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Silver's Surfers (156562)
Full name Silver's Surfers
Nickname: Surfers
Location: Zagreb, Hrvatska
Founded: November 8, 2007
Ground: Silver's Arena
(Capacity 67,419)
Chairman Mod-Silver
Coach: Croatia Milivoj Piton
Prize Shelf
Series Champions III.9 (Hrvatska) Season 82 Series Champions III.15 (Hrvatska) Season 68 Series Champions IV.29 (Hrvatska) Season 79Series Champions IV.48 (Hrvatska) Season 64Series Champions V.48 (Hrvatska) Season 78Series Champions V.48 (Hrvatska) Season 74Series Champions V.128 (Hrvatska) Season 62Series Champions V.128 (Hrvatska) Season 60Series Champions V.138 (Hrvatska) Season 51Series Champions V.12 (Hrvatska) Season 44

Series Champions V.58 (Hrvatska) Season 42Series Champions VI.973 (Hrvatska) Season 49Series Champions VI.433 (Hrvatska) Season 37Series Champions VI.436 (Hrvatska) Season 30Series Champions VI.436 (Hrvatska) Season 29

Current League: II.4
Last season: 1st in III.9
Current season: See current season

Silver's Surfers is Croatian Hattrick football club, managed by SilverZG and founded in Zagreb on November 8, 2007 as Raiders on the storm. After the team owner decided that they should become farm for Croatian national team, the club changed its name to Farmers on the storm on April 2, 2014. On December 26, 2020 SilverZG decided that the club needs to change its name again, and renamed it Silver's Surfers.

Club history

2007 - 2013

The team was founded in Croatian season 19 (World season 34) and played in series VI.436 for 7 seasons, winning it twice, before being promoted to V.58.

In V.58 Raiders were very succesful, achieving #2 in season 24 and winning the series with maximum of 42 points in season 25, thus being promoted to IV.19, where they played an unsuccesful season, being relegated immediately. Raiders were relegated to V.12, where they won the title in season 29, but failed to qualificate to 4th division.

Next season, they finished at dissapointing 3rd place, and manager SilverZG almost decided to stop playing Hattrick. The club then struggled and was relegated back to lowest tier of Croatian Hattrick pyramid, in series VI.433. After coming back from brief semi-retirement, Silver bought a handful of good players and started playing passing, with young players in attacking positions and veterans in defence. This "revamped" Raiders team won back promotion to 5th tier after winning VI.433 with maximum amount of points and was promoted to V.138.

Raiders played in V.138 for 4 seasons, reaching one 4th and two 3rd places in the division before winning the title, the clubs third V division title in history.

The club played two very succesful seasons in IV.12, ending third on both occasions. Buring this time, it was training a lot of players, but most notably wingback Benjamin Ramljak. Ramljak played all 14 games in Croatian unsuccesful campaing (ending 3rd in the group) to reach U20 WC XX in [Italia|Italy]]. As Ramljak was amongst greatest talents in his generation, Raiders had two options - continue training him, but with suffering in results, or to sell him. SilverZG decided that the team will train Ramljak - and many other top Croatian prospects! - thus announcing selling of all other players besides Ramljak, making Olaf Erik Tomschitz, clubs' trusted captain, new long-term coach and deliberately losing all games in the league. On April 2, 2014, the club board decided that new era should be marked by new name, thus renaming the club 'Farmers on the storm'.

2014 - 2020

In the first 4 seasons of farming, Farmers were very bad team, losing almost all games against human opponents and ending in qualifications in all of its seasons in V.205. In qualification game in season 43, Farmers failed to field a team, thus losing the match and being relegated in lowest divison again. But, around this time Ramljak came of age, even earning a few caps for Croatia National Team at the age of 25 and Farmers bought another top wingback prospect in the likes of Zoran Dobrila. The teams fortunes reversed, and the greatest era of success came. Farmers won VI.973 in season 44 and V.128 the next season, but lost qualifications match for IV. Next season ended with dissapointing 3rd place, but in season Farmers again won V.128, and this time defeated IV. league opponent, PoolSideLiver and won promotion to series IV.48.

