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Hattrick International
Flag of Hattrick International Coat of Arms of Hattrick International
Location of Hattrick International
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Zone: N/A
Continent: N/A
Season: 2
Number of teams (approx): 5 000
Level of series: 6
Number of regions: N/A
Top series name: Hattrick International I.1
National cup name: Hattrick International Cup
National coach: N/A
U-20 Coach: N/A
Currency N/A
Time zone Hattrick Time


Hattrick International is an international competition on Hattrick that was announced on December 6th 2016, and started on January 9th 2017. Hattrick International is a new league system, giving players the opportunity of taking on an extra team. The idea was to create a new competition in which the most active players internationally play together.

Principles of Hattrick International[edit]

Hattrick International is a new league in the Hattrick world. The league itself is international, and partly works similar to the national leagues: the same season schedules, the same Cups, the same prize money and the same training regimes. It also has it's own flag, the United Nationals flag. Differences ar that clubs are based in any country of choice, and the players of this club will be from this country too. Hence, Hattrick International doesn't have it's own regions or national team. Also, Hattrick International clubs do not compete in the Hattrick Masters for now, but developers say this might change in the future.

Hattrick International is fully integrated in the Hattrick world, which means users can buy and sell players on the global market, train national team players and play friendlies against teams from other countries.


  • Hattrick International isn't playing in International competitions like the World Cup, U20 and Hattrick Masters. As such, it doesn't have any records in these competitions.

National Trophies[edit]


League I.1 champions

Hattrick International Cup champions

1 Nigeria Niger Nationals bot Andorra Arlekinats 2017 España dealerxx
2 Chile RCD Coquimbo bot O'zbekiston Toppie International Belgium Rolmop
3 Nigeria Niger Nationals bot España Anonadados España angel71
4 Nigeria Niger Nationals bot Sverige BaconKaos Sverige KaptenBacon
5 Nigeria Niger Nationals bot Kampuchea Cão Boja FC Portugal Jorgebarroso
Geography.png This country article is a stub. You can help Hattrick Wiki by expanding it.