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Swamp Donkeys FC is a team in the USA. The manager is vikingcliff, who started the team on December 9th, 2006. Currently SDFC is in V.214 for the 5th consecutive time and plays home games at The Swamp in Olympia, Washington. Their youth team is Half Assed FC and plays in the GMC youth system.

Swamp Donkeys FC (225729)
Logo Swamp Donkeys FC.png
Managed by vikingcliff
Club information
Short name SDFC
LocationWashington USA
Current position4th
Last season4th
ArenaThe Swamp
CoachFinland Ossi Vainikka
Fan ClubThe Donkeys
FoundedDecember 9th, 2006


Swamp Donkeys FC has been around for many seasons, although they have enjoyed little success. The history of the first 14 seasons was put together from the manager's memory and information from press announcements. Starting in Season 45, when this page was created, the history is much more detailed and accurate.

The Beginning - Seasons 31-33

SDFC was founded two days before the first league match of Season 31 as Askur Yggdrasils. They played matches in Mjolnir Arena, located in Alabama, and competed in VI.481. The coach of vikingcliff's first squad has been lost to history. That first match ended as a 0-0 draw, and they proceeded to lose nine and win four of the remaining league matches, which meant Askur Yggdrasils finished in sixth place in their opening season.

They continued to do poorly in the next seasons. The lack of success can be attributed to vikingcliff's lack of management. He didn't get interested in Hattrick when he first joined, and only occasionally logged in and did anything for his team.

Supporter - Season 34

In Season 34, the club became known as Jotunheim FK and began to play in a new arena, Ymir Vettvangur, in California. Based on data from historical press announcements, the coach during that time was Camaiani (first name unknown).

This season marked a shift, as either at the beginning of that season or sometime during Season 33, vikingcliff became a Supporter. Success was still limited though, since despite vikingcliff putting more time into Hattrick, he spent most of it playing with Supporter features rather than learning how the game worked. He did however manage to get a new record high finish of second place in VI.481.

As vikingcliff started joining federations, he began to organize federation cups. This would be the start of a long 'career' as a Cup Manager, something he continues to do to this day. The list of federations he has organized cups for (in all seasons, not just season 34) is CHELSEA FC FEDERATION, AC Milan, AC Milan HT Federation, Chelsea FC, Flag Chasers Community, Logo Designers Hattrick, and The General Managers Club (where he is the current organizer).

New Name, Again - Season 35

In the search for an identity that vikingcliff really liked, the team was again renamed - this time to F.C. Thunderbird. They move to Washington State and played in Tseiqami Stadium. During this season they participated (for the second time?) in the CHELSEA FC FEDERATION Cup, where they reached the final, but disappointingly lost 5-1. Also during the season, they owned a national team player: Nassim Ali, a keeper for the brand new Qatar. In the US Open Cup, they reached the second round for the first time ever, and in the league, they once again finished second.

SDFC - Seasons 36-40

Division VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNG
The team finally got a permanent name in Season 36 - Swamp Donkeys FC. They continued to play in Washington, but renamed their arena The Swamp, the name it still bears. It was during this time period, in historical press announcements, that Carl Goodwin was first mentioned as a coach, although it is unknown when exactly he took on this title. During that season, they finished first in the league for the first time, and were promoted to V.54.

In the next four seasons, SDFC bounced back and forth between divisions five and six, getting crushed in dV and being very dominant in dVI. Finally in Season 40, almost exactly three years after first joining Hattrick, vikingcliff led Swamp Donkeys FC to their third league title and promotion to V.214, where they have stayed since then. That season was especially remarkable since in addition to a perfect (14-0-0) record in the league, SDFC was not scored upon once. They scored 117 goals for a goal difference of +117.

Other important achievements were that in Season 38, SDFC finally won a cup - the Chelsea FC Cup - with a 4-1 victory, and that in Season 39, the season in which long serving forward Ossi Vainikka became coach, they reached the third round of the US Open Cup, which is still their record cup run (they have tied it twice since then).

Additionally, the current logo of Swamp Donkeys FC was made during this time period.

