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Dopefish is a student, who dwells in the sewers of Amsterdam, it's a friendly creature, but the sewer damps, and a truckload of alcohol, have polluted his mind. There is not much more I can tell about this creature, he is a member in ZF for as long as I know.


Dopefish usually settles in his little cosy room in the centre of Amsterdam, but he is frequently to be found in other places, often bars. As a student Dopefish consumes large amounts of coffee during work-hours and beer outside work-hours. As a result of this he resides a lot in lavatories. Luckily he thinks of the lavatory as his favourite place to think and get new ideas, so he doesn't mind. His room-mates do not like this habit as much though, since Dopefish is a self-claimed "Master of Stink".


The user is known mostly for his achievements on the conferences, being an active member of (in)famous federations like ZF, PBFNB and StuF. Dopefish participated once in a NT-election, trying to get elected as U20-coach for the Netherlands. He officially finished 7th, but since the election winner's team was deleted and the runner-up took over the U20-team Dopefish insists he ended in 6th position.

The Dopefish team hasn't really achieved anything noteworthy, except for a championship in Dutch division VIII.1757, with 13 wins and only 1 draw, and a hard-fought championship in VII.331. The all-time best result was a 4th place in VI.169, although the league consisted of 5 normal and 3 BOT-teams that season.

Notable (former) players

Carl Rask Thomsen


Dopefish has many rivals in Hattrick. His main rival was Hayerisator, both were members of the Zeverfed (ZF) and were known to frequently call each other the foulest of names in the federation conferences. When it got too bad the ZF's internal Moderating staff known as 'Oppers' restored order by closing the topics and removing all the posts containing nasty language in order to keep ZF a happy place for all. This rivalry ended when Hayerisator annoyed the Hattrick GM-staff once too many and was removed from Hattrick, for ever.

Another rival is the Flemish manager oldtrafford, this rivalry goes so far back no-one can remember how it started. Oldtrafford introduced Dopefish to ZF, they knew each other from PBFNB, and shortly after this it must have started. If both managers compete in a game their main duty is to defeat the other one, not to win the game. Oldtrafford has won most games, apart from matches between their youth teams. Their youth teams have met 3 times, all ended in glorious victories for the Dopefish youth team, known as Dopefish Jan-Willem Rots VoetbalAcademie or D-JWRVA. Their real teams have never played any friendly games, because both managers are afraid the other one will win and boast about it for all eternity.