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regia5 (911825)
Manager of Saints Regia
Manager Information
Gender Male
Language English
LocationLombardia Italia
Joined 17/01/2004 (w 10 / season 21)
Favourite team Arsenal
A.C. Reggiana 1919
NT Norway
Manager Career
Best Result II division
Coppa Italia
International Career NT and U-20 Norway
NT and U-20 Cambodia
NT and U-20 Italy
U-20 Netherlands
U-20 India
Community Official LA, HPE

regia5 is an Italian manager from Lombardia, seasons 32 and 33 Coppa Italia champion with his club. After winning twice the main national cup he has started a career as NT coach. He was elected in Cambodia, Norway (5 mandates with NT and U-20 WC 19),Italy (2 mandates with NT and 6 mandates with U-20), India (3 mandates with NT), Netherlands (U-20 WC 27).
He leaded Norway to World cup (28-11-2010) and Italy to Under 20 World cup (30-10-2011).
Since its introduction in the game, he has been steadily in the list of world top 10 achievements collectors for years.

Don't let these tattoos fool you. I'm straight edge. I'm a man of great discipline. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. My addiction is hattrick. My obsession is competition. Discipline. My name is re-gia-cinque. (cit. CM Punk)


regia5 founded the Stamina Trainer International Federation and trained stamina for more than 3 seasons, completely eluding a market crisis and continue earning money.

He showed up all of his skills winning twice the national cup with a low cost club, generating an economical success not spending money (the club started season with about 20M euros and ended it with the same amount).

regia5 became coach of the newborn Cambodian NT in November 2007 and he as well became coach of Cambodian U20 in March 2008, with the 100% of votes.
On 30th May 2008 he gained the first official Cambodian victory in the historical match against Panama. "It was better than winning two cups!" he declared.

On the beginning of Season 36 he was also runner-up in election of his country NT: he loses despite gaining 2092 votes (with so many votes he would have easily won everywhere else around the world!) with a crazy and humorous campaing builded on Youtube clips, criticizing his main opponent and former and re-elected coach.

regia5 was then reconfirmed as U20 Kampuchea coach the season after. Starting with the team ranked worst in the world, he achieved 15 points in qualification group 16, beaten only 2 times (both against Portugal), and undefeated by the great Israel team. The new ranking after WC end was 74 of 124!

Next season regia5 finally won Italian NT election. Unfortunately that was not the right time, and he failed to qualify in WC 13's Group 2.

But what goes around comes around: elected in Norway regia5 lead NT to an incredible and unexpected victory in WC 15 against much better nations. Ironically he contributed in round IV to elimination of Italy, still running for the first medal.

Back to Italy he took the lead of U-20 for a long time, winning the U-20 WC 16 and placing third in the next edition.

Not satisfied yet, regia5 left the big national teams to devote himself to little U-20 India.

He try a new adventure with Dutch U-20, just to return to homeland and take control of U-20 again (it was the sixth time).


29 (31) 815 (998)

Ach 1 2.png Climbing the ladder 15-01-2007 50 pts Team was ranked amongst the top 50.
Ach 2.png I want you 06-12-2006 10 pts Bought player.
Ach 3.png Get out of here 30-11-2006 10 pts Sold player.
Ach 8.png Practice makes perfect 07-12-2006 10 pts Player's skill increased.
Ach 9.png Play the Lottery 02-12-2006 10 pts Scouted a new player.
Ach 10.png Let's do it again 17-04-2007 10 pts Rebought a former youth player.
Ach 11.png I want you back 05-03-2007 10 pts Sold a rebought youth player.
Ach 21 1.png Cup Heroes 26-06-2007 65 pts Advanced from round 14 in the Cup.
Ach 23 1.png All that skill 02-05-2009 80 pts Total TSI exceeded of the squad 2 000 000.
Ach 31 1.png Cash is king 02-12-2006 35 pts The money account of the squad
exceeded 10 000 000 €.
Ach 32 2.png We’re so loved 18-02-2008 30 pts Fan club size exceeded 3 000 members.
Ach 33.png Eternal life 31-03-2009 15 pts Promoted player to Hall Of Fame.
Ach 34.png Investment return 27-05-2009 10 pts Sold a youth player.
Ach 35 3.png Met Bob at the bank - 0 pts Bought 0 bonds at Banque Sunesson.

