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The correct title of this page is artie. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

artie is coaching the team Robmasters. He first heard of Hattrick back in 2003 when a classmate was trying to persuade him into signing up for a team. This did however not convince him, but when reading an article in the daily newspaper Expressen he was finally hooked. In July 2003, after approximatley three months wait, artie got his team. His classmate soon got tired of Hattrick and ended his career while doing his military service, but rumours has it that he couldn't stand the shame of seeing artie quickly becoming more succesful than himself.


When artie writes on the Hattrick conference, or when someone is writing about him, there are a couple of exceptions from the normal grammar regulations that should be followed.

Capital A[edit]

The name "artie" shall never be written with a capital A - not even when it comes first in a sentence. Normally there are exceptions which confirmes the rules, but in this case there are no exceptions whatsoever. Certain people would probably claim that "artie" always should be written with a capital A, because it's a name, but artie is of the opinion that "artie" is a symbol for his name, which can be expressed with letters.


Since "artie" is not a name, but a symbol, normal rules when it comes to suffixes are not applied. When it comes to genitive, for example, it's not possible to add an "s" to the symbol. Instead, it is preferred to refrase the sentence to something like "the thing that belongs to artie".

Third person[edit]

When artie is talking about himself, he can choose to refer to himself as first or third person. Never second, though. Wheter artie can choose to talk about himself in plural is not clear since he never has tried, but there should be no legal jurisdiction that forbidds him.

De Fantastiska Fyra[edit]

artie is, together with attif, big_T and naxon, a part of the volontary underground movement "De Fantastiska Fyra (DFF)". artie has taken a role as the intelligent expert who has an answer on everything and sees himself as a mentor for the other members. In this federation (which can't be an official federation due to too few members) artie is perhaps most well-known for being chairman of the cruise committee which was founded by big_T before the first annual Helsinki Risteily. The other members think that artie made a tremendous effort and made following comments about the trip:

Thanks for a wonderful journey. - big_T
No one else could have done it better. - mallot
I've got a long, skinny stick. - attif

Hattrick Stockholm[edit]

artie is playing football in the team Hattrick Stockholm, in The Swedish Association of Inter-Company Athletics. He has no fixed position but changes between offence and defence, even though he is a natural born midfielder. A couple of times he has also played as a goalkeeper and perhaps it was as a goalkeeper he did his best performance when he kept a clean sheet in the opening game against Krambjörnarna.