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SkindFlash (429248)
Managed by Bar-ahmaral
Club information
LocationMinas Gerais Brasil
ArenaColiseu de Zunthor
Fan ClubThe BirdSlayers

SkindFlash is a Hattrick club from the region of Minas Gerais, in Brasil. The team was created on 10/06/2004 and is managed by BAR-Ahmaral.

Skind, as the club fans call it, is known for revealling and training great forward prospects. The club's trainning program prioritizes the development of scoring and passing skills.

Given it's offensive game style, SkindFlash's most common formation is 3-4-3. Occasionally, the team also uses a more defensive 4-3-3 formation, combined with counter attack tactics.

The team is currently playing in the brazilian 4th division, at the IV.32 league.

Trophy Case

So far, SkindFlash has won the following titles:

Top Players

These players will be forever remembered by the fans as part of the club's history:

Team History

HT-Season League Standing Copa do Brasil Copa do Copo
23 VI.501 3rd place N/A 10th place
24 VI.501 Champion 3rd round Quarter-finals
25 V.229 3rd place 3rd round Champion
26 V.229 Champion 6th round Quarter-finals
27 IV.32 4th place 5th round Group Stage
28 IV.32 6th place 5th round Champion
29 IV.32 4th place 4th round Group Stage


  • The club's first match was an away friendly game against Vilão-BM (428970), and the performance was a total disaster. Using 4-3-3 and counter attack, Skind lost 6-0.