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Clifton Patriots (226369)
Year Founded 2006
League USA VI.561
Region Clifton, Virgina
Stadium Site Works Inc. Stadium
Coach Dirk Willem, 2007-
HT User cliftonpatriots
All-Time Leaders*
Games Mort Pugh, 48
Clean sheets Neal Johnson, 6
First Game
F.C. Beantown 3-0 Clifton Patriots
(Red Bull Arena; 8-17-2006; Friendly
Best Win
Cape May Tides 0-5 Clifton Patriots
(Site Works Inc. Stadium; 4-5-07; Friendly
Worst Defeat
Clifton Patriots 1-10 Bishopton Town
(Site Works Inc. Stadium; 11-2-06; Friendly

Clifton Patriots 0-9 Bunkie's Bubbles
(Site Works Inc. Stadium; 3-29-07; Cup
US Open Cup
Seasons 30 and 31 - Round 1

Clifton Patriots is a soccer team that plays in VI.561.



The Seattle Indians were a former soccer team name that is now known as the Clifton Patriot, from 2003 to 2006 they had a poor rep for being one of the weakest teams in Hattrick...finishing to better than 6th place the Indians were stuck in Division 6, League 561. The indians for 3 years finished in 6th, 7th, or 8th. Competing in two cups the Indians got in eliminated in the first round and second round. The team during its time finished 22-69-13. Only July 31, 2006 the team played its last game ever against the Arkansas Wolves losing 8-0. The the user, cliftonpatriots relocated, renamed, and refurbished the club giving them a better reputation, with an overal total record so far of 3-1-1.


First Season

The Clifton Patriots formed as a fantasy team spin off of the SYA Clifton Patriots, an real life succesful soccer team founded in 2001. The team is techincally located in the state of Virginia, but because of it in more of a Washington D.C. enviornment the fantasy team enrolled into the Washington D.C. league.

In August of 2006 the club started playing in Division 6, League 561 with 8 other soccer clubs. However the first match for this team was against FC Beantown, from Boston. They challenged the Patriots and the Patriots lost 0-3 at Red Bull Arena. Recently it has tried to get a challenge against Chicago oBuLLs that play in Division 6, League 561, and the greatest loosers. Recently the club has withdrawed these challenges and are planning to arrange a friendly against YoUr MoMa. None were successful.

During its first regular season game against Goonerez, the Patriots won 1-0 at Site Works Inc. Stadium in front of a crowd of 1,587 at the 12,000 seater stadium. There currently league rank is 4,569. Their second game was a lose to the razor rednecks 1-4. The team rebounded with a 3-2 win over Home$lices. The team is currently tied for 3rd place.

On September 6, 2006 the Patriots traveld to Galacia to play f.c. luckor. They lost very badly 8-0.

Throughout October 2006 the club traveled to United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Romania to play in international friendlies against international powerhouse clubs. Sadly the team never won a game, the best they did was a 2-0 loss the Spainish powerhouse, Real Jafezo; in front of about 45,000 fans.

November 2006 they shocked their league by beating Biancernari29 2-1. Later the team was critized of overworking their players in their practices, later that month firing the coach Matamorois Rios, of Mexico. Later the club hired Archie Coghlan, a British coach who many fans claim to be worse than the last coach. Later the team suprisgliny lost to their rival they beat a month ago 2-0, but lost 1-3 against them angering fans.

As the season ended things for the Patriots quieted down for a few weeks. Though as December 2006 approached the Clifton Patriots prepped for their first game in the U.S. Open Cup. The team had to play the Division III powerhouse club FC Sarajevo United. Sadly the team lost pitfully 1-8 against the club, with a goal coming from Rick Harris in the 33rd minute. Shockinly that made it 1-1.

Second Season

Clifton Patriots second season began on December 11, 2006 with an opener against Home$lices in Virginia in front of a crowd of 5,324. The Patriots went on to win 3-0.

Soon thereafter the Aggresors soccer club beat the hard 5-0 on December 18, 2006. The Patriots responded with their best friendly match ever loosing 2-1 against Pago Pago F.C.. The Patriots went on to a 5-1 win over the razor rednecks 5-1 making it their largest win in history.

Score Scorer Soccer's 07 beat the Patriots 8-0 before they beat their old rivals; Beekmantown 3-2. Soon on, the Patriots were in 3rd place in their league.

Recently the Patriots shocked their league when playing the Aggresors. What was thought to be a blowout with the Aggresors winning with a 6-1 prediction prooved wrong. After being a deadlock game the Patriots lost only 3-2, there owner saying that that would be their plan to finish out the season and to start their 3rd season in April.

Finishing out their second season, the Clifton Patriots had an easy 3-1 win over Home$lices in which finished in last place.

Before the U.S. Open Cup starts the Patriots hosted a friendly match against the Oklahoma City Spirit. The Spirit won 7-0. It should also be noted that the Patriots were using reserve players.

The Patriots entered the U.S. Open Cup game at Site Works Inc. Stadium in front of a record 10,682 fans, destroyed to see them loose 9-0 against Bunkie's Bubbles.

Third Season

The Clifton Patriots third season began with a lot of ambition. A former division 5 team had dropped out to join the league, and the Aggressors had gotten to round 2 while Bianconeri29 folded.

The Patriots won their first game of the season with their new Belgie coach Dirk Willam. The Patriots beat Gonnerrzz 2-0. Following their game against them on April 5, 2007 the Patriots played the Cape May Tides of Cape May, New Jersey. It was predicted to be a 1-0 victory for the Patriots, but the Patriots destryoed the Tides 5-0.

The Patriots next game is against arch-rivals Beekmantown. They're all schedueld for a friendly against a Dutch team called Flappie's Revenge. The Patriots will travel to play at Rabbit Hill located in Fryslân, Nederland. This will make it the first time the Patriots left the United States to play a international friendly since February 20, 2007 when the travled to Finland to play Tupla Pääpotku in Jyväskylä.

Matches Played


Record; 1 win, 11 losses, 1 tie

Cup Rules


On September 3, 2006 cliftonpatriots achieved the Standard Hattrick Manager's Dipoloma.


The Clifton Patriots are proabably best known in their league for being on of the richest teams.


The Stars and Stripes are the offical supporter's club for the Clifton Patriots. The clubs status currently is satisfied, and there is about 534 members.

Attendance Averages

Regular Seasons

  • Season 30: 4,521
  • Season 31: 8,758


  • Season 30: 7,569
  • Season 31: 10,632

Friendly Matches

  • Season 30: 234
  • Season 31: 633