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There are four Special Awards listed as follows:

Achievement Points How Common
Ach 17.png Nasty Squad 15 ~ 1160 teams
Ach 19.png Nice Squad 15 ~ 1220 teams
Ach 18.png Honest Squad 15 ~ 1070 teams
Ach 20.png Dishonest Squad 15 ~ 1100 teams

Squad Achievements

These four squad achievements focus on your team's character. The agreeability and honesty of your entire squad including the trainer has to match an average before you get the achievement. An example explains the working method: Let's say you want the special award: Dishonest squad. We have to focus now on all your players honesty. This is the tree with the values attached:

   - Infamous (0)
   - Dishonest(1)
   - Honest (2)
   - Upright (3)
   - Righteous (4)

An example squad contains

17 infamous guys (17 * 0) = 0
3 dishonest guys (3 * 1) = 3
That makes a total of : 3 
This divided by the amount of players = 20 
(3/20) = 0.15 average (Good for dishonest squad)

This is the average concept for all of the special awards. Teams have reached the achievements with limits under 0.25 from the extreme personality.

An average of less than 0.25 (dishonest squad) or more than 3.75 (honest squad) seems to be the general guideline for getting the achievement. However, these values are simply an estimate. It is impossible to know the exact value because it varies depending on hidden sub levels much like other hattrick denominations. There are some instances of teams not getting the achievement with a calculated value under the 0.25 limit and also many instances of teams getting the achievements with averages over the 0.25 guideline. One team managed to get Nice Squad with an average of only 3.574 and Nasty Squad with an average of 0.320. Another team achieved Dishonest Squad with an average of 0.340. Both of these teams had 50 or close to 50 total players.

  • You need to fulfill the above on the economic update in order to be rewarded with these achievements.
  • It is possible to get 2 of the 4 personality special awards at the same time (for example nice & dishonest squad).
  • There are no achievements for aggressiveness; teams with only tranquil or fiery players didn't obtain an achievement.
  • You need at least 11 players.

Recently a new feature for supporters has been implemented on the match preview page that tells the average agreeability and honesty of each team. It is a great tool for achievement hunters to see their current team averages before the economic update occurs. The levels on this page are always up to date and can be checked immediately after buying or selling a player. Note however that this feature does not seem to include the coach in the troop average, and adding a few more players to compensate for your coaches personality, unless already same as the achievement you strive for, will be necessary. This is reflected in the match page listing a number of players on your team which is 1 less than that of you team's player page which includes also the coach.

Zero expenses

The achievement Team has 0 expenses was removed in August 2009. The reason is that it was impossible to achieve for teams older than 1 week. A new team was able to get this achievement after the first economic update if no money was spent during their first week in the game because wages are paid for the upcoming week, not the previous one. After the first economic update it was no longer possible because there is no way to avoid paying the coach's wage.

Three times in the history of Hattrick there has been a wage free week in the offseason. During these weeks some teams had demolished their stadiums, removed their youth academies, fired their staff, and did not spend any money at all. The four teams known to have done this are: Kawasaki Tigers, The Xens, Logobago, and Inquisidor.