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Dynamo Sparta
Dynamo Sparta F.C.
Full name: Dynamo Sparta Football Club
Nicknames: Sparta
Country: Oceania Oceania
Founded: 2008 as Super Dud XI
Motto: Triumphus usque ad mortem
(Triumph till Death)
League: Season 22: V.16       Season 23-30: VI.897
Season 31: V.80              Season 38: VI.36
Season 42: VI.6
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Fan Club: The Spartan Army
Owner: Jordan1
Chairman: Jordan1
Manager: Jordan1
Coach: Oceania Debjit Furia
Sherryfield Road
(12,000 seats)
Cannedia Park
(300 seats)
Primary: Navy Blue & Gold
Secondary: White & Navy Blue
VI.897 Season 23 VI.897 Season 30 VI.36 Season 38
League: 3
Oceania Cup: 0
OWAAT Cup: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0
Golden Ball: 6
Golden Boots: 5
Home kit Away kit

Dynamo Sparta Football Club (often simply known as Sparta) are a Hattrick football club based in the city of Melbourne, Australia and compete under the Oceanian flag. Sparta has been one of Oceania's most historically rich and loyally supported clubs, despite suffering several hardships in more recent times. They play in series VI.6 and have won 3 league championships.

Sparta was founded in 2008 and was the first of the Kew High group to participate in competitive Hattrick. They won their first trophy in their inaugural season of competition (Oceanian season 23) but were not promoted due to falling behind the promotion boundary. After a downfall period in the seasons following, Sparta hit great heights in season 30 earning promotion to division V and claiming their second trophy.

A season after their second league title, the club suffered financial and motivational adversity, and were forced to fold after nine seasons of competition. The club made a brief return to Hattrick for season 38 before folding for a second time. Currently the club is in its third era and hopes to continue on for many seasons to come.

Dynamo Sparta has had two stadiums throughout its history. The first stadium was Crapena Arena, which was renamed Souvlaki Stadium at its reconstruction to 40,000 seats. Since the club folded in 2010, Souvlaki Stadium was knocked down; but at the revival of the club at the end of 2013 a new stadium was built to signify new beginnings for the club, and thus the club then moved to Sherryfield Road. The club also played at a field which they temporarily called Jokitalo Park for a season before its second fold.

Sparta has a loyal and energetic fan base having boasted some of the best atmospheres in Oceanian football thanks to their Spartan Army supporter group. The club is owned and chaired by media personality Jordan1, and its motto is Triumphus usque ad mortem which translates from Latin to "Triumph 'till Death'. Former team ID’s have been 423759 and 418933.



Dynamo Sparta was founded on the 14th of January, 2008 as Super Dud XI (423759). The team was born at the end of season 23 in a division V series and were relegated into VI.897 almost instantaneously. Immediately after the relegation the club changed its name to TAS/VIC Greek Heroes and was known as this name for a further year. The club went on to win the VI.897 title in their first full season, but due to complications and rulings with promotion eligibility, the club was forced to remain in the division VI series.

The TAS/VIC Greek Heroes (or simply TVGH) struggled for several seasons afterwards to find their way out of division VI, finishing between 2nd and 4th on multiple occasions. The clubs group of supporters were becoming increasingly frustrated at the team’s inability to gain promotion, despite showing promise for several seasons, but falling short on many occasions. Pressure was being applied from fans and sponsors alike, and this pressure eventually culminated into an event known as The Transfer Period.

Rejuvenation & "The Transfer Period"

After many seasons of trying to win the VI.897 title and get their way back up to division V the team went under a serious reconstruction period. At the end of the season 26 the club officially changed its name to Dynamo Sparta F.C.. The Transfer Period was a landmark event in the clubs history. The period only lasted for a week yet it had a big influence on the clubs reputation. Several fledgling new clubs made it clear that they were interested in some of Sparta's older, more experienced players who were surplus to requirements at the now renamed Souvlaki Stadium. The club’s board had been pressuring the coaching department to buy new players and sell old ones to help bolster the squad. Manager Jordan1 saw this as a great opportunity to rid the club of its unwanted players, lighten the heavy load of a 37 man squad as well as inject some flair and youth into the bland team. A large quantity of players were sold, footballers from countries such as Finland, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Germany were all purchased to help inject the squad with international quality and Dynamo Sparta were finally left with a comfortable 25 players. In the eyes of the fans, this marked the moment that Dynamo Sparta became a club to contend with.

