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Richard Sekagya (365273221)
Personal Information
Full name Richard Sekagya
Age55 years and 49 days
Country  Uganda
Current team A.S. El Ghorn Team
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
51-54Uganda We all follow Man United41(12)
54-60Uganda Masaba Hafnia FC75(21)
60Switzerland Blue Hawk Flyers9(7)
60-61Germany SV Gewinner 19886(2)
61Poland KS Energetyka Rybnik5(3)
61-63Romania FC Maracineni36(8)
63-65Italy LL Ambrosiana35(12)
65-69Croatia Farmers on the storm62(13)
69Italy A.S. El Ghorn Team5(2)
69-PresentSerbia Predrag "MASTER"Andjelic10(6)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Richard Sekagya is an Ugandian footballer currently playing for Italian team A.S. El Ghorn Team. A head specialist, Sekagya plays mostly as Winger.
Sekagya played for Croatian team Farmers on the storm from the end of season 65 and participated in all the teams ups and downs as one of the most stable members of first XI until seeing himself sold midway through season 69.
In previous part of his career, Sekagya was one of the founding players at team We all follow Man United in his home country, and after leaving his home team had stints in his home country with Masaba Hafnia FC, and later in Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Romania and Italy. He currently plays for Italian 6th division team A.S. El Ghorn Team.

Statistics at Farmers

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
65 III.15 0 0 0 0 0 0
66 III.15 15 3 6 2 21 5
67 III.15 14 4 3 0 17 4
68 III.15 9 0 6 2 15 2
69 III.15 5 2 4 0 9 2
Total 43 9 19 4 62 13

Note: 'League' also includes qualification play-off matches; 'Cup' also includes secondary and consolation cups.
Note#2: Listed are only the seasons in which this player was active member of the team, i.e. playing at least one game; that game can also be a friendly, which are not counted in this table.