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Football Forums UT-Cup (75952)
Chief Officer FFHF-Briscoe
Founding date 14-02-2005
Members 54 (on 12-03-09)
Languages English

The Football Forums Hattrick Federation or FFHF (AllianceID: 75952) is an international English speaking federation based at Football Forums or FF as it is more commonly known is a global community of over 18500 football fans who come together to discuss the beautiful game. Webuser - one of the UK's best selling internet magazines - named FF as it's 2005 football-related forum of the year.


FF has an active and ever-growing Hattrick section where users are invited to join and discuss anything and everything to do with Hattrick. Being a HT supporter is not a pre-requisite for joining our community and we welcome all teams regardless of their status. The vast majority of federation activity takes place on our external forums meaning that any users who post their team details on the forum can participate in any competitions or activity they wish. However the nature of HT supporter means that some features are only available to actual federation members.


The FFHF offers:

  • A friendly environment in which to share Hattrick experiences & knowledge.
  • New User Guides.
  • The FF UT-Cup (and other friendly tournaments)
  • Midweek Friendly Arranger
  • Transfer Forum
  • Regular prize-giving competitions
  • Sponsorship of new teams

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The membership of the FFHF includes some very well-known and respected HT-users who are always more than willing to share their experience and knowledge to help members progress their teams.

FFHTforums.png FF Hattrick Forums

Office Titles

The federation has a number of office titles available to it's members.

Executive Suite Member

All members who use the FFHF prefix in their HT-user name are eligible for this title.

Season Ticket Holder

Members who have registered at Football Forums and have posted their team details are eligible for this title.


Everyone who joins the federation is automatically assigned as a supporter.

Associate Member

Not formally part of the federation. They are teams without a supporter package who are registered at Football Forums who take part in our hattrick forum. Part of our federation ethos is to occassionally reward forum participation with a three month supporter package.

Federation History

Founded by FFHF-Briscoe the FFHF grew out of another HT federation called Ultima Thule (UT) (AllianceID: 6050). UT were founded 30/11/2003 and were a relatively small but close knit group of like-minded HT managers who all played another internet-based game called Ultima Online. They were in need of an online home and one of their number who was a forum administrator at Football Forums suggested they settle at FF. This was agreed and a dedicated Hattrick forum was created for them. Of course existing FF users became curious about these newcomers who talked excitedly about an awesome online football management game they all played. They encouraged their new found forum buddies to join them in their Hattrick community and so eventually it was decided to create a new HT federation by merging the Ultima Thule membership with the newbie HT teams of the existing FF users.

FFHF Cup Competitions

The FFHF offers a number of friendly cup tournaments that are open to all Hattrick users whether they are a member of the federation or not. Prizes such as three and twelve month supporterships are available as well as clubhouse subscriptions.

The FF UT-Cup

The FF UT-Cup is now in it's seventh season and is one of Hattrick's most prestigious friendly cup tournaments. The basis of the cup is that by taking part we ensure training slots are maximised, we get some nice flags and best of all have lots of fun!! The cup of 128 teams is organised into 16 groups. The top four of each group then progress into a knock-out phase until we have a winner. For the group stage any team can sign up even if they are still in their National Cup. They will however forfeit any group stage match that clashes with a National Cup game. This means that weaker teams get the chance to progress to the KO stages.

Ffutcup.png FF UT-Cup Website

The FF UT-Shield

The FF UT-Shield is a straight KO tournament for those teams that do not get past the group stage of the FF UT-Cup. It is split into two strands. One for UK teams, the other for Rest of the World. This split was initiated because a lot of the newer teams were from the UK and were getting severely thrashed by the more established continental (especially Norwegian) teams. Splitting the tournament like this means that more of the newer users get the opportunity to progress in the cup. Each season there are two FF UT-Shield holders. One from the UK, and one from the Rest of the World.

FF UT-Trophy

The FF UT-Trophy is a play-off match between the two winners of the FF UT-Shield.


The Unofficial Football Forums Hattrick Federation Club Championship is run on similar lines to the Unoffical Hattrick World Championship. The first ever matches between FFHF member clubs were held on 16th February 2005. There were three games on this day so we started with three unofficial federation champions. These were:

Each started defending their title in a separate strands named after their respective clubs. The Nomi & Blitzer strands merged when two of the three then champions met 10th May 2005. Since then we have had two unofficial champions, one from the newly merged Nomi Blitzer Strand & one from the original Swatch Strand. The federation is still awaiting a deciding game to determine the undisputed federation champion. In total eighteen different clubs have at some point or other held the title. On the 21st Match 2007 the two champions met in a unification match. Dunkys Mob were the victors and therefore became the first undisputed unofficial FFHF club champions.

Current UNDISPUTED UFFHFCC title holder:

Additionally a UK version is contested open to clubs from the United Kingdom. The first match between UK based FFHF teams was played on 1st March 2005 when Trotting in Toon beat Wincobank Ironopolis to take the inaugural UK title.

Current UK UFFHFCC title holder:

Further UFFHFCC Information

Fed Battles

We ocassionally engage in close season challenges with other federations or groupings of Hattrick teams. Commonly known as fed battles our first was against the Dutch federation Hattrick Federatie Breda (HFBreda - ID: 12276). We have also played a challenge against member clubs of the Footie Threads hattrick forum. The end of season 30 again sees the FFHF lock horns with HFBreda.

New User Guides

Written by the federation founder FFHF-Briscoe these guides give the new user a pretty good overview of how to play Hattrick. The section also contains other useful HT-related information and links to other useful sources of help and assistance.

FFHTforums.png The FF Hattrick Guide

Football Forums

Registering for the FF HT forums also allows you to access the full range of forums meaning you can discuss almost anything. Of course the site is moderated so please before you register ensure you read the site's Acceptable Use Policy and abide by the very reasonable standards of behaviour.

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