U.S. Cup Championship

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U.S. Cup Championship is a part of the U.S. Champions' Cup series, the USCC crowns a fourth national championship each Hattrick season. The tournament is played during weeks 14-16. Regional and federation cup champions face off for club and regional glory.


  • Season 31: - The Colonels (224230)
  • Season 32: - UTD Assassins (224429)
  • Season 33: - One Striker (223007)
  • Season 34 - full.tilt (224569)
  • Season 35 - Hyland's 11 (952292) England

Past & Present Regional/Federation Participants

ANCHOR Cup (North Carolina), Buckeye Cup (Ohio), Commonwealth Cup (Virginia), Dixie Cup (Alabama), GOAL Upstate Cup (Gathering of the Adirondacks League), Land of Lincoln Cup (Chicago/Illinios), MACHO (Mid-Atlantic Coalition of Hattrick Owners) Fed Cup, Major League Soccer (MLS Fed Open Cup), Michigan Cup, New England Open Cup, Oklahoma Cup, Peachtree Cup (Atlanta), Peanut Cup (Georgia), SNAFU Fed Cup (Somewhat Northwest American Football Union), Sunshine Cup (Florida), Tex-Con Fed Cup (TX-Consortium Cup), Volunteer State Cup (Tennessee).


By winning a first round match, competitors earn their region/fed a spot in the following season's U.S. Champion's Premier Cup.

USCC Bracket

  First Round
   Team1 0  
   Team2 0    
     Semifinalist1 0  
   Semifinalist2 0  
   Team3 0
   Team4 0    
     Finalist1 0
       Finalist2 0
   Team5 0
   Team6 0    
     Semifinalist3 0
   Semifinalist4 0  
   Team7 0
   Team8 0