A New Beginning

"A New Beginning" was the slogan that Sparta used at the beginning of season 29. The club had attained exciting new players, a new internationally acclaimed coach, had built up a large war chest of $12 million, had secured sponsorship deals with large worldwide companies, Souvlaki Stadium underwent a 10,000 seat expansion, and its supporter base had been at its largest.

Season 29 turned out to be very successful for the club. The team got off to a slow start but eventually went on an amazing winning streak, only to be cut short by league leaders IC FC. Sparta finished in a promising 2nd on the table, 7 points adrift of top. Mikko Jokitalo had an outstanding season, hitting the first 5-star performance for any player at the club. Fili Rutland was the most consistent striker of the year, Herb Fitzpatrick scored his 50th career goal, and the three inaugural members of the Dynamo Sparta F.C. Hall of Fame were inducted.

A lot of people around the club were pleased, but with IC FC gaining promotion, Sparta became the new strongest team in VI.897 and the favourites to achieve promotion. In season 30, the club accomplished what it had set out to do. An impeccable record throughout the season saw Sparta finish off undefeated with 13 wins and a solitary draw, score 90 goals for a goal difference of 79 goals, and win the league with 40 points, finally claiming promotion into division V. This marked the clubs second ever trophy, and is seen as one of the best moments in Dynamo Sparta's history.


Following the successes of season 30, hardships hit the club in season 31. The jump to division V came as a shock to the club, who weren't able to cope with the level of a higher division on and off the field. The club slumped to its worst season ever, winning only two games and losing ten - both club records - with two draws as well. The club scored only 17 goals and conceded 31 - also club records - yet surprisingly managed to finish in 6th position. This was enough to send the club into turmoil.

Off the field, the club became financially cash-strapped. In the lead up to the season, the pressure the board and coaching department had put on themselves to keep up with the standards of division V saw Sparta make some big money signings. Unfortunately, these came to no avail as the club continuously suffered terrible losses. This also turned casual supporters away, meaning the club wasn't making enough money through ticket sales either. By the end of the season the culmination of wasted signings, low crowd attendances and sponsors cutting ties with the club meant the club had hit all-time lows in the financial department. Despite a poor record, not being relegated meant another season in division 5, which the owner and chairman Jordan1 decided would be too much for the club.

By the end of season 31, Jordan1 handed Dynamo Sparta F.C.'s licence back into the Oceanian Hattrick Federation, and the club officially ceased to compete.

Brief Comeback

At the start of November 2012, there were widespread rumours that Dynamo Sparta F.C. would return to Hattrick almost three years after folding. On November 10, the rumours became fact when Dynamo Sparta (418933) received their licence into the Oceanian Hattrick Federation. The club was placed into VI.36 for season 38 and after Souvlaki Stadium was torn down at the end of the first era, the Mikko Jokitalo Park was built for the second era. The park was a small temporary playing field with intentions to expand upon it in the future, and was named after the Finnish club legend. Sparta obtained a new squad, new coaches, new facilities, and the same large fan base. The club went on to have one if its best seasons on record, winning 13 games and losing only once to claim their third ever title.

Jubilation quickly turned into heartbreak for the club at the end of the season as owner Jordan1 revealed he wouldn't be able to operate the club anymore due to various other ventures he was pursuing. This caused fans to turn riotous at the conclusion of the season, especially coming off a fantastic campaign and looking forward to hopefully excelling in their second attempt at division V. Again, for the second time, the Dynamo Sparta licence was revoked.

