American elections for World Cup VIII

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The American elections for World Cup VIII ended on the 9th of January 2006 at 10:28 HT-Time as follows:

Place Manager Votes
1 Lathrop 243
2 ThomasRongen 86
3 CoffeeWarlord 75
4 Helghallen 68
5 FryDog 58
6 Weezer8 31
7 MountainHawk 22
8 GlennCraven 17
9 Dave1 15
10 Westmar 11
11 GM-Havoc 7
12 hankse 7
13 Calvert 6
14 Cataclysmia 4
15 Kaauulquappe 4
16 Barts124 4
17 Dan10 3
18 NerdleBert 3
19 FOFC-Ardent 2
20 Cbyrd 2
21 toadsky413 2
22 sevenseas 2
23 SeaTurtle 2
24 BlueHighway 2
25 mim0s 2
26 brunojarret 2
27 Sidro88 2
28 soccergeek723 2
29 Freakin_Nerd 1
30 UNTDrew 1


The following users announced their candidacy in the conferences (in order of election speech):

  • BlueHighway (withdrew, gave support to FryDog)
  • Dave1
  • CoffeeWarlord
  • Maria21Rodriguez
  • MountainHawk
  • ThomasRongen
  • Lathrop (incumbent)
  • barts124
  • captwaz (withdrew, gave support to Lathrop)
  • Helghallen

The following users were listed in the Top 10 at one time or another but didn't announce their candidacy in the conferences:


The following speeches were posted in the "official" election speech thread, USA conference thread 4764310.1.

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From: BlueHighway (4764310.2) as reply to (4764310.1)
To: GM-lytic 1/2/2006 at 17.00
Vote for me, you rotten bastards!

I killed a grizzly bear with my bare hands when I was only three. That should be enough for any of you to vote for me.

Not enough? I can also tie my shoes, walk and chew gum at the same time and sing Styx's 'Come Sail Away' better than anyone in history (even better than the lead singer). You know its true.

I promise to comprise a team of strictly American players on the USA national team. That's right, no foreign influence here! Be gone, globalization! If you ask me a question, I'll be sure to make fun of you -- I mean answer it in a timely manner. Party on dudes!

Be excellent to each other, bluehighway

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From: Dave1 (4764310.4) as reply to (4764310.3)
To: Everyone 1/2/2006 at 19.09
I officially decided to run for NT coach of USA.

I realized that I'm only a D.5 team, and many will probably disregard my campaign right away, unfortunatelly I can't do anything about it.

I have a lot of free time available and, IMHO, I have the experience and knowledge required.

f you have any questions, please feel free to ask in "Nats Election Discussions" thread, where I've already posted some of my thoughrs and answered a few questions (4764287.13). Thanks.

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From: CoffeeWarlord (4764310.5) as reply to (4764310.4)
To: Dave1 1/2/2006 at 19.24
The Lord of All Things Coffee hereby puts his name in the hat for NT coach.

Not much for writing long winded speeches, but suffice to say I know what I'm doing, I like yaks, and I am immune to all forms of tar and feather.

Oh. As a tribute to a certain candidate last time angle is 37.8 degrees.

Note: Since CoffeeWarlord finished in the top three, further information on his campaign can be found in his article.

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From: Maria21Rodriguez (4764310.6) as reply to (4764310.5)
To: CoffeeWarlord 1/2/2006 at 21.11
i would like to coach the national team because i have a good understanding of this game engine and will be able to win the world cup and much more for the team.
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From: MountainHawk (4764310.7) as reply to (4764310.6)
To: Everyone 1/3/2006 at 03.56
I'll throw my hat in the ring again. Maybe I can do better than two votes this time.

The fact of the matter is, the US is not in the top 8 teams in the world in terms of skill level. We can't expect to PIC and hope to advance with great TS. Lathrop did a terrific job in giving us the best shot to keep on going. You don't medal if you don't get to round four. You don't get to round four without getting to round 3, etc.

My goal, of course, would be to win the gold medal. However, managing decisions should be made based on what would be the best to advance. Once we get to the the next round, then I would re-evaluate and figure out a strategy that gives us the best chance to advance again.

My overall managing strategy would be to try to remain unpredictable. If you aren't the best team, you at least don't want to have a consistent weakness for the better teams to exploit. We have to be ready to play whatever players and formations that will exploit the weakness of other teams.

