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A retired coach or player converted to Hall of Fame can became Referee.
The introduction of this feature is merely esthethic and they have no real function.


The match engine appoints one referee choosen randomly together with his assistant team of two line referees for every game played since the introduction of this feature. The three are shown at the beginning of both HT Live and Match report; they are sometimes mentioned during substitutions, or a penalty kick events or for cards to players; the referee may also add an additional few minutes of playing time at the end of the match.

Hattrick announces
Meet the referees 01/04/2013
The referees play an important role on the pitch, but you've never been able to see them or meet them in person. Well, now you can!

Today we introduce referees for real in Hattrick. You can now see who your referee will be before the match starts, be informed about his personality and meet him in person. Just click the link to an upcoming match!

The referees in Hattrick are people who are currently members of someone's Hall of Fame, and have their current career set to referee. Referees are only used in official and friendly matches for your senior team.

Please note that a referee's personality (honesty and so on) does not impact his decisions on the pitch or the match in any way, referees are just visual extras for matches.