The Third Reign

Over a year since the club began its second era, former owner Jordan1 announced on December 18, 2013 that Dynamo Sparta F.C. (422416) would be making its return to Hattrick. Jordan1' ventures he pursued at the end of 2012 had come to an end, and he announced that he was able to take complete control of the club once again. Supporters were initially cautious when hearing of Sparta's return, claiming it would be another tease and the club would soon fold again. Former manager Jordan1 has been reinstated at Dynamo Sparta and will take the reins once more in the clubs third era.

The Sherryfield Road stadium had been built in a new location for Dynamo Sparta to play home games in, with the local government providing decoys and excuses as to why the new stadium was being built, so to keep Sparta's return under wraps. The stadium is to hold 12,000 spectators in the clubs first seasons, with reports suggesting the club would look to expand so to accommodate for its supporters.

Colours and Crest

The club's colours have traditionally been navy blue and gold, which symbolise the clubs heritage base of Europe and the culture of triumph, respectively. The home strip is navy blue and gold vertical stripes, gold shorts, with gold and navy blue hooped socks. The away strip is white with a diagonal navy blue sash and diagonal stripes, navy blue shorts, and white and navy blue hooped socks.

The club has had one logo under the name Dynamo Sparta, and it was taken from a template of the Sparta Prague logo, with whom they share similar names with. The logo consists of a circle which contains blue and gold stripes and the letters "DS" in black text; this is bordered by a white band that reads "Dynamo Sparta Football Club" in red text within it. The logo also features a skirt underneath split into three sections, which simply harbour the clubs colours: navy blue, gold and navy blue again.


The club plays its home games at Sherryfield Road (more commonly known as Sherryfield) and has done so since the start of season 42 in Oceania. Sherryfield was constructed midway through 2013 in preparation for the clubs revival in December of the same year, and will only house 12,000 spectators for the first few seasons of the clubs third era. There has been speculation that Sparta will look to expand its stadium so to house its once, and yet again, large group of loyal supporters.

The old Souvlaki Stadium

The club trains at the new Cannedia Park facilities which houses gymnasiums, ice and heat baths, modern technological football facilities, as well as football pitch covered by an inflatable dome.

Through the clubs first era Souvlaki Stadium was the home to Sparta, and reached a maximum capacity of 40,000 seats in its lifetime. It formerly went under the names of Crapena Arena (during the Super Duds XI period) and TVGH Stadium (during the TAS/VIC Greek Heroes period). It boasted one of the best turfs in the Victorian region. The stadium had four stands, coloured seats and roofs to match the team colours, and four distinctive light towers in each corner of the stadium. The Spartan Army positioned themselves at the bottom tier of the northern Florian Gunn Stand during home matches (named after former goalkeeper Florian Gunn). The eastern stand was named the Sebastian Ocampo Wing after the famous winger, the southern stand was known as the Franklin Giannopoulos End after the legendary striker, and the western stand was named the Jokitalo Wing after club champion Mikko Jokitalo.

During the clubs very brief second era, the team moved to a makeshift field which had hopes to have a proper stadium built upon it. They had named it Mikko Jokitalo Park which didn't last long once the club folded for a second time. To not dishonour club legend Mikko Jokitalo by tearing down the small park in his name, it is expected for the club to name a section of Sherryfield after the fullback once it is expanded upon.


Dynamo Sparta had two major sponsors throughout its first era. JICK3, a now defunct company run by owner and chairman Jordan1, was the main organisation that owned the club. Given the tight knot the club and company formed courtesy of the owner, the kit sponsor was instead kindly given to Sony. Sparta's kit supplier was Nike, and other minor sponsors include CREATIVE, Vodafone and the Herald Sun.

Through the second era, the club formed and disbanded so quickly it didn't acquire sufficient sponsors in enough time. This was an influence in the clubs second premature end.

Thanks to better preparation, Jordan1 was able to bring upon more sponsors to help see Sparta through its third era. Sponsors closer to Dynamo Sparta's community came on board with worldwide bank leader OmniBank (based in Sparta's location) joining forces with the club as the team’s major shirt sponsor, as well as automobile manufacturer Ascent taking the space on the back of the clubs kits. Rouge breweries and the Phire sports drink companies came on board before the commencement of season 42 and will sponsors the club in minor roles. Umbro has taken over from Nike as kit manufacturer.

