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Downtime occurs when the Hattrick site is unavailable to the users. These periods can appear any time and in some case they can last days!

Unfortunately, for many managers this means losing friendly matches, and sometimes even losing the training altogether due to the lack of default match orders and appropriate line-up for matches. The same applied to the national teams, many of which had the match played with a default lineup and no team attitude or tactic settings.

All transfers are also cancelled, thus leading to teams being locked for failing to gather the required money before the deadline.

Planned downtime

Since 2008, "Dozer" the mascot appears every time the servers crash!

For the above reasons users are advised a good time ahead of planned downtime to plan in ahead as much as possible, including booking your friendly early and setting a valid lineup for the friendly/cup match right after it has been booked.

At each season break there is a short update, when new series are created, database maintenance is performed etc.

Unplanned downtime

Unplanned downtime is any period of time where the website (or in some cases parts of it) is inaccessible due to some technical problems at Hattrick's side.

During downtime, if you try to access the site, you will be redirected to a page where you will find a number of useful links to community sites outside of Hattrick.

All Hattrick supporters are compensated for this time through an uptime review, as opposed to planned downtime where no compensation is made.

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