American elections for World Cup X

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The American elections for World Cup X ended on the 3rd of April 2007 at 7:00 HT-Time as follows:

Place Manager Votes
1 rpeters 233
2 GM-kevinapps 170
3 FryDog 117
4 bjceac 88
5 KC-kuhnscoot 59
6 ThePodMan 36
7 enigmamz 35
8 benmor78 26
9 sunsations 16
10 NRaider 16
11 karate 5
12 mystic_sage 5
13 ThomasRongen 4
14 butcus 3
15 strata82 3
16 sammy0712 3
17 Idigum 2
18 Cataclysmia 2
19 GM-Havoc 2
20 TJ1994 2
21 NerdleBert 2
22 JJGauna 2
23 mim0s 2
24 BB-Charles 2
25 Wags08 2
26 Hotcalebfc 2
27 TBone17 2
28 Raz15 2
29 zdazzle 2
30 Calvert 1


The following users announced their candidacy in the conferences (in order of election speech):

  • chubbj
  • The_Imposter
  • retrace
  • Raz15 (withdrew)
  • rpeters
  • GM-kevinapps
  • gonger1321
  • JJGauna
  • benmor78
  • Myriddan
  • KC-kuhnscoot
  • butcus
  • bjceac
  • mystic_sage
  • sammy0712
  • mim0s
  • gwomick3
  • sunsations

The following users were listed in the Top 10 at one time or another but didn't announce their candidacy in the conferences:

  • FryDog
  • ThePodMan
  • NRaider
  • enigmamz


The following speeches were posted in the "official" election speech thread, USA conference thread 8446287.1.

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From: chubbj (8446287.2) as reply to (8446287.1)
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 00.07
I am officially running for NT coach.

I think my stance is probably well known by now by the people that follow these things but for those who don't or are new to HT...

It's been time for a change, for a while now. As a HT country, we're a friggin joke right now.

Couldn't make it past round 2 in Nats and couldn't even make it out of qualifying for U20.

Are you kidding me???

The problem is clear to me. We keep electing people who are set in their "old guard" ways or people who are simply buddy buddy with GMs or the current far from successful coach.

We need a coach who isn't going to piss friendlies away by not fielding a team (making some halfhearted threat about multi skill players). We need a coach that isn't going to duck from the blame or say "I was just joking" when called out on his over the top taunting (you know, after they fail to qualify).

Simply playing HT a long time does not make you a good manager. All you have to do is look at the jokers the last few terms in both the NT and the U20.

Vote for change, vote chubbj!

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From: The_Imposter (8446287.3) as reply to (8446287.2)
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 00.16
Who am I?

That, my friend, is a very good question. Do you know, I don’t actually know. My parents came from an inter galactic planet named voteformenow. However, I believe they – you know – in the back of a fish and chip shop in Bristol. Hmm…. not really got off to a good start have I?

Anyway, I’ve been playing hattrick for approximately 3 light years, so I would consider myself in having divine + 50 experience in this game. I have won the Premiership on several occasions but another imposter has zapped them achievments from my team page.

My policy

I will pic all your players ;-)

He who must not be named (ThomasRongen) has decided to go with a multi-skilled NT team, and I am willing to continue with that selection policy if I am elected. My planets people has a habit of eating people, but I can assure you that the only players I will gobble up will be the ubo-monsters that deserve to die anyway. I will additionally make it as painful as possible.

Why vote for a foreign manager?

The planet Earth should learn to co-operate with inter-galactic terrestials if they want to compete at Space level. I warn you insignificant beings that we have war material that can demolish your planet in an instance. So with that in mind, think twice before voting for Raz, or whoever appears to be the best candidate! :)

The biggest advantage though of me being foreign is the simple fact that it is a 100 times more easier for me to pull of mind games with other nations. Me being a foreign manager, if I come out for example and say “we will throw our games” – they are more likely to believe me than if someone like Raz, ThomasRongen etc – said they would throw games. Also, because I have apparently only been playing for 3 seasons (Silly imposters!) it is again very easy to get away with mind games. Oh, another advantage of being foreign is that I can zap other managers with my inter-galactic gun. It should put them out for a couple of years whilst I take USA to World Cup glory!

A vote for The_Imposter is a step closer to the World Cup!

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From: retrace (8446287.4) as reply to (8446287.1)
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 00.53
Hello everyone, I would like to announce my candidacy for NT coach with this following post:

Unlike others who will probably run for the position, I can't claim to know the issues that have cropped up with our National Team in the past, nor can I claim a vast array of personal experience with Hattrick at the highest levels of competition.

I won't be telling you that past managers have done wrong, or that I could necessarily do any better. What I can bring to the table is simply one individual's ideas on the steps that are needed to improve future performance.

As I said in the General Election Discussion thread, a large part of our current NT woes are simply that our players cannot compare to that of powerhouse nations or even a country with a small user base like Eesti. An NT coach's experience and skill at setting up match orders may be sufficient to bridge smaller gaps in a team's skill level, but it is simply too much to expect that a team whose average TSI is around 500k to beat a team whose average TSI is closer to 1 million.

