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Sparta Bramante
Saints Regia
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Season 49
Season 34-35

Season 36-37
Succeeded by
Monza F.C.
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Managed by MARCOGAVI
Club information
Location Lombardia Italia
Geographic areaEurope
StadiumGAV SIRO (75 001 seats)
Fan ClubFossa violaceleste ad minkiam
Team colours
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/4/37/368/367503/matchKitLarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/4/37/368/367279/matchKitLarge.png
Prize shelf
National Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNG

Division I.PNG Division I.PNG

Division II.PNG Division III.PNGDivision III.PNG

Division IV.PNGDivision IV.PNG Division V.PNGDivision V.PNG Division VI.PNGDivision VI.PNG
Youth Team
Team nameI Pipponi di MARCOGAVI
ArenaStadio delle pippe
Last update of this page was made 11.12.2013

SQUARTA PRAGA is the winner of 3 Coppa Italia (season 34, 35 and 49) and 2 Serie A championship (season 36 and 37).
The club was originally located in Milano, but changed region to Lombardia (12-01-2013).


The club holds a few records:

  • the highest number of victories in Coppa Italia history;
  • the first Italian team to win 4 national titles in a row (season 34-37);
  • they also took part in four Hattrick Masters consecutive editions;
  • It's the italian cup winner with the largest distance between two victories, winning cup season 35 and then 49 (after 14 seasons);
  • they made an incredible run from IV to top division and won the Serie A at first try.

Manager MARCOGAVI also lead Shqipëria U-20 national team to a historical qualification to II round.


GAV SIRO is the arena of SQUARTA PRAGA.

Total capacity: 75 001 seats
  • Terraces: 47 326
  • Basic seating: 18 825
  • Seats under roof: 6 900
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 1 950

 last improvement: 27-02-2008


Season Division Position Cup Hattrick Masters Trophies
53 II.3 2nd 12th round -
52 II.3 4th 3rd round -
51 II.3 3rd 9th round -
50 III.16 1st 12th round 4th round Division III.PNG
49 III.16 3rd 15th round
- National Cup.PNG
48 III.16 2nd 7th round -
47 III.16 2nd 6th round -
46 III.16 2nd 1st round -
45 III.16 1st 7th round - Division III.PNG
44 IV.3 1st 9th round - Division IV.PNG
43 IV.3 3nd 8th round 6th round
42 V.11 1st 12th round - Division V.PNG
41 IV.32 8th 1st round -
40 III.7 8th 1st round -
39 II.4 8th 2nd round -
38 Serie A 5th 5th round 1st round
37 Serie A 1st 5th round 2nd round Division I.PNG
36 Serie A 1st 10th round 1st round Division I.PNG
35 II.3 1st 15th round
3rd round National Cup.PNGDivision II.PNG
34 III.6 1st 15th round
- National Cup.PNGDivision III.PNG
33 IV.27 1st 7th round - Division IV.PNG
32 IV.27 3rd 3rd round -
31 IV.27 2nd 5th round -
30 V.82 1st 7th round - Division V.PNG
29 VI.746 1st 3rd round - Division VI.PNG
28 VI.746 1st 6th round - Division VI.PNG
27 VI.746 2th 3rd round -
26 VII.358 2nd 1st round -
25 VII.358 3rd - -
24 VII.358 6th - -