Ach 6 3.png We’re so good 03-07-2007 50 pts Team reached an average match rating
of extra-terrestrial.
Ach 7.png Friends from abroad 01-12-2006 10 pts Played international friendly match.
Ach 22 4.png Star collector 19-06-2007 60 pts Team reached at least 100 stars in a match.
Ach 25.png Home-grown lineup 28-06-2008 25 pts All players in your starting lineup originate
from your own club and the average age is over 18.
Ach 26.png Veteran lineup 21-07-2007 35 pts The average age of your starting lineup is over 35.
Ach 27.png Youthful lineup 30-09-2008 35 pts The average age of your starting lineup is below 18
and at least one player originates from another club.
Ach 28.png Academy lineup 21-06-2008 35 pts All players in your starting lineup originate from
your own club and the average age is below 18.

Ach 4.png Stop the press 09-12-2006 10 pts Wrote a press announcement.
Ach 5.png World needs to know 28-11-2006 10 pts Wrote a forum post.
Ach 14.png National hero 14-11-2007 50 pts Elected coach of national team.
Ach 15.png Headmaster of nation 04-03-2008 35 pts Elected coach of U-20 national team.
Ach 16 5.png Join my revolution 24-05-2013 30 pts Founded federation,
received more than 500 members.

Special Awards
Ach 17.png Nasty squad 29-05-2010 15 pts The average player personality in your squad is close to nasty.
Ach 18.png Honest squad 29-05-2010 15 pts The average player personality in your squad is close to righteous.
Ach 19.png Nice squad 22-05-2010 15 pts The average player personality in your squad is close to popular.
Ach 20.png Dishonest Squad 22-05-2010 15 pts The average player personality in your squad is close to infamous.
Ach 24.png Non-spender - 0 pts Team has 0 expenses (deleted achievement).


Be the best, knowing it

Written by HPE-regia5

In this article HPE-regia5 interview himself (!), unvealing aspirations, joys and disappointments (but not his body, as the public would certainly have preferred). Because he knows he is the best and the coolest, and he says it to your face, regardless of what the reality is. Because it is he who tells you what is real and what is not, blinding you with the reflection of the various World Cups won. Loving you.

In the Italian forum regia5 (indeed, HPE-regia5) he is one of the most well-known, appreciated and at the same time not appreciated characters. The majority of users know him since they started playing, they knew him win after he had already won, and they hardly know his beginnings and don't know that it doesn't exactly start out as a winner.

With this interview, we want to discover new facets of this figure and his character, both in Hattrick and outside.

Good morning regia5.

Good morning to you, mysterious interviewer. Feel free to call me Fabio, you seem like an intelligent person and I will give it to you.

How does your story begin? Briefly, thank you.

Very simple: during the dinosaurs of Hattrick era, in which they stay on top only because they started earlier, a new wave of players arrived: they wants to win, and has a completely different pace. They were as CR7, Messi etc. in an oratory. The result was they were immediately swept away by the various giutraders, marcogavi, etc. Top anecdote: one of these dinosaurs purposely made me win a Cup semi-final only to make me more competitive in the final against one of the new wave he hated.

You won two Italian Cups in the eraly days, almost conquering other three; you were among the most appreciated and innovative Italian traders (mythical the period in which you trained 50 players per week in Stamina, a concept that most people would not even understand today). Then the national teams arrive.

By playing at a high level I had started come across national team players. It was all different from now, we are talking about players with salaries that even reached 1-2 million per week, or players with 200-400k wage per week sold at 50k €. At the time the NT Italy coach was a revolutionary, Laurentius, and made me fall in love with this aspect of the game like many others (that's how I met Rastelli, for example). I deepened a little. I set up on my own, revolutionizing the scouting system in Iraq and working as the only scout for U20 / NT in Cambodia. A crazy job that earned me consideration all over the world.

And then Italy.

Yes. I lost the election against pennywise, in a very brutal way (something like 4k votes for him and 2k for me, I don't remember well), but his campaign was a disaster both in terms of results and in terms of approach to the community. However, the community at that time was waiting for a new coach just to crucify him.

Then your turn came.

Exactly, I was elected in the subsequent campaign. The squad, however, was not up to the best, and the goal was basically to simply pass the qualifications and gain guts. In the group, Greece and Denmark were superiors, but two games remain for history: the away match with Cyprus, a PIC that I called "expendable" - unfortunately we lost; and then one of the last, in Greece, I played PIN after agreeing a double PIC - and we drew 0-0, being then eliminated by losing with Denmark. The forum was a bedlam: thousands and thousands of posts, accusations, indignation, ...

