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The correct title of this page is big_T. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

big_T is coaching the team Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club (LSFC). He signed up for the current team November 25 2002 14:52:36. But it started long before that


DJ Torulf[edit]

December 23 2001 a team named Lokomotiv Skogen Football Club with team-ID 10376 showed up at hattrick. The owner was no one less than DJ Torulf. It was season 14. Under a short period in the clubs history the name was the Föls but it got changed pretty quick. The first period in LSFC's history is fuzzy, all we know is that DJ Torulf was accused of cheating together with Stjup Rovers (owner stjup) and Peedy (owner peedy). That was not true but the GameMasters didn't believe us. I believe that the lose of the team came with some weeks left in the 17th season of hattrick.


November 25 2002 a guy named big_T signs up to have a new hattrick team. The team was first named Lokomotiv Skogen because the FC-part was already taken but when the old team disappeared the FC-part was added on to the teamname and it still is the full name of the team.


big_t has been a member of several federations. Here he will tell you about the most important.

De Fantastiska Fyra (DFF)[edit]

big_T is, together with attif, artie and mallot, a part of the voluntary underground movement "De Fantastiska Fyra (DFF)". big_T has taken a role as the rich bitch who has an economical answer over everything and everyone and sees himself as a piggybank for the other members. In this federation (which can't be an official federation due to too few members) big_T is perhaps most well-known as the founder of the cruise committee and to designate artie as the chairman of the same committee before the first annual Helsinki Risteily.

The Cloak Room[edit]

big_T is a former member of The Cloak Room federation. He was one of seven? members who got the so called last warning. The main goal of the cloak room was to have a place where honest people could say whatever they wanted to without getting a ban.

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