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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes Hattrick Supporter as a manager's feature. For other uses of Supporter, see Supporter (disambiguation)

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Users that are Hattrick Supporters may support other users. This make several features avaliable to them:

  • When a user supports another user, he or she will get notified whenever that user logs in to Hattrick.
  • When writing a Press announcement all users that supports the author recieves a notification about the announcement.
  • When writing a Newsletter in the HT Mail all users that supports the author recieves the mail.
  • Under Tools / Supporters in the Hattrick menu, users can view their supported teams as well as the teams that support them. Here they can also see the last game played and the current position in the league for the teams they support.

Initially up to eight teams can be supported, plus an additional team for each season the user stay on as a supporter.

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