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Ffutcup.png The FF UT-Cup (Football Forums UT-Cup) is a prestigious international friendly tournament organised by the Football Forums Hattrick Federation (FFHF) Anyone can sign-up to take part whether they are in a federation or not. All participants are welcome regardless of what series or country they are in.


The first two seasons were simply known as the UT-Cup. This was the competition as organised by members of the Ultima Thule federation. Following the formation of the FFHF the competition changed it's name to the FF UT-Cup. These days the cup normally has 128 participating teams and is run from the hattriX-Cupmanager site. The cup starts with 16 groups of 8 teams who each play 7 fixtures. The top 4 in each group progress to the knockout stage or play-offs. It starts round 3 of each season. Teams who fail to progress from the group stages can choose to participate in the FF UT-Shield.

Rules Summary

  • Must be registered at hattriX-Cupmanager to take part.
  • Matches must be arranged by Sunday mornings 10:00 am HT time.

Previous Finals

Teams from over 30 countries have participated in the cup but as you can see the roll of honour is dominated by Norwegian teams.

Season Flag Winner Result Runner-up Flag
22 Norway Dominions 2 - 1 Team Hawk Norway
23 Norway Dominions 5 - 2 SK Everton Norway
24 Norway Team Hawk 1 - 0 Kanaris Norway
25 Norway FC Tore Tivoli 4 - 1 Kanaris Norway
26 Norway Kanaris 4 - 0 Tjongsfjord IL Norway
27 Norway Dominions 5 - 1 Værstingane! Norway
28 Norway Dominions 5 - 2 Lame Ass' Norway
29 Norway Gamers Anonymous 6 - 1 Lame Ass' Norway
30 Scotland Dunkys Mob 5 - 1 Tok Ra Norway
31 Norway Team Hawk 7 - 1 KingCantona Norway
32 Norway Team Hawk 5 - 2 KingCantona Norway
33 Iceland Swatch FC 3 - 1 Power of Dulepytters Norway
34 Dominican Republic Bebe Romo 3 - 0 Tok Ra Norway
35 Northern Ireland Broadway Thistle 6 - 1 Team Hawk Norway
36 Scotland Dundee 1893 4 - 2 Flatin FC Norway

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