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Syracuse Salty Dogs (227897)
HT-User: MDankiw
Country: USA
Region: New York
Prize shelf: Division VI.PNG Goldenboot VI.gif
Arena: Armory Square Field
Fan club: The Dog Pound

Franchise Record: 27-2-14
Regular Season Record: 15-1-3
Cup Record: 0-0-1
Friendly Record: 12-1-10

Syracuse Salty Dogs is a Hattrick club based in Syracuse, New York that plays in USA VI.752. They are owned by Michael Dankiw and managed by Paolo Garotti. Currently, their home field is named Armory Square Field. The 12,000 seat stadium was named after the proposed field to be built in Syracuse, NY for the local soccer team before the team was dissolved.

About the Owner

Michael Dankiw is a graduate student at the University at Buffalo School of Education. The aspiring teacher was referred to Syracuse Salty Dogs by Red Stripe FC owner, and classmate, Kevin Wetzel.

About the Team

Youth Academy

On November 5, 2008, the ownership of Syracuse Salty Dogs decided that they would expand their franchise by creating a youth academy. The youth team will be known as the Syracuse Salty Pups, and will play their games in their matches in their parent clubs stadium at Armory Square Field. The ownership is hoping that this club will bring new talent and depth to the Syracuse Salty Dogs roster.

Upon the completion of Syracuse Salty Pups first season the ownership has decided to dissolve the team. The ownership released the following statement, "The experiment that was the Syracuse Salty Pups did not go in the direction that we were hoping, therefore we have decided to close this door."

Franchise Firsts

Mr. Dankiw took over the ownership of the club on September 8, 2008. Once full control was handed to Dankiw he started a complete overhaul of the roster. The owner's first key pick up was keeper Joost D'heur, who has anchored the Salty Dogs net ever since his hire.

The franchise's first win came on September 15, 2008 against North Dakota Vikings. The Vikings took an early lead before the Right Winger Amadeo Wüest scored in the 27' minute to tie up the match. The winning goal was scored by Mid-Fielder Mario Briceño in the 49' minute for a final score of 2-1.

The franchise's first international win came on September 17 against EMILROMA of France. Forward Ronaldo Basulto scored the first goal for the Salty Dogs in the 72' minute. EMILROMA quickly tied the match back up in the 80' minute before Mid-Fielder Dirk Dalton scored the game winner in the 86' minute for a final score of 2-1.

On October 8, 2008 Ermes Piastrelli registered Syracuse Salty Dogs first ever hat-trick against RBUB.

On October 8, 2008 Syracuse Salty Dogs recorded their first win in a cup tournament beating RBUB 5-2 on the strength of three goals by Ermes Piastrelli. This win advanced the Dogs to the next round of the True Blue Cup where they will face Cheektowaga & Diamonds.

Fan Club - "The Dog Pound"

On September 10, 2008 the owner took steps to ensure that fans would gain a meaningful experience when they come to a match. In order to do that he created the fan club, The Dog Pound.

Rivalries and Cups

The True Blue Cup
Rochester leads 4-0-0

Beginning January 24th, 2008, Red Stripe FC and Rochester United have signed a friendly agreement in hopes of creating a friendly rivalry between the two squads. Red Stripe will visit Rochester's Burrows Square Park in the team's second game, first on the road, under new management

The two squads agreed to accept a sponsorship bid from True Blue, a fan club at their Alma-Mater University at Buffalo, for their rivalry. It is appropriately dubbed, The True Blue Cup. The inaugural game of the TBC was played on January 24th, 2008, with Rochester coming back from a 2-0 deficit to win 4-2.

Beginning in season 37, three new teams will be added to the cup: Syracuse Salty Dogs, Cheektowaga & Diamonds, and RBUB. Syracuse played their first ever TBC match against RBUB winning the bout 5-2. Syracuse moved on to the next round to face Cheektowaga & Diamonds. On a bitterly cold Thanksgiving morning Syracuse massacred Cheektowaga & Diamonds 8-0. Syracuse then moved on to face Red Stripe FC in the quarterfinals of the TBC where they were defeated by a golden-goal, with a final score of 2-1.

During Season 38, two additional teams were added (Rockland Rage and AC Cuervo Bulls) to bring the total number of teams to 7. Syracuse opened the first round of the TBC facing newcomer AC Cuervo Bulls winning 5-0. In the next round Syracuse played Rockland Rage, who in the previous round pulled an unbelievable upset over Red Stripe FC. Unfortunately for Syracuse they met the same fate losing to the Rage 4-2.

The Wine Island Cup
Record 2-0-2
Elimination Games 0-1

During season 37, Syracuse Salty Dogs received an invitation from Red Stripe FC to become part of the Wine Island Cup. The Cup, which pits teams from all across the world against one another, is the first major cup that Syracuse Salty Dogs has been invited to partake in.

In Syracuse Salty Dogs first ever appearance in The Wine Island Cup (Season 37) they have advanced to the elimination round thanks to a forfeit by Ostseemöven. Syracuse's first opponent in the elimination round is RTLENS. Unfortunately Syracuse's first run at the Wine Island Cup came to an end as RTLENS defeated the Dogs 5-0.

The Syracuse Salty Dogs have returned to The Wine Island Cup in season 38 hoping to gain some retribution for their elimination round loss to RTLENS.

Franchise Statistics

Season League (ID) Pos GP W D L GF GA GD Pts Result
36 VI.752 (28088) 8 14 3 2 9 18 - 44 -26 11 Remained in VI.752
37 VI.752 (28088) 2 13 10 1 3 51 - 15 +36 31 Remained in VI.752
38 VI.752 (28088) 1 14 14 0 0 72 - 8 +64 42 Currently in VI.752

NOTE: Dankiw assumed control of Real Cows at the week 13 mark of season 36 when the squad had a 1-2-9 record, the two team's stats are combined to calculate stats for the season.

All Time Scoring

Scores are current as of May 3, 2009.

Rank Player Nationality Position Goals
1 Ostoja Čordarov Serbia FW 23
T-2 Şerban Gorodea Romania FW 22
T-2 Tasso Oberkersch Germany D 22
T-2 Jáder Mesquita Brazil FW 22
5 Lin Sze Min Hong Kong IM 19
6 Lloyd Shah USA FW 15
7 Franz Schoeneberg Sweden FW 14
8 Jack Kihlstrand Sweden FW 10
9 Leif Stenbom Sweden FW 9
T-10 Eugenio Rivolta Italy D 8
T-10 Rıza Erbil Turkey D 8
T-12 Anthony Le Quère France FW 7
T-12 Martin Hanrath Germany IM 7
T-12 Erik Mosskog Sweden D 7
15 Gabriel Lagoa Portugal IM 6
16 Eewoud Algoet Belgium D 4
T-17 Amadeo Wüest Switzerland W 3
T-17 Ermes Piastrelli Italy W 3
T-17 Jed Beaulieu USA D 4
T-17 Bogdan Onopiuk Poland D 3
T-21 Storm Britton USA D 2
T-21 Piero Todeschini Italy IM 2
T-21 Aki Toosi Finland IM 2
T-24 János Légrády Hungary IM 1
T-24 Pericle Buono Italy W 1
T-24 Edmund Cepuch Poland W 1
T-24 Stuart Cooper USA W 1
T-24 Mario Briceño Italy MF 1
T-24 Dirk Dalton USA IM 1
T-24 Ronaldo Basulto Panama FW 1

BOLD indicates currently with the team.

Club Records

Competitive matches only.