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The picture on your team page. Each user can upload his own logo on the Hattrick server or place an external link to a picture on the Internet. Only Hattrick Supporters can place a logo on their team page.


The picture has to be in .gif-, .png- or .jpeg-format and should have a maximum size of 210x260 pixels. While these extents are not mandatory, larger logos will be rescaled. Hattrick itself hosts pictures up to a filesize of 50 KB.

The name and logo policy states that no offensive, insulting, derogatory or discriminating names/logos (to group or other), including racist, fascist and terror org. symbols and similar are allowed. Also sexually explicit content, including nudity, semi-nudity or sexually provocative posesis forbidden. People should be decently dressed. And no promotion of criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances.


There exists several styles of logos, and all are often seen in hattrick:

  • real world football badges: Some hattrick clubs have named themselves after real world football clubs, thus wanting to show their supportership towards them. Consequently, most make use of the real world club badge, or (slight) variations of it.
  • handdrawn pictures: In protest against logomakers, or just because it is funny, some people have decided to show a graphic drawn with Microsoft Paint, which can be done in a few seconds and needs no graphical skills. The most renowned creator of this style is Xanderstars
  • sexy girls: some managers display pictures, badges or even animations which show girls with nearly nothing on them. While nudity is not allowed in hattrick, sexy pictures (hiding the important parts) will be tolerated. Some managers even change their logo twice a week.
  • special design: most people use logos made for them by designers of the various logo design federations. There exist all kinds of logos, round or shield shaped, any colour, with almost any type of graphic included. Designers tend to have personal type of style, and some have made a large number of supporters because of that.

Where to get?[edit]

Managers are able to use the services of voluntary logo designer teams, such as Logos For Hattrick (the biggest Logo-Community there is), Logo-Førerne (the largest Logo-federation in Hattrick - danish/scandinavian only) or others.

Also the logo tread on the Global (English) forum might be usefull for anyone looking for a logo.