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Viescha is a Latvian HT user who worked as Language Administrator for Latviešu (Latvian) language from 07.02.2005 until August 2006. His Hattrick team - VLTeam - was established in 10.12.2003 and, after earning quick promotion from Level V in the first full season (the team had to start their first ever season with 3 lost matches while still a bot), resided in IV.13 division for a time, always being a strong contestant to promotion. On Season 10, the team won IV.13 yet lost the subsequent qualifying match. The next IV.13 victory in Season 15 earned the team a place in Level III for the first time.

The debut wasn't very satisfying, however. 16 points were not enough to secure a place in III.15 and the team had to play a qualifier again, which they lost. After returning to Level IV, the team was renamed to Valmiera Bengals. Season 18 can be considered the most successful for the team - it reached Round 11 of the Cup (beating at least one team from every league level on the way), losing only to the eventual Cup winner FK Pirates in a close contest - 2:4, even taking the lead twice. Also, a promotion to Level III was earned again. In an exciting Season 19 (though plagued by injuries just like, ironically, the previous attempt at Level III), Valmiera Bengals finished in tied 5th place (all stats identical to coldstars) and again had to prove their right to belong in Level III, failing to do so again.

After the unlucky Season 19, the team was heavily reorganized, selling most of the lineup and switching to training defenders. Whether Valmiera Bengals under the new match engine are going to reestablish themselves, grow in strength and return to Level III or possibly even higher after some time, remains to be seen.