In IV.48, Farmers enjoyed success, reaching 2nd place in debut season, and surprasingly winning the series title a season after, which earned them first ever promotion to Div. III! In first season in new division, III.15, Farmers again made good result against the odds, ending in 3rd spot. During this time, Dobrila and Ramljak (now National Team players with 50+ caps) were joined by two other Croatia national team players, wingback Vladimir Stipaničev and centre-back Leonardo Kršlović. At the begining of qualificating phase for World Cup XXVIII, Farmers on the storm had four players in Croatia national team roster.

In the season 68, Farmers won the series III.15, which is the greatest result of the club in history. After three more seasons, Farmers got relegeted from III.15 and decided for a rebuild. During the rebuilding phase, they decided to play in the competitive 5th division, V.48.

2020 - Present

During aforementioned rebuilding phase, SilverZG decided that Farmers won't be farm team for Croatian NT anymore. Thus started the new era for the team, which was formalized on December 26, 2020 when the team changed the name for the second time in its 13-year history, becoming Silver's Surfers. The new era of the team started with promoting three players from the youth academy - wingback Bruno Baf (who also made U20 Hrvatska team) and central defenders Pero Žungul and Roland Mulc. During the end of season 75, Farmers bought three former U20 international inner midfielders - Uzbekistani Armen Dikranyan, Ecuadorian Erick Ron and Liechtensteinian Giorgio Castellano. Those six players will form the core of the team in the years to come. Surfers made the biggest result in history by promoting to II division in season 83, finishin 4th in their first season up.

Last 10 seasons

Season 82: 1st in III.9
Season 81: 3rd in III.9
Season 80: 4th in III.9
Season 79: 1st in IV.29
Season 78: 1st in V.48
Season 77: 2nd in V.48
Season 76: 5th in V.48
Season 75: 7th in IV.48
Season 74: 1st in V.48
Season 73: 3rd in V.48
Season 72: 7th in IV.23
Season 71: 5th in III.15
Season 70: 4th in III.15

Current squad and staff

Correct as of 20/02/2023

Coach: Croatia Milivoj Piton
Assistant coach: Croatia Leonardo Kršlović
Assistant coach: Croatia Nikola Vukčić
Medic: Italy Giuseppe Montalto

No. Position Player
1 France GK HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Philippe Prost
2 Croatia WB HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Bruno Baf*
3 Czech Republic WB HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Dominik Masopust
4 Croatia CD HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Roland Mulc*
5 Croatia CD HTStar5.pngHTStar5.png Pero Žungul*
6 Ecuador IM HTStar5.pngHTStar5.pngHTStarHalf.png Erick Ron
7 Uzbekistan IM HTStar5.pngHTStar5.png Armen Dikranyan
8 Liechtenstein IM HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Giorgio Castellano
9 Brazil FW HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Euricao Campelo
10 Argentina FW HTStar5.pngHTStar5.pngHTStar.png Marcos Usuriaga
No. Position Player
11 Cyprus W HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Akin Alpyürek
12 Poland GK HTStar.pngHTStar.png] Hilary Pierzchala
13 Switzerland W HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Roger Siemer
14 Chile IM HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Miguel Waiben
15 Croatia FW HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Vojko Vatovec*
16 Croatia W HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Jadran Štuka*
17 Croatia WB HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Sven Vukelić
18 Croatia WB HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Tonči Bukić*
19 Croatia CD HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Franko Pintur*
20 Croatia CD HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Klement Budimir*

* denotes Home-grown players

Records and Statistics


Note: only official matches are considered, no friendlies. Note: when some record is achieved on multiple times, only first time is listed

