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VVZ'49 Gi.(212993)
Name VVZ'49 Gi.
Founded May 11, 2007
Stadium De Schoffert (Capacity: 23 918)
Location Utrecht, Nederland
Fanclub De Soesterknollen
Coach Nisul Kisworo
League VIII.1606
Ranking Currently 2
updated on: 3rd of October 2008

VVZ'49 Gi. is a Dutch Hattrick soccer club. The club plays their home matches in their always full stadium: De Schoffert. At the moment VVZ'49 Gi. plays in competition VIII 1606 and they are currently the leader. VVZ'49 Gi. was founded on the 11th of May 2007. It started it's career in competition IX 1390. Manager of the club is Gianni van den Braak, trainer is Nurul Kisworo


Season League KNVB Beker Trophies Top scorer
21 4th in IX.1390 not qualified none Filippo Lanconelli / Jochem Eckhardt
22 3st in IX.1390 not qualified P3 purple.gif Jochem Eckhardt
23 1nd in IX.1390 not qualified P1 purple.gif Steef Jilderda
24 4th in VIII.1606 1st round none Kaarre Wendelboe
25 2th in VIII.1606 1st round P2 purple.gif Ohto Änkiläinen


A complete unknown millionaire Gianni van den Braak founded VVZ'49 Gi on the 11th of Mai 2007. The club's first trainer became Kobus Schram, he started with fifteen Dutch players. VVZ'49 Gi. started very well, in their first season the club performed properly. This led to a 4th place. Now they hope to become as good as Fightclub.

First championchip

  • 10-02-2008 VVZ'49 Gi. ended number 1 IX.1390 (season 23). P1 purple.gif

In this season won VVZ'49 Gi. the first place of competition IX.1390. With 103 goals + and only 14 -.It was clear that VVZ'49 Gi. was by far the best of this competition. Top scorer was also Steef Jilderda the audience favourite, one spot behind him was Kaarre Wendelboe with 13 goals. Also Filippo Lanconelli and Wiljo Nooteboom were in the top 10 of the top scorers list. VVZ'49 Gi. then was already famous because of their good forward players.


At the moment VVZ'49 Gi. contains 17 players. It's a multicultural club, currently the team consists of no fewer than 12 different nationalities. The other 5 players come from Netherlands. These are the players with their corresponding numbers:

Squad 2008/2009

# Name Nationality Position Length Weight Date VVZ-Debute Opponent Debute
1 Florus Kasteel Netherlands.gif Nederland Keeper 1.91 m 86kg
2 Sergio Ruano Flag espania spain.gif Spanje Defender 1.83 m 73kg
3 Mick Lassen Denmark.gif Denemarken Defender 1.86m 78kg
4 Valeriu Susanu Romania.gif Romania Defender 1.81m 71kg
5 Shlomi Galili Flag israel.gif Israel Midfielder 1.91m 85kg
6 Keimpe Nanninga Netherlands.gif Nederland Midfielder 1.84m 80kg
7 Jérémie Lepage Canada.gif Canada Midfielder 1.79m 69kg
8 Alfredo Fraga Flag Uruguay.png Uruguay Midfielder 1.76m 66kg 22-06-2008 Schoenlep uit (2-4 victory)
9 Mats Gabrielsson Flagicon Sweden.gif Zweden Forward 1.80m 76kg 02-07-2008 Billybobos uit (2-7 loss)
10 Kaarre Wendelboe Denmark.gif Denemarken Forward 1.87m 83kg 28-11-2007 AFC Achterberg thuis (6-0 victory)
11 Ohto Änkiläinen Flag suomi finland.gif Finland Forward 1.90m 81kg
12 Waut Habets Belgium.gif België Forward 1.78m 76kg
13 Dino Sanz Flag espania spain.gif Spanje Defender 1.84m 83kg
14 Zoltán Rezső Flagicon Slovakia.png Slowakije Forward 1.73m 69kg
15 José Maria Resgate Portugal.gif Portugal Keeper 1.93m 84kg
16 Co de Vogt Netherlands.gif Nederland Forward 1.85m 82kg
17 Rick Maassen Netherlands.gif Nederland Midfielder 1.81m 86kg


Netherlands.gif Flag espania spain.gif Denmark.gif Romania.gif Flag israel.gif Canada.gif Flag Uruguay.png Flagicon Sweden.gif Flag suomi finland.gif Belgium.gif Flagicon Slovakia.png Portugal.gif

