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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the country Lëtzebuerg. For other uses of Lëtzebuerg, see Lëtzebuerg (disambiguation)

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NT Luxembourg

Hattrick Country
Coat of Arms of Luxembourg
Location of Luxembourg (link to Google map)
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100 € = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: Europe
Luxembourg HT Country
Western Europe
Number of regions: 12
Current local season: 60
Number of teams:
(~ active)
Level of series: 4
Top series name: Nationaldivisioun
National cups: Coupe de Luxembourg (main)
Lëtzebuerg Emerald Cup (challenger)
Lëtzebuerg Ruby Cup (challenger)
Lëtzebuerg Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Lëtzebuerg Consolation Cup (third tier)
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Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg in local language) is a Western European country. It was the 73rd nation to join the Hattrick World.

Geography.png The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is landlocked country in Western Europe surrounded by België, France and Deutschland. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is one of the four official capitals of the European Union. Foreigners account for nearly half of the population of over 600 thousand people in a total area of 2,586 km², which makes it one of the least-populous countries in Europe, but by far the one with the highest population growth rate.


  • Luxembourg has got its own league since February 2004 (before this date, Luxembourg users had to play in the surrounding countries). It was one of the eight new leagues created during global season 22.
  • The translation in the national language of Luxembourg was completed on 19 October 2007, thus making Hattrick the first game ever to be available into Luxembourgish, though official languages are not only Luxembourgish, but also German and French (all three of them, together with English, can and have to be used on the national forums).
  • Luxembourg is currently divided in 12 regions, intended to reproduce the twelve cantons of the real nation. It wasn't always like that, as the country was created with only 7 regions; the major change did happened in local season 13: Iechternach, Miersch, Réiden, Réimech and Veianen were added and new and old regions were given their name in Luxembourgish, whilst two out of them, the former Gutland and the former Ösling were given names corresponding to the ones of cantons.
The most populated region is historically Luxembourg, but, due to good timing in accounts creation, teams from Dikrech dominated the first two divisions in the early days.
  • The country grew on a relatively slow and constant base and nearly reached the upper limit of users (168 for all countries starting with 3 divisions); so a division 4 began to be filled by the end of June 2005, before the start of local season 5, expanding the total capacity to 680 teams.
On February 2007 the country reached 400 users for the first time ever. During February 2009, it reached 500 users for the first time, and, by the end of 2014, there were 600 users playing in 4 divisions, which was near the capacity allowed, but also the maximum expansion before the start of a quick decrease in the number of users.
At the end of 2019 the active accounts were only 250.
  • The country has not hosted any World Cup yet.

Book of Records

Further information:
  • The first 2 users ever joined the game on 1 February 2004, although both left the game very quickly: the Ocean Dragons, owned by masako, was clossed during season 10; Neonn just left during season 1.
  • Only 25 teams founded during 2004 remain after 5 years (February 2009). The 3 oldest teams still active were: Jeunesse Champion, Belair Allstars and FC Jeunesse Kanech.
  • For a long time, Spora was the team with the most wins, league and cup wins combined, holding four league and three cup wins. They also held the most league wins alone and the title of the most cup wins together with Luxembourg Soccer Club.
  • Spora's reign was long over after FightClub Football Club managed to take the first place in the race towards the most titles, holding nine national titles. Then FightClub comes first also in the number of cup wins. Masters 10 was their moment of international glory, when they reached the final of the tournament as the first team ever from Lëtzebuerg and were only beaten by Venezuelan champions of beltxis in the penalties shoot-out.

