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Oman FC
Oman FC
Team Facts
Team ID: 1799161
Country:  Oman
Region: Masqat
Arena: Oman National Stadium
Fan Club: The Lions
Supporters: 475 (on 17/07/2009)
The Manager
Avatar: Assim Avatar.jpg
HT-Username: Assim
Gender: Male
Nationality:  Oman
Joined: 02-22-2007
Prize Shelf
Series Champion II.2 Season 7 Series Champion II.2 Season 10 Series Champion II.2 Season 11

Oman FC is a Hattrick team based in Masqat (Oman). it was established on the 28th of February 2007 by Assim Al-Marhuby (Alias: Assim).


Assim is an Omani manager and the owner of Oman FC. He was also a former GameMaster, Moderator and Hattrick Press Editor. Assim founded Oman Federation and is currently the President.

About Assim

Assim Al-Marhuby was born on the 11th of July 1991, and he is living in Muscat, Oman.
After hearing a lot about Hattrick from people, he wanted to join in Oman but couldn't find it in the list, so after a while when Oman was introduced in Hattrick, Assim decided to join Hattrick and named his team Oman FC.

Oman Federation

Oman Federation is Oman's most important federation, it's a place where Omani NT/U20 staff discuss different aspects of developing Oman. Assim is the president of Oman Federation and is also the founder.

Challenge Federation

Assim is the Vice-President of the Challenge Federation and in charge of the Challenge Federation's website

National Team Oman

Assim was appointed as the national coach of Oman in season 40 (Oman season 10) after winning the elections with 6 out of 6 votes which is 100% of the votes, and ended his time as coach after resigning at the end of season 41 (Oman season 11).

Arabian Peninsular Cup

Assim is the cup organizer for the Arabian Peninsular Cup which is a national team tournament.

Hattrick Community

The Hattrick Community is the best part in Hattrick, and Assim made lots of friends from many of the Hattrick countries. It seems that Hattrick isn't just a game, after all.

As a Hattrick Staff

Assim worked as a Hattrick staff starting as an Editor on the 23rd of September 2008, then as a Moderator on the 3rd of February 2009, and then as a GameMaster on the 28th of January 2010. Assim stepped down as a Hattrick staff member on October 2010 after working as a staff member for 2 years. Assim then rejoins on the 24th of May 2011 but steps down again a month later on the 26th of June 2011 due to the lack of free time.

GameMaster Duties

Assim was appointed as a GameMaster on the 28th of January 2010, and was in charge of some Asian and African countries. On October 2010, Assim decided to step down from his position as a GM and as a Hattrick Staff. He rejoins again on May 2011 but steps down in June 2011.

Moderator Duties

Assim was appointed as a Moderator on the 3rd of February 2009 and is a Moderator for 15 countries which are: Oman, Al Iraq, Al Kuwayt, Al Urdun, Al Yaman, Bahrain, Dawlat Qatar, Lubnan, Saudi Arabia, Suriyah, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.

Editor Duties

Assim is also a Hattrick Press Editor since the 23th of September 2008 with the other first batch of editors. He's also in charge of Hattrick Press of Oman and some deals with other Arabic countries.

Season Table

Current Team (Team ID: 2021107)

Global Season Oman Season My Season Series Place Cup Round Promotion / Relegation
49 19 19 III.5 1st Not participated

Previous Team (Team ID: 1799161)

Global Season Oman Season My Season Series Place Cup Round Promotion / Relegation
48 18 18 II.1 3th Round 5 (Round of 32)
47 17 17 II.1 3th Round 5 (Round of 32)
46 16 16 II.1 4th Round 5 (Round of 32)
45 15 15 II.1 4th Round 5 (Round of 32)
44 14 14 II.1 2nd Round 4 (Round of 16)
43 13 13 Al-Dawry Al-Omani 7th Round 1 (Round of 128) Relegated to II.1
42 12 12 Al-Dawry Al-Omani 5th Round 5 (Quarter-final) Won qualification and not relegated
41 11 11 II.3 1st Round 4 (Round of 16) Won qualification and promoted
40 10 10 II.3 1st Round 6 (Semi-final) Lost qualification and not promoted
39 9 9 II.3 2nd Round 1 (Round of 128)
38 8 8 Al-Dawry Al-Omani 7th Round 5 (Quarter-final) Relegated to II.3
37 7 7 II.2 1st Round 5 (Quarter-final) Won qualification and promoted
36 6 6 II.2 2nd Round 4 (Round of 16)
35 5 5 II.2 4th Round 4 (Round of 16)
34 4 4 II.2 2nd Round 3 (Round of 32)
33 3 3 II.2 3rd Round 3 (Round of 32)
32 2 2 II.2 5th Round 3 (Round of 32) Won qualification and not relegated
31 1 1 II.2 6th Not participated Won qualification and not relegated