Period Kit Supplier Shirt Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Minor Sponsor Minor Sponsor
2008-2009 Nike SONY CREATIVE None None
2009-2010 Nike SONY CREATIVE Vodafone Herald Sun
2013-present Umbro OmniBank Ascent Rouge Phire


The Spartan Army is the name of the main supporter group of Dynamo Sparta. Hailing from a sports-mad city there is no doubting the passion and energy the fan club has. During matches "The Spartan Army" will usually bring loud instruments such as drums, horns, trumpets and tambourines among others to create an epic atmosphere and intimidate the opposition. The Spartan Army always have high hopes for the club, and it won't matter where the team are placed on the table, they will always have the belief that the team can pull off a victory.

Having made the bottom tier of the old Gunn Stand their own you will always find the near-2000 odd members creating havoc on game day. The leader of the Spartan Army - the ever friendly Michalis Christopoulos - is always seen with his Hoplite helmet on and is nicknamed "Leonidas" around the club. He can be seen blowing his signature bugle when leading the fans into "battle". Prior to kick-off at a home match, he will blow his trumpet and lead the fan club and other home fans into a battle cry to pump up the crowd and the team, and create a roaring atmosphere.

Club chants

Popular club songs sung by The Spartan Army, as well as other Sparta fans, are:

  • "Our hearts are gold, our blood is blue" (Club anthem)
  • "On the Road to Sherryfield" (Sung on the march before a home game)
  • "My spear in my hand, my shield on my arm, we'll fight like hell, 'cause this is Sparta!"
  • "We are the Army, the Spartan Army" (Sung to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine")
  • "Uncle Seb" (Sung to the tune of "Knick-Knack Paddywhack")
  • "And it's Dynamo, Dynamo Sparta, oh we are the greatest team the world has seen by far"
  • "I'm Spartan 'till I die!"
  • "Stand up if you love Sparta" (Sung to the tune of "Go West" by The Village People)
  • "Jokitalo, the thief in the night" (Sung for club legend Mikko Jokitalo)
  • "And some Herbs to top it off" (Sung for noted goal scorer Herb Fitzpatrick)
  • "Hey Nout" (Sung to the tune of "Hey Jude" by The Beatles for Nout Laarhoven)
  • "He's the Apolonio in our eye" (Sung for goalkeeper Apolonio Abade)
  • "When your name is Cockman there is only one place you can be; that's VSV" (Anti-VS Vlissingen and anti-Fidel Cockman chant)


Perhaps the strongest rivalry Dynamo Sparta have is that with cross-town rival VS Vlissingen. The teams share a strong, yet special, rivalry due to the clubs managers being best of friends. The two teams, although they don't play each other that often, are considered to be two of the strongest rivals in Oceania, with supporters often turning violently against each other at the conclusion of a match.

The Melbourne Hurricanes and Sparta also shared a fierce rivalry for the same reason before the Hurricanes folded, but the stakes weren't as high as the VSV rivalry. When Sparta were in VI.897 the match-up against The Scholars was dubbed a low-level "Victorian Derby".


First-team squad

As of 24 November 2012

No. Position Player
1 GK Spain Apolonio Ábade
2 DF Slovakia Marek Vohrálik (Co-Captain)
3 WB Finland Mikko Jokitalo (Co-Captain)
4 DF Sweden Mattias Håkansson
5 FW Spain Albert Mages (3º vice-captain)
6 MF Belgium Artur Glapiak
7 MF Switzerland Claudio Girod (2º vice-captain)
8 FW Oceania Conrad Charlesworth
9 FW Oceania Fili Rutland
11 FW Spain César Cea
12 GK Oceania Elton Swancutt
No. Position Player
13 MF Poland Stanisław Suchoń
14 MF Netherlands Kerewin Cannegieter
15 MF Oceania Yan Fleming
16 MF Oceania Temuera Bundy
17 WI Poland Racimir Kuzniewski
18 GK Italy Dritëro Gjana
19 FW Chile Roberto Gacitúa
21 FW Oceania Kirk Meninga
22 DF Oceania Braith Sherwin
23 MF Netherlands Nout Laarhoven
24 DF Mexico Fermín Martín del Campo

For a list of notable Dynamo Sparta F.C. players, see List of Dynamo Sparta F.C. players

Hall of Fame

The Dynamo Sparta F.C. Hall of Fame was opened on the 9th of February 2010, when long-time centre back Timmy Brooker was retired into it, and was the first Hall of Fame inductee. Soon after, legendary Danish coach Leon Christensen and long-serving fullback Dave Arnull were inducted.

