Valentino Bagnacani

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Valentino Bagnacani
Personal Information
Full Name Valentino Bagnacani
Country Italia Italia
Player ID (322946335)
Position Goalkeeper
Number 1
Actual Club Italia Castelfranco
Youth Club
Season 44 - 45 Italia Castelfranco
Sénior Club
Season 45 - ?? Italia Castelfranco

Valentino Bagnacani is a italian goalkeeper, actually in force at Castelfranco. In the youth team debut on 09/02/2011 in the 7th match of the X° Campionato Valdarnese Primavera, sees Castelfranco arrive in 12th position, against F.C.J Fattore Culo . That season was a bad injury, but also a call signaling from the goalkeeping scout of the Italia U-20 National Team. It plays with a total of 19 Games, up to 31/05/2011 when promoted to the first team. Make the first apparence in the club the same day against Valdarnese in a sixteenth of Coppa Federazione Valdarnese Hattrick. In the season 46 partecipe at the victory of VI championschip: this will be the first trophy with the club. in the season 50 wins, just 23 years, the primacy of the clubs in the number of time across. At the last match of 51°season play his 100° match for Castelfranco, also if stop his imbattibility at 597 minuts.

  • Partite in carriera: 301
  • Partite "imbattuto": 99
  • Partite in carriera nella squadra giovanile: 19
  • Gol fatti in carriera nella squadra giovanile: 1


Division VI.PNG Division VIII.PNG Division VI.PNG
Season 46 Season 60 Season 62
Castelfranco Castelfranco Castelfranco

Best Preformance[edit]

Youth Team: HTFiveStar.pngHTStarBlue.pngHTStarBlue.png
Senior Team: HTStar5.pngHTStar5.png

Momenti di Gloria[edit]

  • 05/02/2011 11:50 È stato selezionato e assunto da Gustavo Trincas per Castelfranco
  • 31/05/2011 00:40 È stato promosso dalla Giovanile di Castelfranco all'età di 17 anni.