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Enschede United (23858)
Enschede United
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Club information
LocationOverijssel Nederland
Arenathe Olympic Stadium of Enschede
Fan ClubDe Rolstoelside

About the team

The team

Enschede United is a team with ambition. They play in division V.??? in the Netherlands. Enschede United plays at the Olympic Stadium of Enschede (36.000). The club strives for a selection with a regional character. Most players are from the Youthsquad, or from an other Dutch team. Only when it's really necessary, United buys foreign players.

Current season


Season 15

Enschede United was establisht on june the 9th 2005 and started in division XI.212 in Nederland. Before this date, two matches in this competition where already played (and both where lost), but thanks to the Romanian coach Niculae Modoran, United won 11 of the remaining 12 matches. So Enschede won the championship at their debut.

Season 16

This season started with a defeat, against the also promoted De Stofkappen. Niculae Modoran though kept his nerves and that of the team, so of the following 13 matches, 12 where won and 1 ended in a draw. With a victory against De Stofkappen, the championship was reached on the last day.

Season 17

This season was the best season ever! The 2-2 draw against FC Gnurft was the only loss of points in this competition. The power of Enschede was emphasized by the fact that there where only 6 goals scored against this team. The Olympic Stadium of Enschede was the new ground of the club, because the old Enschede Arena turned out to be to small.

Season 18

For this season a new coach has been appointed. The Romanian coach Niculae Modoran has been replaced by his Swiss colleague Morgan Petrie. For the first time in their history United played for the KNVB Beker (the Dutch Cup). United lost with 2-3 against Goodfellaz (a team in division V). This league was a very strong one. In the first match the later (and right) champion FC M'non was defeated. After that a lot of points where thrown away. United ended up in the third place, behind angstgegner FC Riko. Reasons for this poor season are the defensive 5-4-1 system, good tactics of the opponents and just bad luck.

Season 19

In the KNVB Beker United was defeated by Holthe with 0-1. Big teams in the league like GP_Manager and FC Riko (2x) where beaten, but United lost against the relatively small radiokaka and outsider Jimmy-Boys. United ended as runner-up behind GP_Manager.

Season 20

This season the championship of division VIII.242 was finaly won. The season started bad, when United lost in the first round of the cup by FC Smurfendorp with 1-3. Also the match against Jimmy-Boys was lost, but after that, United only drawed against FC Riko and the rest was won. This season stadium was extended from 17,000 to 21,000 places.

Season 21

United lost in the first round of the cup with shoot outs (3-2) against wezienweleven. In the league United faced tough opposition. After seven matches, United held the third place, 6 points behind number one Cor_Los United. But an unexpected serie of victories brought Enschede their fifth trophy in the end. This extraordinary result was reached with a 5-4-1 system!

Season 22

For the first time, United made it to the second round of the cup, by beating Kingma United with 1-2. FC hartlepool ended the expedition one week later with a 2-0 defeat. In the league (VI.588) United was only able to win two matches and so they ended on the last place. The first relegation in club history is a fact. This season, the Olympic Stadium has been expanded to 30.000 spectators. United also started a youth academy. The youth squad plays in the Dragon Cup.

season 23

In division VII.385, seven teams could win the title, in the end United took the title, because of a dangerous attack and a solid defense. It was a thrilling competition though, only in the 13th round, Enschede took the first place and kept it till the very end. United reached the third round in the cup. A good start for the new coach Rui Borges da Silva.


Players and coaches

Most important players

This are the most important players in this team.

Important former players

This former players where important for the team in the past.


Here are all the coaches who worked for Enschede United.

Frans HilgersomNederland9-6-200513-6-2005150
Niculae ModoranRomânia13-6-200525-4-200615, 16, 173
Morgan PetrieSchweiz25-4-200611-6-200718, 19, 20, 21, 222
Rui Borges da SilvaPortugal11-6-2007now232

The Olympic Stadium of Enschede

Het Olympisch Stadion van Enschede (815551) (The Olympic Stadium of Enschede) is the stadium of Enschede United. This stadium is the successor of the Enschede United Arena, which was too small. The stadium was build on januari the 15th 2006 (and has been extended on april the 15th 2006 to 17.000 and futher extended on november the 25th 2006 to 21.000 and after that extended on march the 24th 2007, and finaly extended to 30.000 on august the 4th 2007).

Total capacity: 30.000
Terraces: 18.750
Basic seating: 7.500
Seats under roof: 3.000
Seats in VIP boxes: 750