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In Hattrick Press (HT-Press or HPE) you can find interesting articles, editorial material, statistics, interviews and much more related to Hattrick and written by managers. You can also suggest articles written by you.

Hattrick Press was formally welcomed to Hattrick on October 3, 2008. Ever since, more than 9 thousand articles have been approved and can be read by everyone.

Hattrick Press is a section of community page in the game website.

Topics and Submissions

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You can read about more or less anything in the Hattrick world; strategies, tactics, top series reports, community happenings and trends or something completely different – and if you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to write it down and submit it for publication! The only rule is that your article is of common interest and related to Hattrick in some way. The house rules also apply of course, as always. So keep in mind to follow the Hattrick rules when writing your article, as the Hattrick rules apply here too.

Write your Hattrick-related article of public interest in the common language(s) for your league. We look forward to read a lot of interesting and entertaining articles related to your own league (if you aren't posting in Global, if you are writing an article for Global, it needs to be in English).

Once an article is submitted, Editors can either approve it, reject it or ask for "required amendments".

Selected Interviews

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Global and most prolific editors receive from HTs the Hattrick Press Editors prefix in their name ("HPE-something") as voluntary officials.

Latest update: 06/05/2020
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Hattrick Newsletter

The original idea for HT-press was Associated Hattrick Press in 2006. It was an items shown only before logging in, in the right column at the Hattrick start page, publishing users articles of local and global interest. The biggest difference was that it was a space where anyone could freely post a text and GMs have the authority to remove items that break the site's rules.

After a troubled existence, AHP was definitively closed at the end of 2008.

Another important attempt was the official newsletter (or newsmail) introduced in Fall 2007. The main differences in this case were a monthly base release and the contents, managed directly by Hattrick Team; both these aspects were also the weaknesses that caused newsletter to close quickly after only 4 erratic issues.

The main editor was HT-Klas, but other HTs could contribute too with stats analysis and (self-)interviews to staff.

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