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The FF UT-Shield is knockout friendly cup competition organised by the Football Forums Hattrick Federation. It is a subsidiary competition of the FF UT-Cup and is for teams who have failed to progress to the knockout phase from the group stages of that tournament. It started global season 25 and is currently in it's 7th season. There are two sides of the cup. One for teams from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales) and one for teams from anywhere else in the World.

This split was done for a reason. When the FFHF was first formed the member clubs were made up of long-standing continental, mainly Scandanavian clubs and inexperienced UK based teams. The UK teams were getting quite severe regular thrashings from their continental counterparts in FF UT-Cup games. So a decision was made to put all the UK teams in their own side of the draw so they too could enjoy the opportunity of a little cup glory.

The winners of either side of the cup draw meet in a play-off match to determine the holder of the FF UT-Trophy.

Previous Winners[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

Season Flag Winner Result Runner-up Flag
25 Northern Ireland Knappcockers 2 - 0 Tangerine's Scotland
26 England smokin keefs blades 5 - 0 Albany Rangers Northern Ireland
27 Scotland Dunkys Mob 2 - 0 Jam's Quwa Northern Ireland
28 England Barnsleygrr 1 - 0 Dunkys Mob Scotland
29 Northern Ireland Albany Rangers 2 - 1 wycombe England
30 Northern Ireland Knappcockers 4 - 1 Trotting in Toon England
31 England Wincobank Ironopolis 2 - 0 Albany Rangers Northern Ireland

Rest of the World[edit]

Season Flag Winner Result Runner-up Flag
25 Deutschland TV Niedersessmar 8 - 0 Schlafmützen eV Deutschland
26 Norge Jam-Team 4 - 0 Lister eSports Deutschland
27 Norge Grotbekkveien IL 2 - 1 Bebe Romo Republica Dominicana
28 Norge Kanaris 2 - 0 Hjuksebø Town Norge
29 Norge Bloodhawks 2 - 0 Romperytterne Norge
30 Norge Værstingane! 3 - 2 Romperytterne Norge
31 Norge biggens 2 - 1 Hjuksebø Town Norge

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