International Trophies

Prize Shelf
30/06/2019, Champion Gold medal - WC 29

National Trophies

Coat of arms of Lëtzebuerg.png SeasonTop LeagueNational Cup
55 Kautenbach FC (1) Netherlands Snelle_Jellle Aragón team2 (1) Spain ferindy9
54 L'auberge espagnole (8) Zabal- Fc Beddini (1) Canada bosspanz
53 1. FC Sancho 29 (2) Sanchinho Kautenbach FC (1) Netherlands Snelle_Jellle
52 1. FC Sancho 29 (1)[1] Sanchinho Alisontia Steesel (4) lyxxx
51 L'auberge espagnole (7) Zabal- FC Luxemburg 57 (1) Germany Michelbocuse
50 Almost All Right (2) Sweden Trolle FSV Ferkelstadt (1) Netherlands Bergbig
49 Sufnok (1) Switzerland Fafen Fiat Lux embourg (1) Romania delaprut
48 BVB 09 forever (2) Austria Grabner Almost All Right (2) Sweden Trolle
47 BVB 09 forever (1) Austria Grabner AS Marseille sans frontières (1) France runningman
46 F13 Sancho DeLUXe (2) Sanchinho Grand-Duché Athletic S.C. (1) Germany Schulli-10
45 F13 Sancho DeLUXe (1) Sanchinho FC Bereldange (1) France74
44 Almost All Right (1) Sweden Trolle FC Arni 06 (3) Arni_M
43 L'auberge espagnole(6) Zabal- L'auberge espagnole (5) Zabal-
42 DeltaMachine (1) France blueocean Almost All Right (1) Sweden Trolle
41 FC Arni 06 (2) Arni_M DeltaMachine (1) France blueocean
40 L'auberge espagnole (5) Zabal- L'auberge espagnole (4) Zabal-
39 Celtics Spurs (1)France humility Mad fighters (2) Roland-Letz
38 L'auberge espagnole (4) Zabal- Mad fighters (1) Roland-Letz
37 Mad fighters (1) Roland-Letz FC Arni 06 (2) Arni_M
36 L'auberge espagnole (3) Zabal- F91Dudelange (1) Joachim33
35 FC Arni 06 (1) Arni_M FC Arni 06 (1) Arni_M
34 FC Fismoluni (1) fismoluni L'auberge espagnole (3) Zabal-
33 FC Nouspelt (1) Maya29 L'auberge espagnole (2) Zabal-
32 L'auberge espagnole (2) Zabal- FC Fismoluni (2) fismoluni
31 Heeschdreffer Knappen (1) Suelzer FightClub Football Club (9) DurdenTyler
30 L'auberge espagnole (1) Zabal- L'auberge espagnole (1) Zabal-
29 BRIDLY HILLS PANTHERS (1) Emmma FightClub Football Club (8) DurdenTyler
28 FightClub Football Club (12) DurdenTyler BRIDLY HILLS PANTHERS (2) Emmma
27 godfathers team (1) SHOKKO BRIDLY HILLS PANTHERS (1) Emmma
26 Kielen 46 (1) Remlem _VinciTore_ (1) _ImperaTor_
25 FightClub Football Club (11) DurdenTyler FightClub Football Club (7) DurdenTyler
24 Alisontia Steesel (3) lyxxx Alisontia Steesel (3) lyxxx
23 Alisontia Steesel (2) lyxxx Alisontia Steesel (2) lyxxx
22 FightClub Football Club (10) DurdenTyler FightClub Football Club (6) DurdenTyler
21 Alisontia Steesel (1) lyxxx Sport Lisboa Benfica ! (1) leudelange11
20 FightClub Football Club (9) DurdenTyler FA Red Boys 05 (1) Superjhemp
19 FightClub Football Club (8) DurdenTyler Alisontia Steesel (1) lyxxx
18 Belair Allstars (2) Lietsche FightClub Football Club (5) DurdenTyler
17 FightClub Football Club (7) DurdenTyler FightClub Football Club (4) DurdenTyler
16 FightClub Football Club (6) DurdenTyler FightClub Football Club (3) DurdenTyler
15 FightClub Football Club (5) DurdenTyler DreamTeam Esch (1) Bibro
14 FightClub Football Club (4) DurdenTyler FC Fismoluni (1) fismoluni
13 FightClub Football Club (3) DurdenTyler Belair Allstars (1) Lietsche
12 Belair Allstars (1) Lietsche Erster Im Ländchen (1) ZZ-80
11 FightClub Football Club (2) DurdenTyler FightClub Football Club (2) DurdenTyler
10 Gainesvillerockcity (2) Andrew_mc_hagis FightClub Football Club (1) DurdenTyler
9 FightClub Football Club (1) DurdenTyler Spora (3) zuzut
8 Spora (4) zuzut Luxembourg Soccer Club (3) Bobymoore
7 Spora (3) zuzut Spora (2) zuzut
6 Gainesvillerockcity (1) Andrew_mc_hagis Luxembourg Soccer Club (2) Bobymoore
5 Spora (2) zuzut Luxembourg Soccer Club (1) Bobymoore
4 Spora (1) zuzut Gainesvillerockcity (1) Andrew_mc_hagis
3 Young Boys Munich 04 (2) waterwalker Spora (1) zuzut
2 Young Boys Munich 04 (1) waterwalker Jamaican Penguins Bobsleigh Team (2)[2] Jillefsky
1 Grevenmacher AJ (bot) The Chemical Brothers (1) Jillefsky

The Double

The double means to win the league's top tier division and its main cup competition in the same season.

Team Name Victories Season(s)
FightClub Football Club 5 11, 16, 17, 22, 25
L'auberge espagnole 3 30, 40, 43
Alisontia Steesel 2 23, 24
Spora 1 7
FC Arni 06 1 35


At the beginning, Luxembourg was under the surveillance of foreign staff. Mod-beppo and Mod-Bilbo (before he became a GM) kept an eye on conferences.

As the country grew, an own Mod soon became a necessity. Thereforesevysak became Mod on 6 January 2005 (he left this position on 1 July 2006). The new Mod is Karlthegreat, who had already been an LA for Germany (in September 2013 he stopped his Mod and LA job). In October 2013 Maya29 became Mod, shortly later LA-cejot1986 and LA-Superjhemp joined the team to keep the luxembourgish language alive.

Current Officers:     Former Officers:

== Footnotes ==

  1. ^  Team F13 Sancho DeLUXe, managed by Sanchinho, was his second team, and 1. FC Sancho 29, his first team.
  2. ^  Changed name since then, Lionel Puget + 10 others was previously named Jamaican Penguins Bobsleigh Team, then The Chemical Brothers, HaCaT Boys and finally Atomic Force Luxembourg.

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