Following the clubs disbandment at the conclusion of season 31, the Hall of Fame became defunct and a new Hall of Fame was required when the club was revived for its third era at the beginning of season 42. The old Hall of Famers’ were inducted immediately and were joined by new inductees on the day the club received its third licence.

The current list of players in the Hall of Fame is:

Role Name Nationality Inducted
Player Timmy Brooker  Oceania 09-02-2010
Coach Leon Christensen  Danmark 14-02-2010
Player Dave Arnull  Oceania 05-04-2010
Player Arthur Poore  Oceania 26-07-2010
Player Brock Bradley  Oceania 18-12-2013
Player Mikko Jokitalo  Suomi 18-12-2013
Player Franklin Giannopoulos  Oceania 18-12-2013
Player Herb Fitzpatrick  Oceania 18-12-2013
Player Fili Rutland  Oceania 18-12-2013
Player Mattias Håkansson  Sverige 18-12-2013
Player Marek Vohrálik  Slovensko 18-12-2013
Player Boris Arce  Brasil 18-12-2013
Player Kerewin Cannegieter  Nederland 18-12-2013


For more details on this topic, see List of Dynamo Sparta F.C. personnel

Manager - Jordan1  Oceania
Jordan1 learned about Hattrick through friends who work at a Melbourne-based radio station. Jordan received his team on the 14th of January 2008, and named the first ever squad "Super Dud XI". After just two months he changed the team name to "TAS/VIC Greek Heroes" and then again to "Dynamo Sparta F.C.". He, along with his team of coaches and trainers, have developed, bought, and played a wide variety of players from various countries, and training them into the players needed for the team's style of play. Jordan has received his manager’s licence and has won three league titles.

Current Technical Staff

Position Name Nationality
Manager Jordan1  Oceania
Assistant Manager Vacant
First team coach Dimitar Zlatanov  Bulgaria
First team coach Debjit Furia  Oceania
Director of Football Sebastián Ocampo  Oceania
Goalkeeper Coach Robert Bursian  Rossiya
Goalkeeper Coach Florian Gunn  Oceania
Fitness Coach David Economidis  Hellas
Psychologist Hua Chee-Beng  Việt Nam
Psychologist Omiros Charitopoulos  Hellas
Physiotherapist Filippo Bottegal  Portugal
Physiotherapist Okhropir Orbelianov  Sakartvelo
Head Doctor Dr. Shalva Amilakhori  Sakartvelo
Kit manager Lukhum Inalipa  Sakartvelo

Current Board of Directors

Position Name Nationality
Owner & Chairman Jordan1  Oceania
Assistant Chairman and Director Robert Bursian  Rossiya
Treasurer and Finance Director Peitong Li  China
Organisation Director Sam Ackroyd  Oceania
Marketing and Sales Director Hasitha Bandara Sri Lanka flag.png Sri Lanka
Media and Communications Director Samuele Zito  Italia
Institutional and Assets Director Mathieu Endriss  Schweiz
Sports Director Fritz Eisenberger  Deutschland
Social Director Benjamín Abolafio Martínez  España
Accountant David Hansson  Sverige
Accountant Antonio Mena  España
Spokesperson Sten Mån  Sverige


