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Charely Schweitzer (247446475)
Personal Information
Full name Charely Schweitzer
Nickname Pussy
Age57 years and 32 days
Country  Lëtzebuerg
Current team Luxembourg L'auberge espagnole
Youth Career
Youth teamLuxembourg Nouspelter Jongen
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
18 (39) - 42 (63)Luxembourg L'auberge espagnole326(56)
National Team
Luxembourg U20 Luxembourg10(11)(1)
Teams Managed
35 (56) - 40 (61)Luxembourg L'auberge espagnole

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Charely Schweitzer is a former luxembourgish winger and former National team player in Hattrick.


  • Charely Schweitzer was a player from Luxembourg, who was promoted by FC Nouspelt on May 23rd, 2009 and put on the transfers market by his owner, Maya30, the very same day.

On May 27th, 2009, L'auberge espagnole bought this player for 392,000€ at the age of 17 years and 4 days.
The player was considered at that time as one of the best promising wingers of Luxembourg's generation : his initial skills were 7 in Winger and 5 in Playmaking, but he also had a 'Quick' speciality, and his Leadership Spirit was Solid, making of him a well-chosen candidate to be a captain of the U-20 team.

  • He played a significant part in the successes of the club, helping it to win the 3rd Luxembourg series title, enabling the club to be promoted for the 2nd series.
  • On January 8th, 2010,Hattrick-link.png(266592513) (Global season 41), after 4 seasons of intensive training, he was selected for the U-20 team by the U-20 National Coach, Lyxxx, for a friendly game.
  • A week later, he was selected again to play the World Cup Qualifications, for which he played during 10 games.

Later, Charely won the 2nd series title of his club's country, and helped his club to the highest series of Luxembourg, called Nationaldivisioun.

  • In Global season 43, on August 20th, 2010 Hattrick-link.png(298832760), he was selected for the first time by Cejot1986, at the age of only 21, which showed another time how extraordinary his skills were. Nobody knew at that time, but he has then been selected for 15 seasons in the Luxembourg-NT.
  • In Global season 51 (Luxembourg season 30), he won both titles in Championship and National Cup, taking with him his club to the highests for the first time in the Hattrick Masters for the following season.
  • In Global season 53, he won again the Championship (Hattrick-link.png(449153158) on December 8th, 2013), then won the National Cup during the 2 following seasons : Global season 54 (Hattrick-link.png(468444290) on February 19th, 2014) and Global season 55 (Hattrick-link.png(482848214) on June 11th, 2014), helping the club to set a new invincibility record in Cup (26 games won in a row).
  • On the other side, he played the qualifications for World Cup with French National team several times, helping Luxembourg to be qualified for Round II in seasons 53 and 55.

Noticable fact, he got injured twice in a row while playing in NT, on January 17th, and January 24th, 2014.

  • In Global season 55 (from April to August 2014), Charely played during the World Cup, but also in the Hattrick Masters, finished at 3rd place in Championship and won the National Cup for the 3rd time, being the captain for both the semi-final Hattrick-link.png(482712425) and the final Hattrick-link.png(482848214).
  • He became the new Head Coach of L'Auberge espagnole on August 21st, 2014, at the beginning of Global season 56 (Luxembourg season 35). He was the first Excellent coach for the club.

Besides, he kept on playing for his team, scoring some crucial goals, like in Hattrick Masters during this match Hattrick-link.png(497040766).

  • In Global season 57, while playing again the World Cup Qualifications, he played his last World Cup, as a captain, player and coach of the NT-Team. The Luxembourg-NT achieved its best run in its history, losing at Round IV, at few minutes from a first medal...

Charely played his last international game on January 19th, 2015 Hattrick-link.png(499041445), 4 years and a half after being called for the first time.

He enjoyed his international retirement while giving everything for his club, and at the end of Global season 57, he won another title for L'Auberge espagnole, scoring the victory's goal during this game: Hattrick-link.png(507419501).