The Modern Era - Seasons 41-44

Season 41 marked SDFC's first time in V.214, which they are still in. The history during this time period is rather dull, as they finished 6th, then 5th, then 3rd, and last season finished 4th. They still couldn't get past the third round of the US Open Cup. With the rest of their midweek games, SDFC got into flag chasing (something they had done earlier, but did more during these seasons). They had a host in Pakistan and still have one in Costa Rica. Their defense training has been reasonably successful, giving them money to improve the squad, but not enough to break into the fourth division yet.

The more interesting history during these four seasons is off the field. Manager vikingcliff became Lead Concept Designer of Flag Chasers Community, the second largest Hattrick federation. He rebuilt the federation - he changed the offices, restructured the forum, and added multiple new competitions - in an effort to improve the activity and boost the long declining membership. The changes were mildly successful for a while, but he was putting in too much effort compared to the level of activity. Eventually vikingcliff didn't have enough time to run FCC and he stepped down as the leader.

Around the same time he became leader of FCC, he became the 100th member of The General Managers Club. As he started spending less and less time in Flag Chasers Community and Logo Designers Hattrick, he spent more and more time in the GMC. Despite having many fewer members than LDH or FCC, the activity was astounding - it is certainly the most active federation vikingcliff has been a part of, and may be the most active in all of Hattrick. After competing in the second GMC Cup, he started organizing it in its third edition (Season 42), and has continued to do so.

During these four seasons, flag chasing, organzing cups and other competitions, and general forum chatter were more interesting than the actual results of SDFC, although vikingcliff still worked on improving the team. The majority of his time on Hattrick, though, was on the forums.

Current Season


No. Position Player
1 Italy GK Massimo Fellini
3 Chile MF Luis Rosas
4 Italy MF Fabrizio Macagni
5 France MF Abdelhamid Louridi
7 Switzerland MF Daniele Marasca
8 Spain MF Benet Galvany
10 Germany FW Harald Georg Westermeier
11 USA FW Darío Tabares
12 Germany MF Jan Lawitschka
13 Germany GK Niklas Wendl
14 Sweden FW Mark Karlbeck
16 Germany MF Sebastian Arx
18 Slovenia FW Emil Hartman
No. Position Player
21 Finland * Ossi Vainikka
23 Italy MF Simone Chiezzi Porrini
30 Bulgaria DF Todor Penchev
31 Moldova DF Vitalie Ivaniuc
32 Italy DF Gian Piero Righi
33 Norway DF Ola Haraldsen
34 Czech Republic DF Jan Schober
35 Denmark DF Andre Buhl
36 Italy DF Fabio Visona
37 Italy DF Carlo Maria Giacopello
38 Italy DF Antonio Di Natale
39 USA DF Bud Blount
40 France DF Nicolas Baudino

*Player is coach


After finishing 4th in V.214 in Season 44, SDFC looks to improve to at least 3rd place for Season 45. In the first three weeks (and therefore last three as well) of the season, they played what should be their three toughest opponents. The middle eight weeks of the season will hopefully be an easier stretch and an opportunity to make up for dropped points. Montana Wilderness, however, might be tougher than originally predicted.

After a disappointing loss in the season's league opener, SDFC came back to tie TraxData, the five-time league winner. In the last of their tough early matches, they got another point with a 0-0 tie, leaving them in 6th place. The next week they got their first win of the season, against a team who recently lost their manager, with a 6-0 drubbing of Gallons, which moved them up to 5th place. The following week, they got a 10-0 victory, their biggest league win since Season 40, and only their fifth time hitting double digits in a match. SDFC got two more wins to end the first half of the season in fourth place. They currently have a four league game win streak and have outscored their opponents 26-2, which is more goals for than they managed throughout the whole of last season.

US Open Cup

Once again, SDFC had an awful national cup run. After a promising 11-0 victory in round 1, they were beaten 2-1 by a much worse team. Unfortunately, vikingcliff overestimated how bad his opponent was and played a squad that was far too weak. It was their seventh time getting knocked out in the second round.

The GMC Cup VI

Swamp Donkeys FC will take part for the second time in the GMC Cup starting in week 8. Previously, they participated in the second edition, where they finished first in their group before going out in the Round of 16. This will be the first time they have played in and organized the GMC Cup in the same season.

They were drawn into Group G:

Group G Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Oceania Auckland FC New Boys 1 1 0 0 5 1 +4 3
England Genie United 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
USA Swamp Donkeys FC 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0
England The Identity Shakers 1 0 0 1 1 5 −4 0