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Red Stripe FC (226401)
HT-User: Krwetzel22
Country: USA
Region: New York
Prize shelf: Division V.PNG Division V.PNG Division VI.PNGDivision VI.PNG
Golden Boots: 5 (Luke Apfel, Tatu Loiva [3], Tor Meldbye)
Arena: Special Events Lot
Fan club: The Grinin' Governors

Franchise Record: 107-8-48
Regular Season Record: 58-3-15
Cup Record: 6-0-6
Friendly Record: 43-5-26
Qualification Record: 0-0-1

Red Stripe FC is a Hattrick club based in Rockland, New York that plays in USA VI.376. They are owned by Kevin Wetzel and managed by Paco Alvarez Miguel.

Red Stripe FC takes its name from the Jamaican beer, Red Stripe. Wetzel created/managed/played for Red Stripe Hockey, a roller hockey team based out of Buffalo, New York. The team, who completed their fourth and final season of operation, was marred in a league worst sixteen game losing streak before winning two games in a row. Wetzel hopes to bring an air of consistancy to hattrick by taking over Red Stripe FC.

About the Owner

Kevin Wetzel is a graduate student at the University at Buffalo School of Education. The aspiring teacher was referred to Red Stripe FC by Rochester United owner Timothy Burrows.

About the Arena

Red Stripe FC's home field is named the Special Events Lot. The 16,000 seat stadium was named after an tailgating venue which Wetzel used to frequent with his college friends while attending the University at Buffalo.

  • The Stadium was upgraded by 4,000 seats during season 35 to accomodate the rapid growth of their fan club.
  • Even though Red Stripe relegated to division VI for the first time, the team constructed 4,000 additional seats at The Lot. Wetzel hopes the increased stadium size coupled with a more competitive division will encourage the fans who abandoned the The Grinnin' Governors following relegation to return. The new stadium now seats 20,000 fans.
  • With the success of the 2nd place finish in Season 37, RSFC decided to again expand the Special Events Lot by 4,000 seats. This season, however, the expasion was not met with as much reception as last year as RSFC managed just one sellout through the first 8 games of the season.

About the Team

Managerial History

Louis Maxwell
No Games Coached

  • Louis Maxwell was the team's first head coach. Due to a disagreement with the new management, he was quickly relieved of his duties on January 19, 2008.

Ladislav Oravec
Record: 46-6-27

  • Ladislav Oravec did not allow for the position vacated by Maxwell remain open as he signed his contract on later that afternoon on January 19, 2008. His debut was an immediate success, as Red Stripe ran off two quick victories before losing their first game, then closing out the season with a victory. Finishing right behind the top spot in the division, Oravec knew this team was destined for greatness. The followin season, 35, Oravec lead the squad to a perfect season, running the table with 14 wins, and earning an autopromotion. Season 36 in Level 5 was not kind Oravec and Red Stripe as they finished with a sub-500 record for the first time in team history and relegated back to level 6. Oravec was granted a short leash following the relegation, but following a week 5 loss, Oravec was asked to resign his managerial duties. He officially turned in his walking papers on November 11th, 2008. Wetzel said at the press conference, "Ladislav has shown this team that greatness can be achieved. He is a fantastic coach and will be a great asset for another franchise as he contiues his career. He is not being forced out because of the team's performance, but rather a change in direction for the program as we look to the future."

Paco Alvarez Miguel
Record: 46-2-17

  • Paco Alvarez Miguel is the current manager of the team. He was hired on November 11th, 2008.

Franchise Firsts

  • Red Stripe FC played and won their first game under new management on January 20, 2008 against Winder Degand. Steven Kolff tallied the first goal in franchise history with his mark at the 38th minute. He added a second at the 52nd minute. Svens Virbulis added a pair of his own at the 58th and 72nd minutes. Goaltender Andre Roll earned the shut out for Red Stripe FC. The three heroes coincidentally were acquired moments prior to kickoff.

  • Their first international match came on January 30, 2008 against Els Boquerons in Spain. Svens Virbulis tallied two first half goals as Red Stripe managed to hang on for the 2-1 victory.

  • Their first cup match was played on February 28, 2008, with Red Stripe suffering the loss 4-1 against Super Duces. Tor Meldbye tallied the lone Red Stripe goal.

  • On March 5, 2008, Mario Holser registered Red Stripe's first hat-trick against Costa Rican Crackers.

  • On April 2, 2008, Tor Meldbye registered the first natural hat-trick against FC Matrekos SAD.

