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ZF-Nachtwinkel is the manager of El jones

He managed to only end in first or fourth place in his eight (8) first seasons:

Season League Place Points
25 IX.1552 4 24
26 IX.1552 1 39
27 VIII.1633 4 26
28 VIII.1633 1 40
29 VII.205 4 25
30 VII.205 4 22
31 VII.205 1 33
32 VII.454 4 21

This streak ended in his ninth season, when endend on the worst place: second with 32 points.


A part from his club, he loves hanging around the Hattrick fora and in particular some of the greatest federations in Hattrick:

Fed Function
the ZeverFed minister van bier (minister of beer)
De West Vlamsche Knechtje


Since the fourth of January 2011, ZF-Nachtwinkel is also a member of Sealand, where he participates in the spamraces held every now and then. Since his arrival he participated in one race: The Tirreno-Adriatico, a seven day during race. He rode for the Quickspam-team and won the time jersey and the best youngters jersey.


After being in Quickspam for a few months, ZF-Nachtwinkel and Pamfluit started a new spamteam: Leospam. This team was named after the successful team: Leopard - Trek.

Here you see ZF-Nachtwinkel in his Leospam jersey:Jersey-leospam.jpg