Record Date Name Competition Result
Biggest Home Win 13-01-2012 Raiders on the storm - The mighty cookies VI.433 12 - 0
Biggest Away Win 22-02-2012 Mala Marama - Raiders on the storm Cup 0 - 12
Biggest Home Loss 11-01-2014 Raiders on the storm - NK House IV.12 0 - 8
Biggest Away Loss 08-02-2014 Simuni - Raiders on the storm Cup 6 - 0
Best Team Performance 22-10-2022 Silver's Surfers - Zupa dubrovacka 5 - 0 III.9 503
Best Defence Performance 09-09-2017 Laka Lovica - Farmers on the storm 1 - 0 III.15 304
Best Midfield Performance 20-05-2017 Farmers on the storm - Baba RYK 2 - 0 III.15 198
Best Attack Performance 29-10-2022 The Red Lion Göteborg - Silver's Surfers 0 - 4 III.9 188
Largest home attendance 20-11-2021 Silver's Surfers - Vrutki Opatija 6 - 1 IV.29 67 419
Lowest home attendance 01-12-2007 Raiders on the storm - Ado i ekipa 1 - 4 VI.436 2 573
Largest transfer in 18-11-2021 Cyprus Akin Alpyürek IV.29 13 503 000€
Largest transfer out 10-01-2021 Croatia Nino Grđan V.48 8 835 000 €

Top scorers - all time

Note: Bolded players are still playing for the team

Season Competition Player Number of goals
19-50 All games Croatia Nebojša Ralević 107
19-50 Competitive Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 89
19-50 League - All time Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 71
19-50 Cup - All time Croatia Leonardo Kršlović 24
19-50 Friendlies Croatia Nebojša Ralević 35

Competitive Top Scorers by Seasons

List of top scorers for every season, counting only official matches (League, Cups, Qualification)

Season Series Player(s) Number of goals
19 VI.436 Croatia Martin Gruban 6
20 VI.436 Croatia Janko Hrepić 7
21 VI.436 USA Kevin Bernard 16
22 VI.436 Germany Edgar Gräbitz 20
23 VI.436 Romania Gorun Patrascu
Germany Edgar Gräbitz
24 VI.436 Germany Edgar Gräbitz 14
25 VI.436 Netherlands Joakim Brouwer 24
26 V.58 Netherlands Morris Hofwijks 7
27 V.58 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 20
28 IV.19 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 8
29 V.12 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 19
30 V.12 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 13
31 V.12 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 5
32 VI.433 Poland August Trocha 23
33 V.138 Poland August Trocha
Argentina Marco Antonio Pico
Israel Eliezer Yavin
Italy Giuseppe Margolfo
34 V.138 Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 20
35 V.138 Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 18
36 V.138 Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 18
37 IV.12 France Pierrick Mouginot
Lithuania Saliamonas Ščetininas
38 IV.12 Poland Baltazar Luzynski 16
39 IV.12 Croatia Gordan Domanovac 3
40 V.205 Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz 8
41 V.205 Croatia Nebojša Ralević 8
42 V.205 Croatia Nebojša Ralević
Croatia Benjamin Ramljak
43 V.205 Croatia Nebojša Ralević
Croatia Vatroslav Lubanović
Croatia Zvonko Martin
Croatia Sanjin Beg
Croatia Marko Gabelica
Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz
44 VI.973 Croatia Nebojša Ralević 11
45 V.128 Croatia Nebojša Ralević
Croatia Duško Žuža
Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz
46 V.128 Croatia Joso Forca 11
47 V.128 Poland Ariel Niepsuj 14
48 IV.48 Poland Ariel Niepsuj 9
49 IV.48 Italy Giuseppe Montalto 12
50 III.15 Croatia Aldo Katalenić 8
51 III.15 Croatia Leonardo Kršlović 8
52 III.15 Italy Giuseppe Montalto 9
53 III.15 Croatia Leonardo Kršlović
Portugal Lino José Gomes
54 III.15 Portugal Lino José Gomes 9
55 III.15 Croatia Vatroslav Lubanović 10
56 III.15 Israel Shmuel Erez 10
57 IV.23 Croatia Vatroslav Lubanović
Croatia Bruno Baf
58 V.48 Croatia Pero Žungul
Croatia Alojzije Dupor
Croatia Vladimir Stipaničev
Croatia Ljubivoje Vojnović
59 V.48 Croatia Alojzije Dupor 10
60 IV.48 Croatia Alojzije Dupor 12
61 V.48 Poland Sylvester Wojnowski 5
62 V.48 Liechtenstein Giorgio Castellano 10
63 V.48 Sweden Reinhold Mölerfeldt 10
64 IV.29 Argentina Manolo Gentil-Lloch 12 65 III.9 Serbia Dobroslav Doroslovački 11
66 III.9 Brazil Euricao Campelo 15
67 III.9 Brazil Euricao Campelo 16
68 II.4 Argentina Marcos Usuriaga 14