  • Their first championship was clinched on May 19, 2008, with Red Stripe achieving a 6-0 victory over B.E.N.F.I.C.A.

  • On June 1, 2008, Red Stripe capped off their first undefeated season in franchise history with a 4-1 victory over Dallas Galaxy.With his goal in the contest, Luke Apfel tied for the league lead in goals scored with 11.

  • On June 19, 2008, Red Stripe capture their first Cup Match victory by beating Xaliforians, 6-1. Tatu Loiva and Pedro Ambrona each registered a hat-trick in the match.

  • On September 18th, 2008, Red Stripe had their first match which resulted in Penalty Kicks. The match versus Dancin United, which ended regulation squared at 1, went the full 5 rounds, with Red Stripe's Aron Grosics stopping two shots to preserve the victory.

Fan Club - The Grinnin' Governors

On May 12th, 2008, Red Stripe took another step in the direction of success by officially naming their fan club, The Grinnin' Governors. They took their name as both a pun on the club's success and attitude of the fans as well as the mascot for Red Stripe Lager, which is a Jamaican Governor who is always seen with a large smile on his face.

Rivalries & Cups

The True Blue Cup
Rochester leads 5-0-0

Begining January 24th, 2008, Red Stripe FC and Rochester United have signed a friendly agreement in hopes of creating a friendly rivalry between the two squads. Red Stripe will visit Rochester's Burrows Square Park in the team's second game, first on the road, under new management

The two squads agreed to accept a sponsorship bid from True Blue, a fan club at their alma-matter University at Buffalo, for their rivalry. It is appropriately dubbed, The True Blue Cup. The inaugural game of the TBC was played on January 24th, 2008, with Rochester coming back from a 2-0 deficit to win 4-2.

Begining in season 37, two new teams were be added to the cup: Syracuse Salty Dogs, Cheektowaga & Diamonds, and RBUB. RCFC faced Syracuse in the semi-finals and avoided being knocked out of the cup with a late equalizer and a early tally in the golden-goal period. They suffered their fourth consecutive loss to Rochester United for the title, 6-1.

During Season 38, two additional teams were added (Rockaland Rage and AC Cuervo Bulls) to bring the total number of teams to 7. Red Stripe clashed with Power Pugs and suffered their earliest exit from the TBC, falling 2-1. Owner Kevin Wetzel was observed giving a profanity-ridden tirade with his squad after the match.

An 8th team will be added in season 39 as Arkham Inmates United joined the Hattrick ranks.

The Robert Wetzel Memorial Cup
Red Stripe leads 2-0-0

Begining on June 12, 2008, Red Stripe FC and Blue Stripe FC will have their first installment of their familiy rivalry. The newly formed Wetzel Cup is in honor of the two owners' grandfather, a former New York City police officer. Blue Stripe FC, who is owned by Wetzel's cousin Pete Camillone, will visit Red Stripe FC at the Special Events Lot.

In front of a crowd of 558, Red Stripe FC defeated Blue Stripe FC by a count of 4-1. Lars Brandstrand led Red Stripe with a hat-trick and Tatu Loiva added another goal.

Following season 36, the Robert Wetzel Memorial Cup would no longer be played due to the dispanding of Blue Stripe FC.

The Wine Island Cup
Record 10-1-5
Elimination Games 3-2

  • During season 26, Red Stripe FC recieved an invitation from Rochester United to become part of the Wine Island Cup. The Cup, which pits teams from all across the world against one another, is the first major cup that Red Stripe has been invited to partake in. Red Stripe won their opening match 2-1 against Arminia Tosse from Germany, the hosting team for the cup. They were eliminated from playoff contention when their match ended as a draw against Portugal's H.A.O.C.

  • Red Stripe entered their second stint in the cup for season 37 as part of Group 6. After a solid opening game 2-0 victory over Romanian entry Blue Wings, Red Stripe all but sealed their entry to the 2nd round with a 6-1 victory over Germany's Shamrock City Snappers. Red Stripe failed to remain perfect, however, as they fell 3-1 to Italy's BAGHEERABOYS FC. Red Stripe is currently awaiting their elimination round draw.
    • The elimination round began with Red Stripe hosting Real Fenice F.C. of Italy. Red Fenice tallied the first marker, but then surrendered 5 straight as Red Stripe cruised to the next round.
    • In the second round, Red Stripe ran into FC Pilotes 04 from Germany. As was the case with the Real Fenice match, Red Stripe fell behind early 2-0, before mounting their comeback. They took the lead just 6 minutes before the end of the first half to go into the break up 3-2. They would tally 2 goals in the 2nd half to solidify a 5-2 victory.
    • Red Stripe faced a familiar foe in the Final Four in Vantaan Sisu. The two teams were in the same group in the last WIC. While the scores were lower, the goal differential remained the same as Red Stripe fell by two goals, this time by a 4-2 final. Thus being eliminated from the WIC, having their best finish in history.

