Valerio Ricci

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Valerio Ricci
Personal Information
Full Name Valerio Ricci
Country  Italia
Player ID (5399867)
Position midfielder
Number 10
Actual Club Italy independiente petrolero
Sénior Club
Italy Italia

Valerio Ricci is a player of independiente petrolero.

  • Career goals: 94
  • Hattricks: 2
  • Matches for the national U-20 team: 21
  • Matches for the national team: 79
  • Matches in Hattrick Masters: 14



Cupseason56.png Division I.PNG Division I.PNG Division II.PNG HT Masters.PNG Division I.PNG
Season 17 Season 20 Season 21 Season 27 Season 31 Season 31
A.S. Roma Calcio A.S. Roma Calcio A.S. Roma Calcio A.S. Roma Calcio Hapoel Nahariya Hapoel Nahariya

Memorable moments





Valerio Ricci played in both Hapoel Nahariya and AC Ziky team when they partecipate at the final of Hattrick Masters. In both cases has led teammate Predrag "Master" Andjelic