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User12 (2747541)
Manager of Qatar U-20 (592130)
Manager Information
Gender Male
Language English
Joined 10 June 2005

User12 (2747541), formerly A1mar, was a Polish football manager. He was most recently the manager of KKS Olimpia (592130). He was also the first semi-official national coach for the National team U-20 Qatar from march 2007 (Season 32) to june 2008 (Season 36).

Managerial career

KKS Olimpia

On 10 June 2005, a1mar was named the new manager of KKS Olimpia (868621) and started in GS 26. For his first season on the bench, he led the club to first place in the VIII.272 League of Poland. In five seasons, he won three league-titles with KKS Olimpia. He changed his username from A1mar to User12 in 2007.

Qatar U-20

On 19 November 2006, User12 confirmed his departure from KKS Olimpia and appointed himself as the first national coach of National team U-20 Qatar. As the country Qatar was not accepted yet by the HFA (and no part of the Hattrick World), the Qatar U-20 team played under the auspices of the NFA and against club teams in the Polish VI.667. He led Qatar U-20 to the second place of the VII.658 league (Global season 32) and reached twice the 4th round of the Puchar Polski (in Global Season S31 and Global season S32). He was also supposed to lead Qatar U-20 at the NFA U-20 World Cup II, but the tournament was finally not taking place.

After the Qatari elections for U-20 World Cup XI, which User12 considered illegitimate, he refused to recognize the inauguration of ArsenalQatar by the HFA on 3 March 2008. Just 99 days after the manager ArsenalQatar was chosen to lead the official U-20 team of Qatar, User12 stepped down on 10 June 2008 as an inactif user and the TeamID of Qatar U-20 (868621) was given to the newly created Polish club LKS Cukrownik Bąków.


Championship Winner Runner up
Number Seasons Number Seasons
Poland KKS Olimpia
Division VIII.PNG Eighth-level league GS26, GS28 - -
Division VII.PNG Seventh-level league GS29 - -
Qatar National U-20 team of Qatar
Division VII.PNG Seventh-level league - - GS32