Scott Johnson

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Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson.png
Personal Information
Full Name Scott Johnson
Country  USA
Player ID (361620383)
Position Wingback
Number 9
Youth Club
Senior Club
Season 50 - USA LOAF'S LOAFS 20(0)

Scott Johnson is an American wingback currently playing for American team LOAF'S LOAFS. Scott was scouted for the LOAF'S LITTLE LOAFS youth academy and was called up at the tender age of 17.0 to make a difference on the pitch. That difference has yet to be seen.

He is currently 19 years old.

No. Nat Pos Player Total Series Cup
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
9 USA WB Steve Irvin 20 0 9 0 11 0

Early Career

As a LLL youth player, he anchored his team to 3 consecutive youth team Primavera championships, along with current senior squad player Darryl Wilks.

Transfer History

He has been a LOAFer all career long.


Scott Johnson hasn't been much of a force in his career. He averages less than 45 minutes per appearance, generally coming in for injuries and being used as a trainee during cup matches. This has never put his spirits down, however, and he is always looking to make a name for himself. In October 19th, 2012 his goal in a friendly vs. Iranian side forge was voted best goal of the month in USA soccer, as Scott carried the ball on the top of his foot and hopped on the other leg from midfield to the penalty box before feeding himself a header, which then hit the post and came right back to him as he put it in the net with his opposite foot. He trademarked this goal "The Reverse Boomerbeam" and has since copywrited the name, claiming royalties every time it is shown on TV, which has allowed him to pay rent in his penthouse apartment in Old City, Philadelphia.


Season By Season (For LOAF'S only)

No. Nat Pos Player Total Series Cup
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
51 USA WB Scott Johnson 9 0 3 0 6 0
50 USA WB Scott Johnson 11 0 6 0 5 0