To that end, I would work towards setting up a national training program capable of producing our own players of comparable skill level so that future NT coaches have the players necessary to compete with the very best. It is an important distinction that I say *future* NT coaches, because it must be recognized that this is a long-term endeavor unlikely to produce results during the tenure of any one coach.

I will not claim that the NT team under my management will suddenly become a World Cup contender. What I can tell you is that I will perform to the very best of my own abilities and, with your cooperation, I will leave behind the framework for a better National Team.

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From: Raz15 (8447239.1) as reply to ({{{prevmsgid}}})
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 01.52
*wiping off the dust off the empty trophy shelf in the coach's office*
  • starts thinking*

1)How would i put a trophy on this shelf? 2)What would i do different than TR? 3)How could i motivate all the people to elect me as a NT Coach?

1) The obvious reason is by winning the World Cup or at least getting in the finals. Good players+User Cooperation=World Cup Final for sure....

2) Almost everything....i like to do things my own way...i'll try to arrange friendlies against big teams to kinda have a look at the way they arrange their players or who they play(i don't think they're gonna put their best players up just for a friendly). As for the players i'm going to choose, well, if i get elected i'll open a thread and let u guys post your best players that u think might be good for the team. I'll make a list and then i'll release who i selected (hope it works)

3)I can''s your guy's decision...i can't change the way u feel about things....all i can say is: RAZ15 for NT Coach!


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From: rpeters (8446287.6) as reply to (8446287.5)
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 02.00
Please see my campaign speech here (8447251.1).
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From: GM-kevinapps (8446287.7) as reply to (8446287.1)
To: GM-lytic 3/26/2007 at 03.33
I, kevinapps, am running for the position of National Coach.

Unlike certain past coaches, I do not write out incredibly long treatises on my beliefs surrounding the National Team, so don't expect one.

I've been playing HT for a LONG time now, and have been involved in the National Teams' discussions for quite a while. The National Team is not just a passing fancy for me.

I'll flesh out some of my beliefs as you ask me questions, so I'm not going to kill myself with details here. Let me just state: I am a firm believer in Multi-Skills and will look for opportunities to move the team in that direction (while still maintaining a core of the Divine++ players for competitive purposes).

Feel free to ask me questions. I'll try to answer all of them to the best of my ability. Some of my answers could be wrong. If they are, feel free to correct me, so I can use that information properly going forward.

Thanks for your time!!

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From: gonger1321 (8446287.8) as reply to (8446287.7)
To: GM-lytic 3/26/2007 at 04.28
I have decided to run for NT coach.

I have not been playing HT for long, but I consider myself a quick learner and feel I have learned a very good amount in the short time I have been playing, and feel confident that I can do a good job with our national team.

Although I am not vocal in the national team threads, I read them all and think critically about suggestions made both by the coach and all the others interested. Given that I was trying to simply learn about how the NT was run and some of the theories surrounding it, I did not join in the criticism as I find it is easier to learn when you are not talking (or typing) yourself.

Feel free to ask any questions, and if you disagree or I am wrong, please offer constructive criticism rather than berating me so I can learn even more for future campaigns.


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From: JJGauna (8446287.9) as reply to (8446287.1)
To: GM-lytic 3/26/2007 at 07.02
Are we done with picking people to run our teams who are going to squander our chances and cry when we don't have games go our way? It's time to stop blaming others and to take the blame ourselves.

I am running for the National Team manager, and a chance to get our country into the final stages of the World Cup.

The truth is, whoever wins this election, will not get us to the finals. There are to many other teams out there that are much more organized, and have been for quite a while, that will simply overwhelm us.

However, I know that I can take our team atleast beyond what we did this year. We need a fresh coaching strategy.

I may be a division 5 coach, but I have a grasp for this game, it's tactics, and how to use them, to beat our foes.

Divine monsters, multi-skilled players, both are good. Whatever it takes to get the matches in our favors, we need to do it. We haven't had a good showing in the World Cup in, forever? It's time to get heading in a new direction, because the direction we have been taking for quite some time, is still taking us to the same place. It's time to turn around.

VOTE JJGAUNA season 32, 2007.

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From: benmor78 (8446287.10) as reply to (8446287.8)
To: gonger1321 3/26/2007 at 07.04
I am running for national coach. If you look at the little flag by my name and see "new user" and think, why's this guy running for national coach, then you're a noob and you shouldn't be voting.

You see, I'm not a new user. I've been playing this game for over 3 years. But due to some circumstances that were completely outside my control, I had to start a new team. And you know what? My new team sucks. And the US national team isn't as good as my old team, but it's a start.

I'm not going to go into why I had to start a new team, except to note that certain members of the USA staff felt threatened by Saia's Strikers, the up-and-comingest team in the whole of the USA. They were afraid of new ideas. But I've received assurances from certain staff members, who feel badly about what happened to my team, that they are going to be voting for yours truly because of their guilt.

