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Zones are formed by entire continents or parts of continents.

Continental championship

Continents have their own regional competitions, just like in real life. All National teams in Hattrick will be guaranteed a place in their continental championships:

Continent NT U-21
Africa Editions & champions Editions & champions
North America and South America Editions & champions Editions & champions
Asia and Oceania Editions & champions Editions & champions
Europe Editions & champions Editions & champions

These regional tournament are played in the first season of the National Team cycle, immediately after the new NT coach takes office, and also function as the qualifier for the World Cup.

The continental championship is played in groups of 6 teams, home and away, over 10 weeks. The best 8 teams from the group stages enter the finals, at the end of which a champion will be crowned.

During the continental championships, match times are optimized for the local communities - no need to stay awake for European prime time, as the case has been until now.

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