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Pirkanmaa-Federaatio (Pife) (27887)
Pirkanmaa-Federaatio logo
Chief Officer xjuice
Founding date 04-08-2005
Members 50 (on 06-08-06)
Languages Finnish Swedish English

Pirkanmaa-Federaatio (Pirkanmaa-Federation) is a federation aimed at all hattrickers from Pirkanmaa province, Finland. All users from Pirkanmaa and Tampere regions are approved without any fuss. Other Pirkanmaa fans are also welcome. The meaning of the federation is to help Hattrick teams in Pirkanmaa to develop and to success. Members can join in their home municipality or district membership.

The federation organizes every season official regional cup of Pirkanmaa, Pirkkacup. The winner of this cup gains the right to represent Pirkanmaa in Aluemestareiden Cup.

Pirkanmaa-Federaatio is represented in Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto (Finnish Regional Federations Union) by the chief officer xjuice.

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