Franchise Statistics

Season League (ID) Pos GP W D L GF GA GD Pts Result
34 VI.281 (27617) 2 14 8 2 4 36 - 27 +9 26 Remaining in VI.281
35 VI.281 (27617) 1 14 14 0 0 61 - 9 +52 42 Champions
36 V.111 (8484) 6 14 5 0 9 26 - 43 -17 15 Relegated to VI
37 VI.376 (27712) 2 14 9 3 2 64 - 18 +46 30 Remaining in VI.376
38 VI.376 (27712) 2 14 12 0 2 76 - 14 +62 36 Remaining in VI.376
39 VI.376 (27712) 1 14 14 0 0 98 - 13 +85 42 Champions
40 V.235 (8608) 3 14 10 1 3 59 - 25 +34 31 Remaining in V.235
41 V.235 (8608) 6 14 7 1 6 42 - 39 +3 22 Remaining in V.235
42 V.235 (8608) 3 14 9 0 5 56 - 19 +37 27 Remaining in V.235
43 V.235 (8608) 3 14 8 2 4 38 - 15 +23 26 Remaining in V.235
44 V.235 (8608) 2 14 10 0 4 34 - 19 +15 30 Remaining in V.235
45 V.235 (8608) 1 14 11 0 3 59 - 13 +46 33 Champions
46 V.235 (8608) 2 3 2 1 0 10 - 3 +7 7 In Progress

NOTE: Wetzel assumed control of FC zamora at the week 10 mark of season 34 when the squad had a 5-2-3 record, the two team's stats are combined to calculate stats for the season.

All Time Scoring

Scores are current as of September 21, 2009.

Rank Player Nationality Position Goals
1 Tatu Lovia Finland F 78
2 Tor Meldbye Denmark F 66
3 Pedro Ambrona Colombia F 52
4 Svens Virbulis Sweden D 39
5 Donald Singh USA D 34
6 Alberto Tapia Gomez Spain F 33
7 Maxwell Fairbairn Oceania MF 29
8 Paolo Matteucci Italy F 27
9 Atilla Cavdar Turkey D 26
10 Lukas Pettersson Sweden MF/W 24
11 Lorenzo Meragelman Argentina D 23
T-12 Luke Apfel USA W 21
T-12 Jozef Duis Netherlands MF 21
T-14 William Hann Switzerland F 16
T-14 Mario Holser Switzerland F 16
16 Lars Brandstrand Sweden F 14
17 Sotiris Famelos Belgium D 13
18 Donny Hutchin Oceania MF 11
T-19 Adam Mor-Yossef Israel Util 10
T-19 Franz Beran-Lyde Germany MF 10
T-21 Timofey Novozhilov Latvia MF 8
T-21 Steven Kolff Netherlands MF 8
23 Peter Kacsor Hungary MF 7
T-24 Rudy Boulin France MF 5
T-24 Guadalupe Cerezo Mexico Util 5
T-26 Harris Tanner USA D 4
T-26 Derek O'Byrne Republic of Ireland MF 4
T-26 Aurelien Dijon France F 4
T-29 Klaus Langer Switzerland MF 3
T-29 Marino Sidoli Italy MF 3
T-29 Romano Sudic Bosnia & Herzegovina MF 3
T-32 Sasa Kapelari Croatia Util 1
T-32 Melvin McKee USA Util 1
T-32 Neil Holden Germany Util 1
T-32 Jarrett Mackay Oceania D 1

BOLD indicates currently with the team.

Major Club Honors

  • Division VI.PNG USA VI.233 Champion Season 35
  • Division VI.PNG USA VI.376 Champion Season 39
  • Division V.PNG USA V.235 Champion Season 45
  • Division V.PNG USA V.235 Champion Season 52
  • Goldenboot VI.gif Luke Apfel, 11 goals, VI.281, Season 35
  • Goldenboot VI.gif Tatu Loiva, 10 goals, VI.376, Season 37
  • Goldenboot VI.gif Tor Meldbye, 13 goals, VI.376, Season 38
  • Goldenboot VI.gif Tatu Loiva, 25 goals, VI.376, Season 39
  • Goldenboot V.gif Tatu Loiva, 11 goals, V.235, Season 43