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The cup that is rewarded to the Champion of the True Blue Cup

True Blue Cup is a friendly cup in hattrick. The first installement was won by Rochester United. The final between Rochester United and Red Stripe FC was held on 1/24/2008 with a 4-2 final score.


The two squads agreed to accept a sponsorship bid from True Blue, a fan club at their alma-matter University at Buffalo, for their rivalry. It is appropriately dubbed, The True Blue Cup. The inaugural game of the TBC was played on January 24th, 2008, with Rochester coming back from a 2-0 deficit to win 4-2..


  • Seasons 34-36
    • Rochester United and Red Stripe FC played in the first three instances of the True Blue Cup. Rochester prevailed with three straight victories.

  • Season 37
    • Begining in Season 37, three additional teams will be added to the True Blue Cup: Cheektowaga & Diamonds, Syracuse Salty Dogs, and RBUB. All three teams are owned by former UB Students.
    • The tournament will be modified to accomodate the three teams. Syracuse and RBUB, who did not qualify for the US Open Cup, played the opening round match on October 9, 2008, with Syracuse winning 5-2.
    • On a bitterly cold Thanksgiving morning Syracuse Salty Dogs massacred Cheektowaga & Diamonds 8-0. This will be sure to do go down in True Blue Cup history as the Thanksgiving Day Massacre. The Salty Dogs move on in the tournament to face Red Stripe FC in the quarterfinals of the Cup.
    • For the fourth straight year it was Rochester United verses Red Stripe FC for the TBC and for the fourth time in a row Rochester United came out with a 6-1 win to claim the Cup.

  • Season 38 - The Year of the Upset
    • The TBC will undergo some more changes as two more teams will be added to the tournament. Rockland Rage and AC Cuervo Bulls are set to join the Cup. Cheektowaga & Diamonds were taken over by the Power Pugs in a highly controversial maneuver. While there has been no proof that any foul play was involved, TBC Chairman Kevin Wetzel decided to issue a sanction against Power Pugs: they will be the lowest seed when cup play begins for two seasons. With an odd number of teams in the Cup, Rochester United, the reigning champion, will have a first round bye as the cup enters a more traditional tournament style set up.
    • The Tournament seeding goes as follows: (1) Rochester United (2) Red Stripe FC (3) Syracuse Salty Dogs (4) WRBUB (5) Rockland Rage (6) AC Cuervo Bulls (7) Power Pugs.
    • While the name did not hold true in the Finals, the Season 38 edition of the TBC will forever be known as the Year of the Upset. Three matches resulted in the lower seeds emerging victorious, including two upset wins by Rockland Rage, who earned a 3-0 victory over RBUB in the opening round and then a 4-2 victory over Syracuse Salty Dogs to earn their spot in the championship game, where they would fall, 4-1 to now five-time-champion, Rochester United. The opening round saw another major upset as perennial runners-up Red Stripe FC were knocked out by the controversial Power Pugs, 2-1. There was much debate prior to the season if Power Pugs would even be allowed into the tournament, but, ironically, it was Red Stripe owner Kevin Wetzel who was the main proponent to allow them into the TBC.

  • Season 39
    • Arkham Inmates United will become the 8th team entered into the TBC.
    • With the tourney bracket being a complete 8 teams, at the suggestion of Rochester United owner Timmothy Burrows, the TBC will take on a traditional tournament set-up with a random draw being conducted by the champion of the previous season.
      • Match-ups were drawn as follows: Rochester United vs. RBUB; Rockland Rage vs. Syracuse Salty Dogs; Red Stripe FC vs. Power Pugs; AC Cuervo Bulls vs. Arkham Inmates United

Championship Results

Champion Runner Up Score Date Stadium Attendence
Rochester United Red Stripe FC 4-2 January 24th, 2008 Burrows Square Park 1,654
Rochester United Red Stripe FC 5-3 February 14th, 2008 Burrows Square Park 2,544
Rochester United Red Stripe FC 6-0 May 22nd, 2008 Special Events Lot 735
Rochester United Red Stripe FC 6-1 December 17, 2008 Niagara Falls Convention Centre 1,016
Rochester United Rockland Rage 4-1 February 19, 2009 Armory Square Field 1,588
TBD TBD 0-0 June 18, 2009 TBA -

Current Series

Round # Date Home Team Goals Away Team Goals
Q May 14, 2009 Red Stripe FC 4 Power Pugs 0
Q May 14, 2009 Syracuse Salty Dogs 5 Rockland Rage 3
Q May 14, 2009 Rochester United 9 RBUB 0
Q May 14, 2009 AC Cuervo Bulls 3 Arkham Inmates United 0
S June 11, 2009 Rochester United 3 AC Cuervo Bulls 0
S June 11, 2009 Red Stripe FC 6 Syracuse Salty Dogs 1
F TBD Rochester United - Red Stripe FC -

All Time Stats

Team Games Wins Losses GF GA Finals Titles
Rochester United 8 8 0 40 8 6 5
Syracuse Salty Dogs 7 4 3 27 16 0 0
Red Stripe FC 7 3 5 17 24 5 0
Rockland Rage 4 2 2 11 11 1 0
Power Pugs/C&D 3 1 2 2 13 0 0
AC Cuervo Bulls 3 1 2 3 8 0 0
Arkham Inmates United 1 0 1 0 3 0 0
RBUB 3 0 3 2 17 0 0