  • At the age of 37, years began to become a weight for him, but he won a new Championship title in Global season 59, just being a substitute during games most of times, and helping the team with his great experience during strained ends of games.
  • In Global season 60 (Luxembourg season 39), he led his team until the 4th round of the Hattrick Masters, which became the best ever performance in the club's history.
  • In Global season 61, his last one as a Head Coach, it is his highest point : he won both titles in Championship and National Cup, coming several times into the pitch in Cup to help the young players, with nice wins at the end, like the Cup semi-final Hattrick-link.png(568923989) and final Hattrick-link.png(569019058).
    He retired as a coach just after his last title, on June 9th, 2016, in Global season 61 (Luxembourg season 40).
  • His last season is Global season 62, in which he played few minutes in Cup during 4 games, helping the club to reach the Cup final again.
    His last official game was the 4th round in Cup, on June 29th, 2016 Hattrick-link.png(582444057).
  • He finally retired in Global season 64, after playing many celebration friendly games against prestigious opponents from the first series of the entire world. His last game for L'Auberge espagnole took place on April 26th, 2017, against a team in the first series of South Korea, with almost 6,000 spectators who came to watch him for the last time Hattrick-link.png(603595969).

  • On May 3rd, 2017, after a meeting with the club's staff, Charely entered the Hall of Fame and decided to take care of the young players of the club, becoming recruiter in Luxembourg region, side by side with his best friend ever, Cuzi.



Cup Champions Season 61 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 59 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 57 Cup Champions Season 55 Cup Champions Season 54 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 53 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 51 Cup Champions Season 51 Series Champions II.2 Season 46 Series Champions III.3 Season 42


  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 40 (61)
  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 34 (55)
  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 33 (54)
  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 30 (51)
  • 1  Luxembourg II.3: Season 25 (46)
  • 1  Luxembourg III.2: Season 21 (42)

  • Runner-up Luxembourg Cup : Season 39 (60)
  • Runner-up Luxembourg Cup : Season 41 (62)

  • 3  Luxembourg II.3: Season 23 (44)


Cup Champions Season 61 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 61 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 59 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 57

He became the new Head Coach on August 21st, 2014, on Global season 56 (Luxembourg season 35), and his team finished at the second place for his first season as a coach. He finally won 3 times the Championship of Luxembourg, including the last one on season 61, in which he won the two titles in Championship and in Cup.
In Global season 60 (Luxembourg season 39), he led his team for the first time until the 4th round of the Hattrick Masters.
He retired just after his last title, on June 9th, 2016 (Global season 61 - Luxembourg season 40).

  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 40 (61)
  • Runner-up Luxembourg Cup : Season 39 (60)


Here are some figures to show the incredible statistics of Charely Schweitzer in Hattrick for l'Auberge espagnole:

=> 491 matches, becoming the player who played the biggest number of games of his team.
=> including 326 official matches.
=> 334 matches as a captain of his team.
=> 136 matches as a Head Coach, including 83 official games.
=> 93 goals, including 56 goals in official games.
=> 48 times elected as the best Player of the Match, 4th rank in the club.

=> 106 matches in NT of Luxembourg, 4th rank in Luxembourg.
=> including 55 in official games.
=> 11 matches in U-20, including 10 official games.
=> 8 major titles won (4 Cups and 4 Championships).
=> 4 major titles won as a Head Coach (1 Cup and 3 Championships).
=> 7 Hattrick Masters matches.

Best performance

Best performance
Hattrick-link.png(463840944) 12/01/2014 (League match) HTStar5.pngHTStar5.pngHTStar.png


Player (Winger)

At 34 years-old, end of August 2014, here are his skills at that time : 17 in Winger, 14 in Playmaking, 11 in Passes and 5 in Defence. Experience estimated at 40.


Coach (excellent)

He becomes the new Head-Coach of L'Auberge espagnole one week later:

Coach Charely.png

He played many official games as coach-player, including 4 games in Hattrick Masters.

Recruiter of young players

He finally joined the Hall of Fame on May 3rd, 2017 and became a recruiter of young players for Los erasmuños, the youth team of the club, in the Luxembourg region. It's up to him to find the best promising players for the club.


En Equipe de Luxembourg

Here is the official picture of the National Team of Luxembourg, for the last played game of Charely in WC Qualifications, at the age of 34, in August 2014: