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Spades Football Club es un club Panameño de Hattrick establecido en el Pueblo Spada en Panama, Panamá. El club juega en la LPF (60151), Spades FC logró ganar la II.2 (60173), pasó rapidamente la III.14 (60189), además ganó 2 veces la IV.8 (76423) y la V.66 (116969). Ha sido finalista de la Copa del Istmo [4] en la Temporada 22.


Primeros Pasos

First up to Nine season (V.57 - V.130 - IV.39)

The Club was originally founded in Bocas del Toro as Club Bocas del Toro on September 26, 2004. It began in the IV.57 (76472) and obtained 2 times the 7th place. In the 3rd season Club Bocas del Toro obtained last place with only 3 points. There were a lot of problems in the institution up to the arriving of Rocket_blue24. Rocket_blue24 was the first chairman of the club. He took the lead of the club on June 13, 2005 and changed the name of the team to Los Jaguares F.C..

Rocket_blue24 got the 4th place of the IV.57 on his first season obtaining 21 points. He leaved the club and ElisitaX was announced as the second chairman on September 15, 2005. ElisitaX decided to change the name of the club again to AznGurls. The club qualified for first time to the Copa del Istmo in the 5th season and was knocked out in the 3rd round. The club got 3rd place on season 5. After that AznGurls never got a better position. In season 7 the club finished 7 place and has been relegated to V.130 (117033). The next season AznGurls got first place and was promoted to IV.39 (76454). In season 9 the club finished 6th place and the chariman ElisitaX called a new president election.

Previous owners
Spades FC
Escudo Spades.png
HT User: rafa_20
Nombre Completo Spades Football Club (614973)
Fundación 30 de Abril de 2007 (as Katotsu FC)
Ubicación Panama Panama, Panamá
Patrocionadors Comunidad Panameña de Hattrick [1], Nike
Estadio David de la Serna [2]
Capacidad 90,000
Fanaticada 3,663 HansJarle FanClub [3]
Trofeos Division II.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision IV.PNGDivision IV.PNGDivision V.PNG
Mánager Panama Rafael Alejandro Franceschi
Entrenador Norway Jerzy Pająk (137512088)
Liga Panama LPF (60151)
Season Club Position Division Cup Round
1 Panama Club Bocas del Toro 7th IV.57
2 Panama Club Bocas del Toro 7th IV.57
3 Panama Club Bocas del Toro 8th IV.57
4 Panama Los Jaguares F.C. 4th IV.57
5 Panama AznGurls 3rd IV.57 3
6 Panama AznGurls 5th IV.57 3
7 Panama AznGurls 7th IV.57 2
8 Panama AznGurls 1st V.130 3
9 Panama AznGurls 6th IV.39 3

Katotsu Era

Ten and Eleven season (IV.39 - V.66)

On April 30, 2007 Rafael Alejandro Franceschi won the president election of the club and promised many changes and new trophies. The club was re-named Katotsu FC and the Stadium was renamed as Capra Park. Paolo Bustos (160305652) joined the club as the Head Coach.

The adventure on IV.39 (76454) began with one tie against KrazyGhost F.C. (614858) 0-0 [5] the only point Katotsu FC achieved that season. They met ciberspain (937535) (IV.39 rival) for first and last time, it was an excited game 2-3 [6]. Rafael was a non-experienced chairman so the club was relegated to V.66 (116969). That was the second time the club was relegated. In V division Katotsu FC got 39 points and was promoted to IV.8 (76423).

The first EJEA of the club and the first loss against a bot

Katotsu Fc vs Deportivo San Blas (937628) 1-2 [7]

Twelve to Fifthteen season(IV.8)

A good begining for the team on first season, they ended on 4th place with 24 points. Atlético de Madrid S.A.D (614854) did it perfectly and won the 14 matches.

Difficult time for Katotsu FC, 3 consecutives seasons they finished on 6th place, not close to relegation but a bad perfomance on all the league. It was clearly, the league wasnt the best, no one of the 3 last champions could made it to III.

Season by Season
Season Club Position Division Cup Round
10 Panama Katotsu FC 8th IV.39 2
11 Panama Katotsu FC 1st V.66 3
12 Panama Katotsu FC 4th IV.8 3
13 Panama Katotsu FC 6th IV.8 3
14 Panama Katotsu FC 6th IV.8 3
15 Panama Katotsu FC 6th IV.8 3

Spades Era

Sixteen & Seventeen season (IV.8)

Eighteen season to present(III.14 - II.2)

Season by Season
Season Club Position Division Cup Round
16 Panama Spades FC 1st IV.8 6
17 Panama Spades FC 1st IV.8 5
18 Panama Spades FC 1st III.14 7
19 Panama Spades FC ? II.2 4


First-team squad

As of 23 Jan 2010

No. Position Player
1 Panama GK Daniel Velázquez
2 Netherlands CD Gerd Barthel
3 Panama CD Víctor Campos
4 Panama CD Yamir Archundia
5 Panama WB Patricio Dávalos (Captain)
6 Finland IM Jani Adolfsson
7 Oceania IM Stanley Franze
8 Netherlands IM Lance Poortman
9 Norway FW Nils Nymo
10 Norway IM Ivar Nesheim
11 Bulgaria FW Ferenc Farkasházy
12 Bulgaria FW Konstantin Vasilev
No. Position Player
13 Netherlands FW Almar Deen
14 Poland W Jerzy Pająk
15 Germany W Robert Kolck
16 Iceland CD Ingvar Gunnleifsson
17 Czech Republic W Erik Strejc
18 Panama CD Narciso Coronado
19 Panama WB David Viera
20 Brazil CD Rafael Franceschi
22 Panama GK Baldomero Ruiz
31 Uruguay IM Rodrigo Poy
32 Netherlands S Feddo van der Looi
35 Finland E1 Matti Kalske

Youth-team squad

As of 23 Jan 2010

No. Position Player
5 Panama WB Nicolás Armada
6 Panama IM Pedro Sánchez
7 Panama FW Octavio Contreras
8 Panama IM Juan Casanova
9 Panama FW Jacobo Alonso
11 Panama FW Jorge Luis Valbuena
12 Panama W Guadalupe Alarcón
13 Panama IM Daniel Moreno
No. Position Player
14 Panama IM Edgar Benítez
15 Panama CD Fernando Andrade
16 Panama IM Heriberto Orlaineta
17 Panama IM Ulises De la Concha
18 Panama CD Alfredo Lira
22 Panama CD Clemente Viscaíno (Captain)
24 Panama CD Francisco Godínez
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