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If you violate the rules the GMs and Mods have several ways of penalizing the violator, among which a team ban is considered to be one of the most severe measures, as it excludes you from the game. Often only the team is banned and the user is allowed to apply for a new team.

If you misbehave in the conferences you can get a conference ban, meaning you are able to manage your team, but your not allowed to post on the public conferences for a specified time. It is also possible to get a fine, when not respecting the conference rules.

Why is it not allowed to discuss a ban on the conferences?

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From: HT-Johan (7021255.4) as reply to (7021255.3)
To: HT-Johan 29-09-2006 at 12:30
Why can’t individual cases be discussed in the forums, and GM communication published?

Again, it’s impossible for us to discuss individual cases publicly because there are only two parties that have the information – the investigated user, and the GMs. Everyone else will have to take someone’s word for what has happened, which makes the discussion of the specific case entirely pointless. On top of that, it’s a matter of privacy – there would be no way for us to “defend” a decision without breaching the privacy agreement with the user in question.

For the same reason, you’re not allowed to post your correspondence with GMs on Hattrick or elsewhere. This is because it is a private communication, but also because it by definition creates an impossible situation for the GM. It makes life easier for prospect cheaters, for one thing. Also, the thing that happens when a case is discussed in a public forum is that it becomes a popularity contest, which can never solve the case at hand. If you are unhappy with a GM decision or attitude, it’s perfectly possible to discuss this without bringing specific cases into question. Try it.