Mounties United

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Canadian Club

Managed by Brian Baxendale & mounties

Currently plays in V.64

Basic Info

Joined: 6/1/01
Region: Ontario
Stadium: Baxendale's House
Club Colors: Red/Black

Club History

Mounties United joined II.1 in Season 1 under the Ottawa Mounties, competing in the same division as the Barrington Barons, Anfields Beach FC as well as the Hillsdale Raiders, these teams prevented the Horsemen to promote to the All Canadian until Season 5, meanwhile mounties focused on a Forward-Training Program consisting mainly of swedish players - at the end of season 3 they bought Brian Baxendale which would change forever the Team's experience. Ultimately, the Mounties United promoted to the All Canadian for Season 5, where they marked their best run ending in third position. In the following seasons, the Mounties United struggled with Qualification matches to eventually auto-demote in Season 7, in II.2. There they will dominate the Serie and gain promotion once again for the All Canadian, however some incidents will happen and the Mounties United will be banned from the Canadian football League. Brian Baxendale will re-instate the Mounties United in Season 12 and the team is now building up in the lower divisions of Canada.The Mounties United was a pioneer team in the Forward-training Industry. The team trained many Star players which eventually played for the National Team.