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『Zh/表現評級』正在翻譯中 —— 翻譯了 40%

"Zh/表現評級" is translating - Translated 40%




球員表現評級和球隊陣型 (click on this to link to 'evil' stars/line up)

球隊態度: 正常

戰術: 正常

戰術技能: (無戰術)

中場: 中下 (高)

右路防守: 及格 (非常低)

中路防守: 穩定 (低)

左路防守: 弱 (高)

右路進攻: 差 (低)

中路進攻: 強大 (非常低)

左路進攻: 糟糕 (非常高)

This gives you an indication of how strong or weak any of the 7 areas of your team play were in the match. If your 中場 was stronger than his (e.g "passable" compared to his "weak") then you will have had more possession of the ball in the game and thus more chances to score (this is complicated slightly if he played counter-attacks). The defensive and attacking ratings can be compared according to spatial logic, so his 左路進攻 strength was pitted against my 右路防守 strength and so on.

Collectively, the ratings are often called Attack ratings and Defence ratings

Rating as a Measure of Overall Team Strength

Hattrick by default doesn't provide a way to easily express overall strength of a team, in order to compare two teams or assess the progress of a team. The most primitive measure would be a total number of stars players gained after playing a match. However, comparing stars is a slightly inefficient and possibly deceiving way of recording team strength. Thus, intrepid Hattrickers have found other ways to compare overall team ratings. Some of the more popular options are Alltid Hattrick, HatStats, LoddarStats, VnukStats and PStats.