwiec Poland Player327451134.png 27.10.2013 27.07.2015 Great Coach Television Show Host 6 3 34 1 483549800 513153189

NT/U-20 NT Players

Name Nationality NT Matches NT Goals U20 Matches U20 Goals Current Club
Hristo Slavov Bulgaria 38 ? 10 ? Bulgaria Retired
Yulian Valchev Bulgaria 26 ? 31 ? Brazil KISS futebol club
Zlatko Georgiev Bulgaria 84 ? 42 ? Bulgaria Retired
Alexei Ignatieva Estonia 46 ? - ? Estonia FC Pühamüristus
Boyan Kalchev Bulgaria - - 1 - Norway Heggelia FC

Statistics and Records

Player Records

  • Most Appearances - 316: Charles Hamilton 297: Jopie de Kreij
  • Most Appearances in Competitive Matches - 250: Charles Hamilton 233: Jopie de Kreij 210: Angelo Vaz
  • Highest Rating - 12 stars : Pier Nicola Zora (vs FC BULTRAS -12-. 28.11.2015)
  • Most Goals - 244: Charles Hamilton 208: Jopie de Kreij 143: Matt Hebbelich
  • Most Goals in Competitive Matches - 208: Charles Hamilton 180: Jopie de Kreij 105: Matt Hebbelich
  • Most Goals in a Game - 6: Dimitar Bozhanov (vs SLIVEN. 26.04.2003) and Radi Daskalov (vs Pleven - 1998. 07.06.2005)
  • Most League Goals in a Season - 21 : Charles Hamilton (Season 40)
  • Most Clean Sheets - 92: Richard Krčmársky
  • Most Clean Sheets in Competitive Matches - 68 : Angelo Vaz
  • Captain Most Often - 97 : Jopie de Kreij
  • Most Carded Player - 31 yellow / 3 red: Charles Hamilton
  • Record Transfer Fee Paid (only based on the history of the restored Osmi Basein) - 11 014 000 lv : Angelo Vaz (08.05.2013 to FC Hunajata)
  • Record Transfer Fee Received (only based on the history of the restored Osmi Basein) - 8 500 000 lv : Ovidijus Kisilevičius (27.03.2011 from Kapsukas)

Match Records

  • Biggest League Win - 11-0 : vs Anhialo (A) 12.10.2013; vs Arsenal Sofiq (H) 13.06.2015; vs Tzarevo (H) 01.08.2015; vs Tzarevo (A) 19.09.2015;
  • Biggest Cup Win - 13-0 : vs balkan2010 (A) 15.04.2014
  • Most Hatstats (Team) - 490 : vs The BIBOs (H) 05.03.2016
  • Most Hatstats (Defence) - 197 : vs FCSvetcite (A) 16.02.2016
  • Most Hatstats (Midfield) - 192: vs The BIBOs (H) 05.03.2016
  • Most Hatstats (Attack) - 162 : vs Olympique Dobrudzha (A) 22.03.2016
  • Most Stars - 104 : vs Chorni Breznik (A) 20.02.2016

Season by Season

Season Division League Position Bulgarian Cup Trophies Leading Goalscorer Goals
2 (18) III.15 4th none none Dimitar Bozhanov 7
3 (19) III.15 1st 3rd round Division III.PNG Yulian Valchev 15
4 (20) II.2 1st 6th round Division II.PNG Jonas Heller 10
5 (21) II.2 2nd 3rd round none Jonas Heller, Ezra Danhof 11
6 (22) II.2 2nd 7th round Goldenboot II.gif Nestor Tellsten 13
7 (23) II.2 1st 5th round Division II.PNG Björn Olov Åkerbratt 10
8 (24) II.2 1st Round of 16 Division II.PNG Goldenboot II.gif Anders Tornsjö 11
9 (25) Vissha Liga 5th Winner National Cup.PNG Benoît Martineau 5
10 (26) Vissha Liga National Champion Round of 16 Division I.PNG Albert Rieper 10
11 (27) Vissha Liga 8th 2nd round none Tudor Chitu 3
12 (28) II.3 6th 5th round none Stefan Tungfeldt 5
13 (29) II.3 6th 9th round none Enmanuel '"Pony"' Ambrona 2
14 (30) VI.35 4th none none Dimitar Dudev 2
15 (31) VI.35 4th 1st round none Dobrin Tzvetkov 9
16 (32) VI.35 2nd 1st round none Dobrin Tzvetkov 14
17 (33) VI.35 3rd 1st round none Dobrin Tzvetkov 9
18 (34) VI.35 4th 2nd round none Vasil Milanov, Àlvar Amador 4
19 (35) VI.35 1st 2nd round Division VI.PNG Carter Coker 13
20 (36) V.173 4th 1st round Goldenboot V.gif Matt Hebbelich 14
21 (37) V.173 2nd 2nd round Goldenboot V.gif Carter Coker 14
22 (38) V.173 2nd 2nd round none Carter Coker 11
23 (39) V.173 3rd 2nd round Goldenboot V.gif Carter Coker 13
24 (40) V.173 2nd 5th round none Matt Hebbelich 13
25 (41) V.173 1st 4th round Division V.PNG Matt Hebbelich 10
26 (42) IV.54 4th 2nd round Goldenboot IV.gif Matt Hebbelich 17
27 (43) IV.54 3rd 2nd round none Fabio Agostino 9
28 (44) IV.54 1st 4th round Division IV.PNG Ovidijus Kisilevičius 12
29 (45) IV.54 1st 2nd round Division IV.PNG Goldenboot IV.gif Fernando Héctor Scotta 11
30 (46) IV.54 4th 6th round none Edgardo Catalano 7
31 (47) IV.54 3rd 4th round none James Kelleher 8
32 (48) IV.54 3rd 6th round none Jopie de Kreij 8
33 (49) IV.54 1st 4th round Division IV.PNG Goldenboot IV.gif Jopie de Kreij 12
34 (50) III.11 1st 6th round Division III.PNG Jopie de Kreij 10
35 (51) II.1 4th 6th round Goldenboot II.gif Charles Hamilton 15
36 (52) II.1 8th 6th round none Vladimir Danchev, Sandi Galič 4
37 (53) III.4 1st 6th round Division III.PNG Charles Hamilton 12
38 (54) II.1 3rd 6th round Goldenboot II.gif Jopie de Kreij 12
39 (55) II.1 8th Semi Finalist none Jopie de Kreij 6
40 (56) III.9 1st 8th round Division III.PNG Goldenboot III.gif Charles Hamilton 21
41 (57) II.4 7th Quarter Finalist none Charles Hamilton 10
42 (58) III.16 1st Round of 16 Division III.PNG Goldenboot III.gif Charles Hamilton 14
43 (51) II.3 2nd Round of 16 Goldenboot II.gif Charles Hamilton 13
44 (52) II.3 4th 8th round none Pier Nicola Zora 11
45 (53) II.3 ? 8th round ? ?


The club has visited 128 out of 128


The club has hosted 51 out of 128


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