Series Top Scorers

Following Raiders/Farmers players won the titles of division top scorers:

Season Series Player(s) Number of goals
21 VI.436 USA Kevin Bernard 16
23 VI.436 Romania Gorun Patrascu 17
24 VI.436 Romania Gorun Patrascu
Germany Edgar Gräbitz
25 VI.436 Netherlands Joakim Brouwer 20
27 V.58 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 17
29 V.12 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 14
30 V.12 Turkey Yiğit Gizay 12
32 VI.433 Poland August Trocha 23
34 V.138 Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 17
36 V.138 Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 17
38 IV.12 Poland Baltazar Luzynski 13
49 IV.48 Italy Giuseppe Montalto 9
59 V.48 Croatia Alojzije Dupor 9
63 V.48 Sweden Reinhold Möllerfeldt 10
64 IV.29 Argentina Manolo Gentil-Lloch 12
66 III.9 Brazil Euricao Campelo 9
67 III.9 Brazil Euricao Campelo 12


Note: All games, both competitive and friendly are counted!
Note: Players still at club are marked bold, while members of Hall of Fame are marked italic
Note: Stats correct as of 20/02/2023

Top 20 Appearances

Number Player Number of appearances
1 Croatia Benjamin Ramljak 500
2 Croatia Vatroslav Lubanović 363
3 Croatia Nebojša Ralević 350
4 Croatia Dario Cakarun 324
5 Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz 312
6 Croatia Bruno Baf
Croatia Roland Mulc
8 Croatia Pero Žungul 254
9 Croatia Zoran Dobrila 253
10 Croatia Robert Jarni 244
11 Croatia Jadran Štuka 213
12 Croatia Vladimir Stipaničev 203
13 Croatia Vojko Vatovec 196
14 Liechtenstein Giorgio Castellano 171
15 Ecuador Erick Ron 170
16 Croatia Leonardo Kršlović 167
17 Uzbekistan Armen Dikranyan 146
18 Croatia Rafael Vukčević 162
19 Croatia Gašpar Kukec 157
20 Ukraine Pavlo Vykidaylo 155

Top 10 Goals

Number Player Number of goals
1 Croatia Nebojša Ralević 107
2 Italy Giuseppe Margolfo 104
3 Turkey Yiğit Gizay
Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz
5 Croatia Benjamin Ramljak 83
6 Ukraine Pavlo Vykidaylo 73
7 Germany Edgar Gräbitz 72
8 Croatia Vatroslav Lubanović 66
9 Poland August Trocha 65
10 Croatia Leonardo Kršlović 63

Team captains

Number Player Number of captaincies
1 Croatia Benjamin Ramljak 205
2 Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz 200
3 Uzbekistan Armen Dikranyan 149
4 Turkey Yigit Gizay 92
5 Croatia Bruno Baf 69
6 Croatia Vladimir Stipaničev 56
7 Bulgaria Anghel Ivanov 43
8 Croatia Dario Cakarun 38
9 Croatia Ratko Sedlić
Croatia Nebojša Ralević

Clean sheet Top 5

Number Player Number of clean sheets
1 Croatia Dario Cakarun 150
2 Croatia Gašpar Kukec 54
3 Spain Carlos Salaverri 33
4 Sweden Strahinja Petrović
Croatia Miro Bučar


# Seasons Coach
1 34 Chile Juan Carlos Hollstein
2 34-38 Belgium Davy Tonnaer
3 38-? Colombia Diego Javier Lahaye
4 ?-? Bulgaria Anghel Ivanov
5 ?-? Netherlands Stefano Sieraal
6 ?-? Sweden Strahinja Petrović
7 51-54 Israel Eliezer Yavin
8 54-62 Germany Olaf Erik Tomschitz
9 63-66 Croatia Nenad Božić
10 66-70 Croatia Dario Cakarun
11 70-71 Croatia Nebojša Ralević
12 71-78 Croatia Vladimir Stipaničev
13 79-82 Croatia Tarzan Čajkovski
14 83- Croatia Milivoj Piton