Kicked out immediately: a fiasco?

Yes. But it was the beginning of my growth: I understood the mistakes made, both strategic and tactical; I learned a lot, I threw myself back into the fray leaving for Norway, where, unlike in Italy, everyone thinks it is more than logical to trust those who learned something, those who had just relieved from a failure instead of anyone who had never tried (impossible to explain it to Italians). In any case, in Italy I transformed scouting, improving it considerably - the current one (evolved due to technological implementations) is the product of my revolution anyway; for the first time I opened to the community a national team, that was managed by a small elite before, even making scouts choose (anonymously) at the forum!

And there came the World Cup championships, at second campaign with Norway.

Sublime! We won the World Cup without having an average national team and we beat (eliminating it) nothing less than Italy. We won because we played very well and because our strategies were better (at the time the training was not like today, there was "general" training that raised the form without touching the skills). Raving! An absolute joy! Never before has an Italian coach ever won a World Cup.

So did you come back to Italy to "take revenge" and show who you are?

No. I would have easely be elected, but I remained with Norway. I completed 3 more NT mandates subsequent to the gold medal. The National team was humble and we were not good enough to to confirm us at that level again. So, after the Gold we played to lay the foundations for the future, given that they had a serious generational gap. In short, we got our hands dirty facing defeats that could lead to future glory.

And what about Italy?

I applied for the NT U20, aware of what they needed. I was a top coach and I worked hard to remain on top (and I wanted my damn revenge). We won the World Cup immediately, playing in an innovative way, with an reckless use of the TS, and without counter-attacks tactic. I became the first user in history to win the World Cup with both NT and U20.

The next mandate was only an unfortunate bronze medal, we would have deserved more, but It did not go well.

After an elimination without medals in the next mandate, the result of some randomized too many, I left the field to newcomers, increasing my experience with NT all over the world.

At the same time everything changed... Can you tell us about the connection between you and Wrestling?

The so-called "real life" forced me to a change in Hattrick. Wrestling had now become part of my life, an increasingly important part, allowing me to become a well-known event organizer in Europe and beyond, through the "Rising Sun Wrestling Promotion".

Sure. Over the years you take a path of life, which affects the time you can devote to the game. It is normal. But it seems to me that you are not referring to this at all. Am I wrong?

No, you are right. The difference today is not the time for Hattrick (obviously compared to when I was 20yo I now have less time), but Wrestling changed the way I approach many aspects of life. Wrestling is a form of art in which sports and theater are expertly mixed, with a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, a bit like in TV programs. regia5 was already an extreme of my personality and I consequently transformed it into a real character, as wrestlers do, always working on real facts and try to make them spectacular.

regia5, the character, is convinced he is the best... nay, he is! he knows he is! and indeed he is, he achieved results that nobody has ever achieved. But he is also the coolest manager in history, It is the guide of the people who fight against evil and takes the side of the national team or U-20 asking for help.

He is not a villain if he does not respect a double PIC. It does so out of a deep sense of justice and wants to punish the scoundrel who searched unethical benefits through an agreement. And regia5 dislikes it, he lives in a world above and does not need weasel ways to win.

He loves his people, whoever they are, and always reminds that his people MUST love him as the superior entity he is.

A reputation has been created that will survive for a decade and beyond. Think about it: how many managers in HT have been able to do that?

regia5 was social before it was cool to be:

  • [1] He recorded a video in which, naked wrapped in the Cambodian flag, he sang their hymn. For a useless contest!
  • [2] He wanted to do a double interview with marcogavi, but he did not want. So regia5 he took a random person, gave him a script and made him act - there are still those who believe that it was really marcogavi!
  • [3] He tried a pitiful Waka Waka after the World Cup victory, creating the most viral video in the history of Hattrick.
  • He sent a bikini photo for the Miss Hattrick contest (sorry, the link has been lost).
  • etc.

The common factor in all that? Do things with enthusiasm, passion, determination, will to win, but above all smile, laughing together.

Like a good father would.

Because I know what you want.

In short, this is the reality in which we will have to find a way to grow... so I thought: better write an interview by myself (no one else could have interviewed me, if not myself), in case of a premature departure, and I mean mine. Death is always premature, but the hero's job is this and part of the journey is the end. Everything will go exactly as it should.