Why should you vote for me? Well, if you train combo wingers, know that I'll not carry any non-combo wingers on the squad. I also have a brain trust of dedicated managers willing to execute my every desire (ESPN Message Boards Fed), so there will be no shortage of brains (meno71, GM-Brxnivy, me), brawn (me and JMBarten), and ... well, nothing (zywica) to go around.

Another reason... the US game staff finds me irritating. Have they ever irritated you? Closed your thread? Banned you? Electing me NT coach is the perfect opportunity to irritate them back.

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From: Myriddan (8446287.11) as reply to (8446287.10)
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 07.16
I'll be running finally. I ran once a few years ago when national teams first came out and its about time for me to run again. I always start to run and then withdraw to support someone else. (I'll be supporting kevinapps this time too because 1) I believe he'll do a good job and 2) I will never vote for myself)

About myself: I've been the owner/manager of The Youth of the Nation for over 16 seasons; I believe I've done fairly well for myself although I was never able to promote from III. I haven't really scouted for the national or U20 teams in awhile, but back when Darqflare (I believe it was him) had his forums I was quite active.

My views on the national team: I really dislike the current national team system and hate farm teams. If I am elected I would like highly multi-skilled players and may institute a wage cap on players (Wages less than 600k say because I hate divine++++'s). As for strategies I would really like to run a counterattack depending on the players that we have available. Unforunately without knowing the talent levels of the current team and those that are currently out there I cannot decide on tactics. Ideally I would run a 4-5-1 counterrattack with a forward to wing or a 4-4-2 CA. I really believe that counterrattacking is a very good strategy (see my newest team redesign).

I wish the best of luck to the other candidates.

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From: KC-kuhnscoot (8446287.12) as reply to (8446287.11)
To: Everyone 3/26/2007 at 21.49
Not gonna waste your time with a long campaign speech, I’ll answer questions in my thread, I’ve decided to throw my name is as a candidate for NT coach.

I’ve played HT since 2003, and after a rough start have enjoyed a decent amount of success the past few seasons.

I enjoy multi-skill players and in the way the game is developing, they seem to be the way to go. That said, the current match engine still favors the monster players. If elected to be the NT coach, I wouldn’t completely leave the multi-skill movement that TR started, but I would certainly not go all out with it. There has to be a middle ground that can be successful at the national team level.

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From: butcus (8446287.13) as reply to (8446287.12)
To: Everyone 3/27/2007 at 00.53
Not much to say except im the best manager running so far so you should vote me in. I might sound rude but im just being honest. Iv been a HTer for a long time and there really isnt much I dont know about the game. Im open to answer any questions in my thread . Iv ran before and garnered decent votes but havnt quite came out on top. Im not overly active in these conferences but I can be found around here. I train defence and no stranger to winning matches with an inferior midfield but I also know the importance of winning midfield.

Thanx for your time

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From: bjceac (8446287.14) as reply to (8446287.1)
To: GM-lytic 3/27/2007 at 02.11
I would like to run for Nat team coach.

My credentials. I am approaching my 5th anniversary in hattrick, and have referred several quality managers. I have been successful at every level of HT I have competed.

I think the international game is still very much centered around the old regime with the super divine players, and the US is at a disadvantage with a minimal farm structure. I think this can be overcome by selecting a team of players of various ages, and groming a core for future World Cups. With the intent on advancing as far as possible, I would like to identify a core that the team can be built around for the next 3-5 seasons. This will be primarily accomplished with multiskill players. Multiskill guys are the key to flexibility in formation.

Good luck to all running.

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From: mystic_sage (8446287.15) as reply to (8446287.1)
To: GM-lytic 3/27/2007 at 16.54
I think the US is ready for a FEMALE coach. Since you boys have not been able to 'perform', how about giving a lady a shot.

As you can see, I've done pretty well for myself. A bit unfortunate in my first year in V, but back again for more.

I will play a 3-4-3 line up. Offense is the best defense.

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From: sammy0712 (8446287.16) as reply to (8446287.15)
To: Everyone 3/27/2007 at 17.31
I would like to announce my commitment to a solid run at NT manager... I think it is time for a taste of the west coast offense. We need to be putting more balls in the net. I have accomplished quite a bit since joining the league a short time ago. I will use both a 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 set... Its time for a change in the old regime. We obviously need to move in a different direction. As a country we have the talent we just need to put the right talent to work... I leave you with this... In me you get a committed individual with country and Team first mentality...


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From: mim0s (8446287.17) as reply to (8446287.16)
To: sammy0712 3/27/2007 at 18.20
im on the top 10 list so i have decided to run
Keywords: None
From: gwomick3 (8446287.21) as reply to (8446287.17)
To: Everyone 3/28/2007 at 22.31
I'm not in the top 10 list so I have decided to run.

We need to sacrifice the NT team. A few divine monsters and the rest multi-skilled 21 y/o players. By the time they are 29 they will have the skills and the experience required.

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From: sunsations (8446287.22) as reply to (8446287.11)
To: Everyone 3/30/2007 at 06.17
New ideas, new tactics, a guy who lives for HT- this is me. The only difference : I care!

Good luck to everybody!