Good luck to all the other candidates. I'll take questions in my candidate thread.

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From: ThomasRongen (4764310.8) as reply to (4764310.2)
To: Everyone 1/3/2006 at 06.38
I’m running (sort of) for NT coach.

I’ve authored a hastily written doctoral dissertation on the matter, which explains what I mean, and can be read here: (4772907.1)

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From: Lathrop (4764310.10) as reply to (4764310.1)
To: GM-lytic 1/3/2006 at 19.01
Yes, I will be running again. I will start a thread like everyone else to lay out my thoughts, etc. Hopefully we can have a good discussion. There are many people with many questions and I will get to everything, but it will take some time.
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From: Barts124 (4764310.11) as reply to (4764310.1)
To: GM-lytic 1/4/2006 at 00.12
While other candidates have claimed such fables as having "killed a grizzly bear with my bare hands when I was only three", I do not spout such jibberish and hogwash. I didn't kill a grizzly bear when I was three, it was in fact an elephant which I killed by stabbing it with a horn pulled off a nearby rhino.

Some may say I lack the skill to train such a high level team, but to them I say shove it. I plan on making the USA the most powerful team on Earth. Through my brilliant schemes and well-devised trickery I plan on defeating every team and brining home gold to the US. Whichever of these candidates does shoot for the gold has no business in running the team. While I have been in the lower division for 4 seasons now, it has been an intense learning process and I have stayed down to develop some young talent so I may make a run to the major league quickly. While I still have much to learn, I believe my good looks, charm, wit, and absurd amount of time spent on hattrick will allow me to run the National team through the competition and onto glory like Tonya Harding did in the olympics....errr wait.....

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From: captwaz (4764310.12) as reply to (4764310.11)
To: Everyone 1/4/2006 at 03.44
I'll try to be brief, and the rest of the information can be found in my [Nats] thread.

I'm captwaz, manager of a division IV team starting its second season in IV.13. I've been playing the game for about 2.5 years now and have been in three different IV series. Suffice it to say that as a keeper trainer in tough IV series, I had to scrap for points. I'm currently training keepers, including the top 19 y.o. keeper in the US.

I was heartily behind Lathrop during the course of this World Cup run, and not just because I voted for him last time. In my opinion, he played each game to win with the best that the situation presented, and assuming the other coaches knew what they were doing.

I think a lot of what has been taking place needs to be continued; namely, selecting players with high primary skills and good secondaries. This is the future of the NT, which is a positive as far as I'm concerned. Where I differ from other candidates is that I do not agree with selecting dual primary players (with the exception of wings for very select circumstances). Why? Simply put, in most situations, those players are too lacking in a primary skill to have the needed impact. It is unfortunate that the higher skilled players who make the national team also have abnormally high and unrealistic salaries, but this is sadly upon the HT-team to change if they wish to avoid farm teams.

If elected, I will try to continue a lot of what previous coaches have done, including increasing promotion of farm teams, encouraging discussion on the conferences about the NT (aside from strategy), and getting users interested in the NT through dialogue in the forums. Player development is side-by-side with team development, and getting players interested in supporting the NT (even if on a rotating basis) by training for a season or two is the key to future NT success.

We can compete with (and beat) the other, larger nations in the future, if we continue to build on the successes of the past. The dedication of our user base in this country is the catalyst.

Thank you.

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From: Helghallen (4764310.13) as reply to (4764310.1)
To: GM-lytic 1/6/2006 at 05.57
I'll try to be brief, and the rest of the information can be found in my [Nats] thread.

Most of you already know who I am. My name is Chris, or as I’m known around here, GM-Helghallen, the most recent addition to the GM staff of the US. I have been playing Hattrick since January of 2004 and I have been a GM since February of this year. My team is Dynamo KC, just starting its third season in IV.3.

I pride myself on my ability to scout my opponents and I think my ability to do so speaks for itself having managed to stay up in IV as one of the youngest team in IV and having a salary that was less than half the average IV team the last two seasons.

As the NT, I would be communicative and speak with all users and my goal would be a medal. But in doing so, I would like to leave the team better than I found it much AE and Lathrop have the last two terms.

If you have specific questions, please post them in my election thread.

Thank you for your time