Season (Global) Series Standing Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup (Eliminated By) Bot?
23 (35) VI.897 Winner 11 2 1 41 18 23 35 Round 2 (Aussie Hip Hop)
24 (36) VI.897 3rd 7 2 5 23 21 2 23 Round 1 (Northern Teritory FC)
25 (37) VI.897 4th 5 3 6 31 30 1 18 Round 1 (Chelsea.F.C)
26 (38) VI.897 2nd 8 3 3 33 18 15 27 Round 1 (Northland-Over Fifties)
27 (39) VI.897 5th 5 2 7 20 27 -7 17 Round 2 (Balmain F.C.)
28 (40) VI.897 3rd 10 1 3 44 21 23 31 Round 1 (Wombats AFC)
29 (41) VI.897 2nd 10 0 4 40 16 24 20 Round 2 (Wilby Wanderers II)
30 (42) VI.897 Winner 13 1 0 90 11 79 40 Round 3 (Celtic_Springs)
31 (43) V.80 6th 2 2 10 17 31 -14 8 Round 2 (PimP HoBo)
Season (Global) Series Standing Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup (Eliminated By) Bot?
38 (50)* VI.36 Winner 13 0 1 83 7 76 39 Round 3 (Hoodmen F.C.)
Season (Global) Series Standing Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup (Eliminated By) Bot?
42 (54) VI.6 6th - - - 22 45 -23 13 -

Bot?: A check mark means season was completed by an inactive coach/bot


Club Honours

Division VI.PNGDivision VI Series Champions

  • Winners: (3) VI.897 (Season 23, 30), VI.36 (Season 38)
  • Runners-Up: (2) VI.897 (Season 26, 29)

National Cup.PNGThe Oceania Cup

  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil

HT Masters.PNGThe Hattrick Masters:

  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil


  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil

Individual Honours

Goldenball.png Golden Ball

  • Winners: Herb Fitzpatrick (Season 23), Mikko Jokitalo (24-26, 29), Fili Rutland (30)
  • Runners-Up: Fili Rutland (Season 23-26), Herb Fitzpatrick (24-26), Dave Arnull (24), Brock Bradley (24), Mattias Håkansson (30)

Goldenboot-old.PNGGolden Boot

  • Winners: Oscar Gianotta (Season 23 with 8 goals), Fili Rutland (24 with 9), Herb Fitzpatrick (25 with 10, 26 with 8), Franklin Giannopoulos (30 with 18)
  • Runners-Up: Franklin Giannopoulos (29 with 11), Fili Rutland (30 with 14)

  • Note: The Golden Ball award goes by the highest number of stars. If there are a multiple number of players with the same amount of stars, then the winner is decided by the highest TSI. The winning player must've played a minimum of 5 matches, this does not count for runner-up.

Statistics and Records

For more details on this topic, see Dynamo Sparta F.C. records.

Franklin Giannopoulos holds the record for Sparta appearances, having played 147 first-team matches from 2008 onwards. His 150th cap will be a great occasion. Centre-half Arthur Poore comes second, having played 143 times. The record for a goalkeeper is held by Boris Arce, with 133 appearances.

Herb Fitzpatrick is the club's top goal scorer with 50 goals in all competitions from 2008 and onwards. Fili Rutland's total of 43 comes in second, with Giannopoulos coming in 3rd with a total of 35. Sparta's record home attendance is 30,000 exactly, at the Souvlaki Stadium.



Date Achievement Points
14-01-2008 Pulled a youth player 10
14-01-2008 Team was ranked amongst the top 3000 25
19-01-2008 Bought player 10
29-02-2008 Player's skill increased 10
15-04-2008 Sold player 10
02-10-2008 Fan club size exceeded 1000 members 5
07-03-2009 Cash is king 15
05-05-2009 Sold a youth player 10
09-07-2009 Sold a rebought youth player. 10
09-02-2010 Promoted a player to Hall of Fame 15


Date Achievement Points
16-01-2008 Home-grown lineup 25
23-01-2008 Team reached more than 20 stars in a match 5
13-02-2008 Played international friendly match 10
16-08-2009 Team reached an average match rating of weak. 5


Date Achievement Points
06-06-2009 Wrote a forum post 10
10-06-2009 Wrote a press announcement 10

Flag Collection

Hosted Countries
Sweden Spain South Korea Greece Germany

Visited Countries
Finland Poland Portugal Italy Spain Romania Ukraine Greece Slovakia Germany

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