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Ciuffo-fisc (11147581)
Manager of Express Road (1919424)
Manager Information
Gender Male
LocationLazio Italia
Joined 14-12-2010
Favourite team Internazionale
Manager Career
Best Result II
International Career U-20 NT Italia coach
Last update of this page was made 1.06.2020

Ciuffo-fisc is an Italian manager.



Ciuffo founded three clubs in Italy, two closed for questionable activities with his fedeeration, the Expert Ciuffo club (1521806.

After a ban with his first club Ciuf Ciuf, he restarted with Express Ciuffo from series X (24/08/2007) and gained the III division.
Banned again in November 2011, he then founded Express Road, his third club. With the new team he becomes Coppa Italia champion twice, reaches series II, and started a career as national team coach.

Other Clubs

NT Coach

He took the lead of Italia U-20 national team, but his best result is with NT Malta, Bronze Medal in World Cup.


Ciuffo was Italia U-20 national team coach from 01-02-2013 to 09-09-2013 in U-20 World Cup XIX. Italy fail to qualify to Norwigian WC.

Assistant coach for:


22 (31) 736 (983)


Ciuffo founded a federation, the FISC (Federazione Italiana sostenitori di Ciuffo), collecting fans from all around Italy.

FISC Youtube videos (samples):