Oman FC has had many records over the seasons, some are national while some are globally recognised.

Hattrick's most supported teams, 17 July 2009
9th Most Supported Team: Oman FC only had 51 supporters on the 8th of July 2009 which made it Oman's top supported team. Oman FC was looking to become one of the most supported teams of Hattrick, supporters from all over the world came to support Oman FC. On the 11th of July 2009, Oman FC was the 15th most supported team of Hattrick with 317 supporters. Two days later, it was the 13th of July 2009, Oman FC had 388 supporters and was Hattrick's 13th supported team. Oman FC went 3 steps higher in after three days and became the 10th most supported team of Hattrick by the 16th of July 2009 with 465 supporters. Oman FC decided to stop it's journey of collecting supportings by the 17th of July 2009, but even though, Oman FC went a step higher and was Hattrick's 9th most supported team with 475 supporters during that day, but Oman FC didn't continue after that and decided to stop right there.
Oman's most supported teams, 29 March 2010
Oman's Most Supported Team: Even though Oman FC were the 9th most supported team in Hattrick back in July 2009, Oman FC were at the same time the most supported team in Oman. Apart of that, the number of supporter decreased since that time but still, Oman FC were still the most supported team in Oman.
Oman's top achievers, 29 March 2010
Oman's Top Achiever: Assim was Oman's top achiever for a long time after having interest in achievement hunting. By the 29th of March 2010, Assim had 511 achievement points with 27 out of 30 achievements.
Oman's largest arenas, 5 April 2010
Oman's Largest Arena: Oman National Stadium, Oman FC's stadium is Oman's largest stadium with 125,000 seats since the end of Oman's season 7.
Oman's wealthiest teams, 19 May 2009
Oman's Wealthiest Team: On the 19th of May 2009, Oman FC was Oman's wealthiest team of Oman with a cash fund of 10 525 634 rial which is equivalent to 21 051 268 euros. Oman FC was the first Omani team to have more than 10 million rials (20 million euros) in the bank, and was the richest team of Oman at that time.

Hattrick News Appearances

New Moderator appointed (03-07-2009)

Al-Salam Alykom,

We are proud to announce the appointment of a new Moderator for the Arabic countries: Assim, whose team promoted to the top league of Oman this season and who is also the current Top Achiever of his country, was already appointed as an Editor before, and agreed on joining the Moderating Staff recently.

We are convinced he will be helpful and righteous on the forums and can contribute to make them a place where everyone likes to pass by for information, participate in constructive discussions or just have a good time.

Welcome, Mod-Assim!!!

The Arabic Staff

Oman is calling you! (03-01-2010)

To all the fans of the Omani Reds! Come on in and support the Oman U20 Team and the Oman National Team. What would the teams do without their fans' support, so come and show your passion by posting in the Oman forum.

In the last U20 World Cup Qualification campaign, U20 coach kingmiha had a successful campaign after giving Oman an honorable 4th place in the U20 World Cup XIII Qualifications. So why not show your support and help coach kingmiha repeat his achievement again in this season's U20 World Cup XIV Qualifications, and let's prove it to the world that small countries can do it too.

On the other hand, the Omani National Team led by GM-Assim is going to participate in the Arabian Peninsular Cup II along with UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, and Bahrain. For more information on the Arabian Peninsular Cup, just check the thread in the Oman forum, and remember to show your support. To check out the status of the tournament, check the official thread on Global (English).

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