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v.v. BorQblow (366716)
Official logo for v.v. BorQblow
Region Gelderland
Country  Nederland
Geografic area Western Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 25.05.2009
Stadium KadaverDome (35 171 seats)
Fan club BQB Tomahawks + BQBaashazen (2 036 members)
League VI.929
President Netherlands Nales86


Coach Germany Ingo Islinger


Prize shelf
Series Champions VII.673(Nederland) Season 34Series Champions VIII.1348(Nederland) Season 32Series Champions VIII.1440(Nederland) Season 30
Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: BorQblowtjes
Youth arena: Het Kerkhof

v.v. BorQblow is a Dutch football club from Gelderland.

The Team

Foundation History

v.v. BorQblow was founded May 25th, 2009.



KadaverDome is the arena of v.v. BorQblow. It has a total capacity of 30 000.

  • Total capacity: 35 171
  • Terraces: 19 523
  • Basic seating: 7 689
  • Seats under roof: 7 084
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 875


Season League KNVB Beker Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
28(39) 2nd in IX.1820 none none Saleem Najjar 10
29(40) 3rd in VIII.1440 none none unknown -
30(41) 1st in VIII.1440 1st round Division VIII.PNG Tino Boumard 11
31(42) 8th in VII.532 2nd round none unknown -
32(43) 1st in VIII.1348 2nd round Division VIII.PNG Luciano Monolo 10
33(44) 3rd in VII.673 2nd round none Adão Frango 8
34(45) 1st in VII.673 3rd round Division VII.PNG Ksenofont Świdrak 10

Youth Team

Youth League

BorQblowtjes are currently playing in Gevulde Kelken III.


  • Youth team scout: Hidde Bierenbroodspot, 58 years, Looking for player in Fryslân Netherlands
  • Youth team scout: Casper Brinkkemper, 39 years, Looking for player in Overijssel Netherlands
  • Youth team scout: Rainier Wentholt, 52 years, Looking for player in Gelderland Netherlands


Het Kerkhof is the arena of BorQblowtjes. It has a total capacity of 300.

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