Supporter favourites

Raised in this team

Player Current Club Amount Fired Players
# Netherlands.gif Wiljo Nooteboom Sv Wanhoop € 51 000,- * Netherlands.gif Leo Wognum
# Netherlands.gif Emanuel Groos ALL STARS BATICE € 1 000,- * Netherlands.gif Milo Straathof
# Netherlands.gif Epi Zoetemelk TSG 1899 € 15 000,- * Netherlands.gif Stefan Nicolai
# Netherlands.gif Cees Schalks F.C. Manuel € 1 000,- * Netherlands.gif Freek Frencken
# Netherlands.gif Roderick van Koppen NE Xamax € 27 000,- * Netherlands.gif Stephfan Brattinga
# Netherlands.gif Johan Ouwekerk FC Krikke € 36 000,- * Netherlands.gif Samuel Wittenberg
# Netherlands.gif Aron Haak Billybobos € 18 000,- * Netherlands.gif Jochem Eckhardt
# Netherlands.gif Anthony Gruyters bombasstick € 3 000 * Netherlands.gif Lionel Cockx
# Netherlands.gif Claus Kemna Kahmelott € 306 000,- * Netherlands.gif Alfons Lammerts
# Netherlands.gif Rinus Steehouwer Clitor IS € 950 000,- * Netherlands.gif Gerrie van Popta
# Netherlands.gif Dicky den Tenter ypsilon united € 114 000,- * Netherlands.gif Gysbert Hulleman
# Netherlands.gif Leonardus Moerman Show de bomba € 6 000,- * Netherlands.gif Boris Stienstra
# Netherlands.gif John van Tienen SV Timmay € 16 000,- * Netherlands.gif Selwynn de Vreesse
# Netherlands.gif Lenny Geerolf Dead Pingvins € 10 000,- * Netherlands.gif Bas Broere
# Netherlands.gif Ruud Dwars raven svt € 240 822,- * Netherlands.gif Sebastian Hommes
# Netherlands.gif Morris Steg FC Våroinn € 181 000,- * Netherlands.gif Nigel Hioolen
# Netherlands.gif Frenk van de Kar The DemoNS F.C. € 750 000,- * Netherlands.gif Gisbert Guijt

Played here

Player Games for the team
Denmark.gif Allan Ahrensback 1
Belgium.gif Georg-Wilhelm Thiergen 1
Flag espania spain.gif Gonzalo Martinez 1
Schweiz.gif Orell Stepp 1
Denmark.gif Mark Junker 2
Flag espania spain.gif Jesús Cabirol 3
Denmark.gif Jens Enevoldsen 3
Italy.gif Giannino Rovetta 3
Flagicon Estonia.png Denis Pribavin 4
Flagicon Sweden.gif Stefan Sommarborg 4
Netherlands.gif Gaston Berlage 7
Flagicon Sweden.gif Robin Lewgård 7
Flag suomi finland.gif Lauri Särkelä 10
Netherlands.gif Rikkert Vondel 10
France.gif Vincent Ruet 12
Denmark.gif Alex Tullstrup 13
Flag suomi finland.gif Erkki Sankinen 15
Belgium.gif Timo Jansen 15
Flag Norway Norwegen.gif Peter Harning 16
Argentina.gif Boris Kizimov 17
Flag Norway Norwegen.gif Lars Grytten 20
Flag espania spain.gif Juan Miquel Alonso 27
Belgium.gif Ernst Uneken 31
Flag england.gif Norm Adams 34
Flag israel.gif Alexander Zhiltsov 47
Netherlands.gif Joep Waleveld 48
Poland.gif Stanisław Suchodoła 52
Italy.gif Filippo Lanconelli 54
Flag espania spain.gif Miquel Pujol 56
Belgium.gif Steef Jilderda 58

Top scorer

# Player Goals (in league)
1 Denmark.gif Kaarre Wendelboe 34 Goldenboot X.gif
2 Netherlands.gif Jochem Eckhardt 21
3 Flag suomi finland.gif Ohto Änkiläinen 20
4 Belgium.gif Steef Jilderda 19
5 Italy.gif Filippo Lanconelli 17
6 Romania.gif Valeriu Susanu 17
7 Netherlands.gif Joep Waleveld 15
8 Netherlands.gif Wiljo Nooteboom 13
9 Netherlands.gif Florus Kasteel 9
10 Flagicon Sweden.gif Mats Gabrielsson 9
11 Poland.gif Stanislaw Suchodola 9


Trainer Huidig
* Kobus Schram Fired
* Allan Oldfield Sasha
* Nurul Kisworo VVZ'49 Gi.